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Submission #4162: Ubercapitalist's GC Resident Evil 4 "The Mercenaries: Castle" in 13:44.33

Console: Nintendo GameCube
Game name: Resident Evil 4
Game version: USA
ROM filename: G4BE08.iso
Branch: The Mercenaries: Castle
Emulator: Dolphin 4.0.1 x64
Movie length: 13:44.33
FrameCount: 49460
Re-record count: 25065
Author's real name: Ron H.
Author's nickname: Ubercapitalist
Submitter: Ubercapitalist
Submitted at: 2014-01-16 02:37:54
Text last edited at: 2020-08-09 01:02:41
Text last edited by: Ubercapitalist
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Status: published
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Older version of DTM detected: Run time may be incorrect

Author's comments and explanations:
"Destroying Angel: Reap & execute divine judgment upon el Castillo de Salazar"
Artist's Cut (Weapon Swaps and Item Grabs removed):

(Link to video)

Goal: Highest Score

Secondary Goals:


About The Mercenaries

Mercenaries is unlocked by completing the main game. It is a timed minigame with the objective of scoring the most points before time runs out. Per the intro of a map "Eliminate as many Ganados as you can before your evac chopper arrives! Successive kills will result in earning you more points!" Initially only Leon is selectable. There are four other characters playable when unlocked after scoring 30000+ points in one of the four (unofficially named) maps:

Each map starts with two minutes of gameplay time, and time extensions are spread throughout the map. The Castle map has a total game time of up to 9 minutes. Item menu, item grabs, and cutscenes do not consume game time. Gameplay ends when the player dies, or when time runs out (the player is "rescued").

Each map has three Bonus Chest timers. Each gives 31 seconds during which time extra points are awarded for each regular enemy kill. The majority of effort put into this TAS was spent optimizing the Bonus Chests, with kills being registered with few, if any, frames to spare.

The USA(NTSC) GameCube version using Wesker is optimum for achieving Highest Score in this stage. The enemy AI is aggressive. Enemies run into the player's line of sight, meaning less time is wasted hunting, and more time is focused on killing and moving to the next objective. Wesker has the best weapon selection.

The score for a good run on this stage is 26270+1000*(Kills)+300*(Bonus Chest Kills). See Baxter's scoring guide on Gamefaqs for more details HERE.

A maximum possible score for this stage has not yet been found, and probably won't be found in this Age, but competition was fierce. See "Iterative Optimization" below.

Spawning: The enemy spawning is difficult to predict and control. Here are some general tips.
Manipulations: The reason for high Re-Record to Frame Ratio

Luck (RNG) is based on actions the player takes. RNG was heavily manipulated throughout the run by trial and error. When Wesker pauses, or turns in an odd direction, pulls out a weapon for no apparent reason, it is usually because I was manipulating ammo drops. This manipulation achieved the following:

Enemy AI was manipulated to:

Wesker's Arsenal:



When a grenade used is the last of its type in Wesker's inventory, there is very little immobility after the toss. If there are more in inventory, there is a huge delay. This is why I discard 4 grenades before the last grenade toss during the 1st Bonus Chest. Before grabbing the 3rd Bonus Chest, hand grenades were planted so that the last one was used in inventory multiple times. The character runs faster with a grenade equipped, which is the purpose for swapping to grenade in many instances.


Dolphin's TAS input was used extensively to minimize aiming time.

Iterative Optimization: The Cooperative Pursuit of the "Perfect Score"

Real Time Runs:

My Previous TAS Iterations:

Potential Improvement:

Highest Score Links:

The Mercenaries High Scores, Vol. 14 Atwyatt's GameFAQs topic kept the ideas coming. Each volume prior was 500 posts.

Cyberscore This site was briefly used before Shin's site for some players like myself

Shin's Site(No longer exists?) This used to be "the" place to log Mercenaries High Scores and Main Game Speedrun Times.

Special Thanks to:
Playing the .dtm file on Dolphin:

I recommend using Dolphin 4.0.2 x64, DSP LLE recompiler, DSound audio back end, Direct3D11.

Use the following memory card file with Mercenaries and Wesker unlockedMemoryCardA.USA.raw.zip

Verification run to generate above memory file:

  1. Play MAIN GAME DISC 1. A memory save file Movie.raw will be generated. Stop the movie when complete.
  2. Rename the generated memory card file from Movie.raw to MemoryCardA.USA.raw
  3. Play MAIN GAME DISC 2 PART 1. MemoryCardA.USA will be modified. Stop the movie when complete.
  4. Play MAIN GAME DISC 2 PART 2. This completes the main game and unlocks The Mercenaries. MemoryCardA.USA.raw will be modified. Stop the movie when complete.
  5. Play UNLOCK WESKER on Disc 2. This unlocks Wesker. MemoryCardA.USA.raw will be modified, and now has the files needed to play this submission or future post-main game submissions. Stop the movie when complete.

Play this Mercenaries:Castle submission on Disc 2, to be safe. It worked for me on Disc 1 as well.

Ilari: Changed length from 06:57.883 to 14:28.35.

Ilari: Replaced movie file with one that supposedly syncs with verification movie

feos: Judging...

feos: Updating the file per author's request. The empty frames at the end are cut out.

feos: Accepting to Moons. It is a run of only a single map, but the 4 maps aren't built as a united game, the ending is the same after beating them separately and all at once. So I accept it as a category for this map, within the Mercenaries minigame.

Fog: Processing...

Ubercapitalist: Thank you feos & Fog!

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