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Submission #4044: Dadoc's SMS Wonder Boy in Monster Land in 11:00.57

Console: Sega MasterSystem
Game name: Wonder Boy in Monster Land
Game version: USA/Europe
ROM filename: Wonder Boy 2 - Wonderboy in Monsterland (UE).sms
Emulator: Bizhawk 1.4.1
Movie length: 11:00.57
FrameCount: 39583
Re-record count: 1174
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Dadoc
Submitter: Dadoc
Submitted at: 2013-08-12 22:34:25
Text last edited at: 2013-08-18 10:30:44
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)


This is my first TAS, why did I choose Wonder Boy in monster land ?

Well it's the 1st game I got back in the 1990's. I spent countless hours with my families trying to beat the game, often getting game over in the last stage.

Even now, I'm replaying this game every now and then. Talk about nostalgia eh?

Saw xebra run on youtube, and the famous L+R trick. Then saw the topic on tasvideos forum and wondering myself, hell yeah, let's do it, Xebra run can be improved.

so now a bit about the run.

the rerecord count in the movie files isn't accurate at all, cause it's the second version of the run.

I had about 2,5K rerecord in the first movie, without counting all the record coming from the time I spent looking for memory addresses and trying to understand the games mechanics. It should probably be near 7K rerecord

The run is made on Bizhawk 1.4.1. with the FM chip disable so the sound is more accurate to the reality (very important otherwise you'll get desynch)

The Rom used is Wonder Boy 2 - Wonderboy in Monsterland (UE).sms

My aim is to get the fastest ending time but by keeping at least more than 1 heart (you probably know why If you played the game, If you didnt, let's just say there an alarm when you get very low health and it doesn't stop till you replenish it.

The main tricks used in the run is the L+R trick which I'll explain more in detail :

-By having left and right pressed at the same time, you can pass through the floor (as you can see in the first 10 seconds of the video)

-Abusing the luck manipulation to get some gauntlet (gauntlet is an accessory item who double your attack power) from enemies or heavy gold coin or bag.

The rng for item drop in this game seems to be affected by both the frame you hit an enmy and the button combinaison you hit after. You'll see me sometimes going left & right after killing and enemy.

Before listing all the addresses something to know about the game. The game is composed of 12 level. In each level (except level 3,5,10,12), you have to kill a boss to get a key to exit level. You get the key in level 5 by falling in a pit, the level 3, 10 & 12 all finish with a boss you'll have to kill to progress.

You can equip the hero with armor, boot, shield, sword. And each piece of equipment got a color corresponding to the level. You can buy everything except sword in shop (I've put the list of stuff and price below). To get new sword you have to beat boss (in level 2, level 5, level 7 and level 9)

weapon : no weapon sword level 1 (red) sword level 2 (green) sword level 3 (yellow) sword level 4 (blue) sword level 5 (white)

boot : side note for the boot each boot allow you to walk faster than the previous one and jump higher. no boot boot level 1 (purple) 50g boot level 2 (green) 80g boot level 3 (blue) 180 boot level 4 (white) 380g

shield : no shield shield level 1 (purple) 40g shield level 2 (green) 120g shield level 3 (blue) 250g shield level 4 (white) 350g

armor : no armor armor level 1 (purple) 60g armor level 2 (green) 100g armor level 3 (dark green) 150g armor level 4 (blue) 360g armor level 5 (wgite) 540g

If you get hit by a monster you become invulnerable for a while (meaning you can go through monsters or run in lava)

It exists some magical item (gauntlet, helmet, wing boots, invicibily cap) drop by monsters or some you can get from shop The gauntlet is the one i'm abusing in the run because it double the damage you do. When you get 1, your next 10 hits will do double damage Invulnerabily cap : for some time enemies cannot hurt you (1 use in the whole run in level 11) Wing boots : allow you to "fly" for some time. It's the same as jumping under water while keeping the jump button pressed (you can see this in level 11) Helmet : increase your defense (no use in this run)

You can get some "magical" weapon ie : bomb, tornado, fireball and thunder As far as I know the bomb always does 1 damage no water what. The most effective weapon is the thunder because it affect the whole screen and it takes advantage of the gauntlet (the others magical weapons doesn't work with it). But getting some thunder is not worth the time spent.

