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Submission #381: Ferret Warlord's NES G.I. Joe in 20:07.1

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: G.I. Joe
Game version:
ROM filename: GIJoe.nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 20:07.1
FrameCount: 72426
Re-record count: 1279
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Ferret Warlord
Submitter: Ferret Warlord
Submitted at: 2004-10-27 08:08:03
Text last edited at: 2004-10-28 06:24:57
Text last edited by: Ferret Warlord
Download: Download (10918 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
This is my first powerplay, aiming for a fast time. I did G.I. Joe using FCUE (didn't like Famtasia too much) in 20:07; I'm certain it can be brought below the 20 mark though.

Game Description:

This game, based on the hit franchise from the 80's, takes you through several Cobra bases in various parts of the world. You can control six different Joes (one of which can only be played in the last level), each with different stats and characteristics, as you bring down enemy forces.

Levels come in sets of three, save the last set which is one. The second one of each set has you going through a small maze-like complex as you put explosive charges at certain spots; the other two are your average shooter fare. Each set has a leader Joe you must take with you; you pick the other two for the set.


-I found a glitch a few years ago which allows you to transfer one Joe's jump height to another by switching mid flight; I use this a couple of time to grab some powerups in the first level.
-Punching, while ordinarily very slow, can be sped up drastically by alternating between standing and ducking or switching between punching and shooting. I use this to clear some obstacles and enemies and use it against some bosses, although it could be applied in many other areas than I did.


-I take lots of damage in this movie. I usually take a hit if dodging ends up taking more time than getting hit. If I do get hit, I make sure it either benefits me or doesn't hinder me much. Death is not advantageous in any way.


-There are no warps in this game.


-Passwords are used for getting to certain levels with certain upgrades. No passwords were used.


-I manipulate luck to get some bosses in a position for me to smack them around better. I also use it in the final battle to redirect some grenades.
-I tried manipulating luck in 1-2 to grab some upgrades from item drops to reach full power sooner, but after 100 redoes or so and only getting two rations and an ammo clip from one enemy, I gave up and continued on. I don't know how to manipulate the item drops. (upgrades are much more likely to be procured in 3-1, so not many redoes were used there)


-I played almost all this game at 12% speed.
-I use Rock & Roll for much of the game, despite him having the second weakest punch and the worst jump, thanks to his ultra powerful gun. The only levels I don't use him in are 4-1, 5-2 (although he begins and ends this one), and 6. He is only used for a portion in 4-2.
-Jumping is a bit faster than just walking, so I do jump around a lot. I don't jump if the landing spot hinders me in any way.
-I grab vehicles if the time spent getting them is worth the time saved using them.
-3-1 may look sloppy, but I was just goofing around for much of it. Goofing there doesn't affect my time due to the auto-scrolling.
-In the last level, I take some time to grab some upgrades to get General Hawk to full power; Cobra Commander is beaten much faster by doing this.
-Many of the bosses are beaten real quick; the speed in which some of them fell surprised me! I believe the only time the boss music ever fully looped was the 5-2 boss, but that's because it takes a while getting to him.
-I can see some Christians getting offended by this movie due to an accident in 4-2; trust me, I didn't intend to do that!

I have decided to cancel this submission because I have begun work on another run with some improvements. Some of the bosses fall even faster than what's seen here!

Bisqwit: This movie is 6 minutes faster than Phil's GI Joe submission in March 13th (not archived at this site).

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