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Submission #37: JakeRyansDad's NES Little Mermaid in 08:31.7

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Little Mermaid
Game version:
ROM filename:
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 08:31.7
FrameCount: 30702
Re-record count: 113
Author's real name: Ryan Malafronte
Author's nickname: JakeRyansDad
Submitter: TASVideoAgent
Submitted at: 2004-06-08 19:56:09
Text last edited at: 2012-06-09 16:58:47
Text last edited by: Guga
Download: Download (2333 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
I've been a LONG time watcher of the speed runs you post. After watching many, I decided to try for myself. I tried Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (unfortunetly, that didn't work due to a bug in either the ROM itself or Famtasia).
Anyways, I ended up getting The Little Mermaid rom and made a speed run of it.
Nothing too special (No glitches that I know of). I don't get hit throughout the entire movie (not that it's extremely hard to do anyways.) and I pull off some good looking techniques. It's my very first one. So please don't be too harsh on me. I'd be very interested in some Constructive Criticism though!!

Emulator Used: Famtasia
Length: 8:32
My Real Name: Ryan Malafronte
My Nickname: JakeRyansDad

Well, Thank You In Advance for taking some time out to look this over and I hope you appreciate my submission!

Ryan Malafronte

Bisqwit: Message edited for readability, and also changed the game name to group together with other submissions for the same game.

Bisqwit: Rejected, because a competitor has beaten this twice and nobody has explained why this submission should be accepted.

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