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Submission #3781: Spikestuff's PSX Bishi Bashi Special "Maximum Score" in 33:53.43

Console: Sony PlayStation
Game name: Bishi Bashi Special
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Bishi Bashi Special (Japan) [SLPM-86825].bin
Branch: Maximum Score
Emulator: PSXjin v2.0.2 svn0
Movie length: 33:53.43
FrameCount: 122006
Re-record count: 3144
Author's real name: Adam Stamatakos
Author's nickname: Spikestuff
Submitter: Spikestuff
Submitted at: 2012-12-05 03:49:37
Text last edited at: 2013-02-07 12:22:09
Text last edited by: nanogyth
Download: Download (53876 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
The game came out in 1998, 3 years before Salary Man Champ and with more levels than that, 46 levels to be exact.

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: PSXjin v2.0.2 svn0
  • To get a score of 10 throught the whole game
  • Do it all on Hard difficulty
  • something along the lines of Salary Man


This was going to be up on April 1st 2013 (also my secret project) but I thought I'll leave it for another game (one I'm improving right now that just got mentioned on the first line), so instead I'm uploading it on the 5th of December for reasons that you can look into. :P

So yeah another random Japanese type arcade game, it's kinda shown as a demonstration as I look over it on what you can do with the psx tas emulator. The idea did come from Salary Man Champ as I looked over information on that game and stumbled onto this, I was interested to find out what made this game different to Salary Man Champ... 46 levels that range from popping a balloon and making a guy do cartwheels while avoiding things.

Possible Improvements

  • There is a level were you look at the car top down might be improvable probably by a couple of frames
  • Elephant one is confusing you need to loose 2 in order to get max score, so something to manipulate the level (it's possible) and the AI
  • Men and Platforms... this game makes no sense.

Other stuff

  • Thanks FractalFusion for keeping it quiet for one day.
  • If Salary Man got accepted why not this?
  • I don't know what levels could be improved so if you spot one point it out, but it may be only afew frames (like 1 or 3)
  • Gather your own screenshot ideas

feos: The rules of some mini-games were extremely esoteric. Some had a time limit, and were strictly played to get a 10 score. Others allowed time improvements, but gave a lower score then.

This TAS was not proven to have any huge improvements. And the people seemed to like the game, which was played rather super-humanly and is itself very odd and funny. It was not aiming for minimum possible time, and can't go to Vault. Accepting for the Moons.

nanogyth: Processing for publication...

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