Now I'll list all the memory addresses I've found

Addresses Description Possible value
0097 Tell which button are hit 1 = U ; 2 = D ; 4 = L ; 5 = U+L ; 6 = D+L ; 8 = R ; 9 = U+R ; 10 = D+R ; 12 = L+R ; 14 = D+L+R ; 16 = 1 (sword) ; 20 = L + 1 ; 24 = R + 1 ; 32 = 2 (jump) ; 36 = L + 2 ; 40 = R + 2 ; 48 = 1 + 2
0099 Score value (tenth and hundred) 00 to 99
009A Score Value (thousand and ten thousand) 00 to 99
009B Score value (2 last numbers) 00 to 99 (not verified)
009E Timer before launching the demo (if you don't touch the pad) Start From 80
009F Same as before Goes from 1 to 0
00B9 Gold amount (2 last digits, if your gold number is 1234 the the value is 34 0 to 99
00BA Gold amount (2 first digits, if your gold number is 1234 the the value is 12 0 to 99
00BC That's what I call you total HP hexa value. At start you got 14, Each heart is cut in 4 pieces
00BD Number of heart on the screen Start with 5, max is 10
00F6 Something to do with the sword but dunno what 3 = No sword and sword level 1 ; 15 = sword level 2 ; 14 = sword level 3 (sword great) ; 52 = sword level 4 (excalibur) ; 63 = sword level 5 (sword of legend)
0188 Your current magical weapon numbers (tornado, fireball etc) 0 to 10
0199 hourglass related 0 to 3 start from 0, max is 3 when it reach 3 and 019B=0 and 19C=2, you lose 1 heart
019B hourglass related start from 255 an drease till 0 when reach 0 the 019C decrease by 1
019C hourglass related start from 2 to 0 when reach 0, 0199 increase by 1
019F boots equipment level 0 to 4
01A0 armor equipment level 0 to 5
01A1 shield equipment level 0 to 4
01A3 gauntlet 0 to 1
01A4 number of hit left with gauntlet start from 10 goes to 0 and decrease for each successfull hit with sword or thunder
01AB Indicates if you got the revival potion (if you lose all your heart, it refill everything) 0 or 1
01AB sword equipment level 0 to 4
01C0 invulnerability 0 or 1
01C1 invulnerability countdown if you get hit, 01C0 increase to 1 and 01C1 start at BF. Then it decrease to 0 when it reach it, 01C0 goes back to 0

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get the X, Y value of the hero. I'm under the impression that's it's not the hero who's moving but the stage itself.

Now about the run. Since it's composed by 12 level, I'll make a mini walkthrough and explain what I think is important

Level 1 :

  • I'll need to get near 80 gold for the start of level 2, so I'm manipulating luck to get the max from the 4 hidden coins and bag. And you'll see the first of many uses of the L+R trick.
  • Boss room : abusing the L+R trick to hit him quickly. Same abuse to collect the coin the boss dropped.

Level 2 :

  • Damage boost so I'll walk a bit faster and can abuse the invulnerability to get inside the shop. Inside bought the 80g shoes. And after that I'm collecting gold from hidden place since I'll need to have 380 gold for the end of level 6.
  • Another damage boost after that and the first gauntlet drop (around frame 3500) Which will be used to kill 3 boss. Inside the cave it's pretty straight forward till the door (~frame 4500). The boss inside will upgrade the sword. 2 hits ko with the gauntlet and the strategy used in the first boss by abusing the L+R trick.
  • Frame ~5000 abusing the L+R to fall through the floor and climb the ladder.
  • Frame ~5300 a little stop to allow the enemy's arrow to get closer so I can use it as a damage boost.
  • Frame ~5600 boss fight, 1 hit kill with gauntlet

Level 3 (start frame 6509) :

  • Abusing the L+R trick from the start to skip a long part of the level and by doing so I'm getting stuck in the left wall and can climb easily.
  • Frame ~7250 : I cannot jump otherwise I'll hit and invisible wall on top which will slow me so had to fall (btw depending of the distance, jumping and falling is quicker than falling since it's not the same animation).
  • Frame ~7700 : 3rd boss fight with the same gauntlet, 2 hit KO. Note : there's no key for this boss, you just have to get all the coin (or wait till they disappear) to end the level.

