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Submission #4198: pirohiko's SNES Final Fantasy IV in 1:42:03.72

Console: Super NES
Game name: Final Fantasy IV
Game version: JPN,r1
ROM filename: Final Fantasy IV (Japan) (Rev 1).smc
Emulator: Bizhawk 1.5.3
Movie length: 1:42:03.72
FrameCount: 368028
Re-record count: 150269
Author's real name: K.N
Author's nickname: pirohiko
Submitter: pirohiko
Submitted at: 2014-02-21 13:05:02
Text last edited at: 2014-02-28 09:17:51
Text last edited by: Spikestuff
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)
Final Fantasy IV released in Japan is called Final Fantasy II in North-America.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 1.5.3
  • Genre: RPG
  • Uses a game restart sequence
  • Uses Death and Damage to save time
  • Uses Warp
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Heavily abuses programming errors
  • Heavily Manipulates Luck

Difference for J and U

The U version was made on the basis of a thing released as Final Fantasy IV EasyType in Japan. As for them, the original skill of some characters is deleted and some item is deleted. The U version has low HP and high EXP of the monster like an easy type generally, and monster does not drop some rare items.

Encounter Evasion

  • ENCOUNT RNG INDEX($0686) increases when a chief character walks the monster area.
  • ENCOUNT RNG INDEX takes a value from 0 to 255 and acquires ENCOUNT RNG from ENCOUNT RNG TABLE($1900-19FF).
  • ENCOUNT SHIFT($17EF) adds a value of ENCOUNT SHIFT PLUS($0FFF) at the time of a game start.
  • ENCOUNT SHIFT PLUS increases in various scenes playing a game and is not initialized even if you push the reset button, but is initialized to a constant value when you do hardreset it. This changes by the environment of an emulator and the real console. Snes9x is 0x88, Bizhawk is 0xE7, and Lsnes change by the setting of the movie.
  • ENCOUNT BORDER is set in the room each.
  • if ( ENCOUNT RNG + ENCOUNT SHIFT )%256 <= ENCOUNT BORDER then monster is encountered.
  • ENCOUNT RNG INDEX is initialized to zero by save&load to suitable timing, and an encounter can be made into the minimum by adjusting ENCOUNT SHIFT appropriately.

Lua Script

Sparky made a script for Snes9x. I converted it for Bizhawk. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1Crt49ACDBPZHpYZHpGNzNobGc

Encounter Calculator

Sparky made a Javascript Calaculator. http://winback.web.fc2.com/FF4/encount/

Bad Glitches (quotation from Deign)

1. Lose Critical Attack Ability: There are two ways to lose critical attack ability. The first is to be in the group and be in a position where in the next "auto-fight" (such as when Tellah fights Edward or Cecil fights Kain) the character's spot is not taken up by one of the NPC fighters. Meaning that in the case where Golbez and FuSoYa are fighting against Zemus, if there is a character on the team that still has crit, he can keep his critical attack by being in the same position as either one of those characters. Or he would lose it if he was in a different position. However, it was later also discovered that the characters that aren't in the "auto-fight" will retain critical attacks IF and only if the group on the right dies. The second way to lose critical attack ability is to be dead when a fight starts. In both these cases there is no way to regain critical strike ability. Not by saving and reseting the game, powering off, sleeping in an inn, leaving the party, or any other number of ways you could think of. The ability to critical strike is lost forever if either of these conditions are met.

Glitches and Tricks

Weapon or Shield Duplication Glitch

If it changes for the equipment column after you choose blanks other than the 1st, it will move to the 1st blank. If the blank selected a while ago is thrown into the equipment column, the initialization processing at the time of the end of a battle will be avoided. You have 255 equipment in the hand after the end of a battle.

Treasure Duplication Glitch

When you get from an enemy the item which it already has, the item put into the bag remains in the treasure column in the zero state. If this is again put into a bag and it is used by the next battle, it will become 255.

65536 Item Sale Glitch

It will become zero item if 255 and one item are summarized. If zero item is sold, it sells at 65536 prices.

Blank Input Compression

When you try to push 3 times of the A buttons, five frames including a blank are required. However, three frames will be enough, if the X button is turned on and off while you continue pushing the A button. There is the same relation also as a direction button and the Y button.

Sliding Position Glitch

If the precede input of the X button is carried out while walking, it will slide and will open a menu screen. When you save a game while moving it to the top or the left, it advances for one step and returns to a game. If you would like to do the same thing rightward, it is necessary to use a tent while sliding to the left.

Skipping Mist

You can get the weapon of the middle stage if you cross the village of the Mist by the method mentioned above. Especially, it is very powerful if it uses equipping a DancingDagger.

Skipping Damcyan bombing

Although an event tile is on the south of a Damcyan Castle, it can skip by saving a game when having slid upwards.

Minus MP Glitch

MP will become minus, if it checks while returning from the magic in which the next use is possible after the consumption MP chooses insufficient magic. When MP is minus, magic is not usable in OW, but becomes free to use in the battle. Terrah comes to be able to use Meteo.

