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Submission #3766: MTA's N64 Resident Evil 2 "Leon A" in 1:12:13.63

Console: Nintendo 64
Game name: Resident Evil 2
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Biohazard 2 (J) [!].z64
Branch: Leon A
Emulator: mupen64-rerecording-v8
Movie length: 1:12:13.63
FrameCount: 260018
Re-record count: 13203
Author's real name: Michael Artrip
Author's nickname: MTA
Submitter: MTA
Submitted at: 2012-11-22 02:55:34
Text last edited at: 2014-08-17 17:45:49
Text last edited by: Nach
Download: Download (9999 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

This is the Japanese Version of Resident Evil 2 which is known as "Biohazard 2". This is a run of the Leon A Scenario which has two different timings, the In-Game time and the Input time. Input timing is 1:12:13.63 (Frames: 260018) and the In-Game time is 1:13:14. The plugins I used for this run are:

The recommended video plugin to be used for Resident Evil 2 is the Glide 64 plugin because with the other plugins the ending cutscene won't show. With the Glide 64, in some areas it will have some flickering problems like, when opening doors and climbing ladders, also in some areas of the game, about 2/15 of the screen is taken up by a black screen and the end credits won't show on the screen.

There are some interesting things about this run like, I beat this game on Normal Difficulty, behind the gun shop at the beginning of the game, after the zombies break out of the cage, you'll see that I run towards the zombies, I allow them to grab a hold of me and it will do some damage to me, after they stop eating me I push about 2 zombies out of the way which is much faster than shooting them. I only use the Hand Gun just about 4 times and that is when I enter the bus by killing one zombie that is crawling on the floor (takes 3 shots) and shooting another zombie by wounding it then run past it. Starting in the 1F waiting room, I store the Hand Gun and Knife in the storage chest then go through this game weaponless until the G-Larva battle. The best weapon to use is the Magnum, it takes 6 shots to kill G-Larva with it, 9 shots on G2, and 10 shots on G4.

I would like to thank Aktan for this wonderful encode and Inpachi (A.K.A Vosva), he and I were working on this run together, his inputs are from the beginning to the Leon and Claire Cutscene, but then he allowed me to finish the run because he went out on a vacation so I finished the run myself.

Please Enjoy! :)

feos: A list of improvements was posted about this submission. The size of that list, the relative clarity of improvements (that nevertheless were not implemented in the first place) and the usual peculiarity of finding even more time to save when revising a TAS, tell me that the research and testing put into this submission were still not intense enough.

Being a decent run already, it looks more like a good WIP. Which means, the Author must imbibe the feedback and post better WIPs on forums. He must make sure a TAS he is about to submit is really hard to improve. For now, rejecting.

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