Level 4 (start frame 8368) :

  • Getting some gold back. There's more gold bag in this part but for now I'll only need those 3.
  • Frame ~9000 : second luck manipulation to get another gauntlet.
  • Frame ~9300 : L+R trick to get on the plateform.
  • Frame ~9650 : this octopus need 4 hit with the gauntlet to die and the luck manipulation will get me the level 3 boots (the blue one)
  • Frame ~10000 : boss fight, Manage to get 2 hits during 1 jump and it's a 3 hit ko.

Level 5 (start frame 11111) :

  • Getting hit on purpose so I can dodge the arrow coming after while Gathering some gold bag.
  • Frame ~11570 : luck manipulation to get a gauntlet.
  • Frame ~11700 : damage boost and invulnerability abuse to get past those snakes.
  • Frame ~12100 : damage boost so I can get on the plateform and passing through the next enemy to get to the hidden door.
  • Frame ~12260 : Boss fight. Manage to stuck the boss in the corner for a faster killing. Got a new Sword.
  • Frame ~13000 : L+R trick so I can get in the room with the key and another use of the L+R trick to exit the room (otherwise you need to kill the bird and climb the plateform ladder)
  • Frame ~13300 : luck manipulation to get a new gauntlet. And damage boost to get past the arrow to exit the stage.

Level 6 (start frame 13793) :

  • Frame ~14200 : luck manipulation from the 1st enemy to get the max frm the gold bag.
  • Frame ~14400 : same as previous, luck manipulation. Don't get fooled by what's on the screen, it's not 14gold but 43 I got.
  • Frame ~14770 : L+R trick to fall quickly.
  • Frame ~14960 : hidden door to get the best boot of the game (which cost 380 gold). From now till the end of the game, I dont need to gather money any more So except for some boss where I cant avoid gathering all the money, I'll go directly for the key.
  • After exiting the storage : double L+R abuse to get past the wall on the right an directly at the door boss.
  • Frame ~15250 : Boss fight. It's the only boss in the game that you can beat without using your sword. You just need to answer the question correctly. Need to gather all the coin to exit the stage.

Level 7 (start frame 15965) :

  • The jump here where a pain in the ass to get sync.
  • Frame ~16400 : had to hit the mouse here because It would have make a U turn and hit meet otherwise. And the monster are doing what too much damage now so I'm not gonna abuse the damage boost anymore (furthermore with the best boot it's slower)
  • Frame ~16650 : Boss fight : 3 hit KO, and a new sword.
  • Frame ~17180 : L+R trick to get to the next part of the level (in a regular game, you need to go in the right house talk to the guy who will spawn an elevator)
  • Frame ~17575 : luck manipulation for a gauntlet.
  • Frame ~17700 : Boss are starting to get a bit harder. Needed 4 hit to kill this one. Hopefully there wasnt much time wasted getting closer and hitting him.

Level 8 (start frame 18772) :

  • L+R trick from the start cut me a nice portion of the level
  • Frame ~18900 : L+R trick so I can avoid all the enemy by walking on the "roof"
  • Frame ~19200 : cannot jump from one side to the other without getting hit by an invisible wall on top.
  • Frame ~19500 : L+R trick to get on top
  • Frame ~19800 : had to wait a bit so the enemy go up and I can jump below him. Got it but moving forward.
  • Frame ~20000 : boss fight. 3 hit kill.

Level 9 (start frame 21188) :

  • Nothing really worth mentioning, just a serie of precision jump.
  • Frame ~21700 : luck manipulation for a ... gauntlet yay !
  • Frame ~22000 : L+R trick quickly go down all those screen.
  • Frame ~22800 : Need to get on the right of the plateform because an enemy will spawn after the boss fight and the exit is on the right.
  • Boss fight : Going a bit Leroy Jenkins here. rushing the boss, getting hit and then spamming sword attack while he is stuck in the corner. A new sword (and the best one). Btw I jumped after exiting the room because it's faster that falling.
  • Frame ~23900 : luck manipulation for a gauntlet and to avoid getting repeled by the arrow I'm using the L+R trick, this way I'll lose 1 heart, but I'll stay at the same place and I can get the gauntlet.
  • Frame ~24370 : boss Fight, It cannot be hit in the air and I cannot hit him 3 times in a row so I had to wait for him to jump then I jump to avoid his beam and hit him.

Level 10 (start frame 25290) :

  • Frame ~25400 : abusing the L+R trick so I can be below the enemy.
  • Frame ~25750 : L+R trick followed by an damage boost.
  • Frame ~26200 : damage boost to get to the next screen. And I will use the invulnerability to get past the next enemy.
  • Frame ~26850 : It was a bit hard but I manage to manipulate the position of the octopus so I can pass below him and jump to the left without getting hit.
  • Frame ~26960 : used the L+R trick for a frame or two so I can get to this bumper who'll send me at the boss room.
  • Frame ~27100 : Boss fight, 3 hit kill. Had to gather all the bag to end the stage.

Level 11 (start frame 27766)

  • L+R trick at the start of the level to get directly to the next part.
  • Frame ~27950 : luck manipulation to get a gauntlet ... or not ! Getting a invulnerability cape this time so I can pass through all the enemies on the right.
  • Frame ~28450 : L+R trick to get to the next part.
  • Frame ~28700 : Using a shortcut I found back in the day while playing on the console. Skipping all the falling through the bottom.
  • Frame ~29000 : luck manipulation for a gauntlet this time.
  • Frame ~29400 : Boss fight. Spent countless time trying to get below the boss. Then 3 hit kill.

Level 12 (start frame 30326) Last level ! and by far the longest even with the abuse of the L+R trick as you will see.

  • L+R trick right of the bat to get on the roof and avoid all the enemies.
  • Frame ~30050 : decided to get down here since going to the far end will only make me lose time. At the end on the roof you have to jump a small square and will get hit by an invisible wall on top making you lose time.
  • Frame ~31300 : L+R trick
  • Frame ~31670 : same as the previous one
  • Frame ~31800 : L+R trick since It will be faster to fall through the floor than falling down.
  • Frame ~32200 : THE Infamous STAIRS. Worst nightmare when I was younger. Often getting game over here because I fell. The point here is to jump as soon as you get to the pink plateform on each side and you have to alternate between the right and left. Couldnt use the trick used in the level 3 since falling get you to the previous screen.
  • Frame ~33350 and 33549 : 2 difficult jumps to synchronize. the last one Need to be on the last pixel of the pink plateform, otherwise you'll get hit by the blue snake.
  • Frame ~33600 : L+R trick
  • Frame ~34157 : L+R trick to get on the roof
  • Frame ~34900 : L+R trick and going right as soon as I can to get to the next part.
  • Frame ~35350 : L+R trick again
  • Frame ~35470 : getting on the plateform here and jumping on the left is faster than falling all the way to the bottom.
  • Frame ~36000 : last luck manipulation for the last gauntlet. And some precision jumps after.
  • Frame ~36400 : I'm having fun running below enemies.
  • Frame ~37059 : Last boss fight. The Boss has 2 form : The green dragon and the mechanical dragon. Of course the second form is harder than the first one. The trick to the fight is to abuse the L+R trick and getting hit quickly enough, sometimes in the air if possible. Needless to say, you cant abuse damage boost and invulnerability here because with the low health it's game over. But the gauntlet allow me to kill the 1st form in 8 hit. This way I'm can get 2 hit on the mecha dragon at double power.

Last input at frame 39583

This end my run. Thanks to the people who kept pushing me and gave me feedback : AngerFist, Highness and the first people who started the run : Omegawatcher and TwistedEye. I hope you'll have (or had) fun watching it !

feos: Accepting for Moons and publishing...

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