Dark Crystal Glitch

After defeating Golbeza in the Dwarf Castle, you can Warp to the crystal room behind the king. It is shared with the crystal room of a sealed cave.

Battle Glitches and Tricks

Manipulate initial RNG INDEX

If you continued pushing the button before a battle, initial RNG INDEX is available freely to some extent. A=128, B=Select=128, X=64, Y=64, R=16, Up=8, Down=4, Left=2, Right=1 It may be added twice according to the frame which it began to push.

Pause and Unpause Trick

When it was performed in an appropriate timing, waiting time is slightly shortened. The delay of some animations thereby decreases. If the timing which a window opens is postponed, action will become about 2 frames quick.

Escape Trick

If LR is pushed moderately, waiting time will decrease slightly like the above. When you push LR with the next timing avoiding an escape judgment, the command window of the next person may not open. When a command is not necessary, as for it, 2 frame degree becomes early. In addition, it may reduce the action time of the enemy when you input a command while the message "Can't run!" is displayed.

Damage Display Trick

Usually, the delay for about 4 seconds occurs in the item menu opening or item exchange. Those delay can be removed during a damage value display.

Mimic Glitch

This is a very difficult glitch. If it is in the state where the partner has action option, "The synchronization was confused" will be displayed and it will fail. When it becomes death, confusion, a stop, etc. before beginning to pray, after choosing Twincast, it happens. When a partner's turn comes, it comes to mimic the previous person's action. Moreover, if an item is used and it is exchanged for another item before the previous person is made to do forcible discontinuation, twins will use any items forcibly. The target at that time becomes a thing of the person of 2 times ago.

64 Room Levels Glitch

Quoted from "Cheap's game capture information." http://www.ric.hi-ho.ne.jp/cheap_restaurant/GAME/FF4/kaisoubug.html

There are two types of doors of "Go types (increments room level)" and "Return types (decrements room level)" in this game. By going in and out of these places, you can increase the Room Level. When it arrived at the Room Level 64, it is converted into Room Level 0. The registration place of white magic "Return/テレポ" changes there. If it passes "Return Type" door from the Room Level 0, it will go to the Room Level -1. Black magic "Warp/デジョン" cannot be used on the Room Level 0. The map which referred to the following memories appears in Room Level of minus. The outside of 32x32 tile is the "Return Type."

The reference place in the Minus Room Levels

Room Leve l Map ID Map X + Direction Map Y
-1 (Ship Location) (Index low byte) (Index high byte)
-2 (Ship Flag) (Ship X) (Ship Y)
-3 MagicalShip X MagicalShip Y MagicalShip Location
-4 Falcon Y Falcon Location MagicalShip Flag
-5 Enterprise Location Enterprise Flag Falcon X
-6 Enterprise Flag Enterprise X Enterprise Y
-7 HoverShip X HoverShip Y HoverShip Location
-8 BlackChocoboForest X BlackChocoboForest Y HoverShip Flag
-9 BlackChocobo X BlackChocobo Y BlackChocobo Times
-10 Chocobo X Chocobo Y BlackChocobo Flag
-11 MagicalShip Moon Y Chocobo Display (Chocobo Flag)
-12 0 0 MagicalShip Moon X
-13 Current Y MagicalShip Earth X MagicalShip Earth Y
-14 Vehicle State Current Direction Current X
-15 Ex Map Flag Current Map ID PlayCharacter Display
-16 0 0 Map Type
-17...-37 0 0 0
-38 Multi 4 Multi 5 WAIT/ACTIVE
-39 Multi 1 Multi 2 Multi 3
-40 Stereo/Mono UnMemory /Memory Single/Multi
-41 0 0 0
-42 Button: Menu Button: L Button: START
-43 Battle Message Button: Check Button: Cansel
-44 WindowColor: RG WindowColor: GB Battle Speed
-45 LoadingScreen Waits FormType Normal/Custom
-46 GameTime: 1xSec GameTime: 256xSec GameTime: 65536xSec
-47 Money: 256xGP Money: 65536xGP GameTime: Frames
-48 0 0 Money: 1xGP
-49 0 0 0
-50 0 0 0
-51...-58 Edge: Ninja Edge: Ninja Edge: Ninja
-59...-66 FuSoYa: Black FuSoYa: Black FuSoYa: Black
-67...-74 FuSoYa: White FuSoYa: White FuSoYa: White
-75...-82 Porom: White Porom: White Porom: White
-83...-90 Palom: Black Palom: Black Palom: Black
-91...-98 Rosa: White Rosa: White Rosa: White
-99...-106 Tellah: Black Tellah: Black Tellah: Black
-107...-114 Tellah: White Tellah: White Tellah: White
-115...-122 Rydia: Summon Rydia: Summon Rydia: Summon
-123...-130 Rydia: Black Rydia: Black Rydia: Black
-131...-138 Rydia: White Rydia: White Rydia: White
-139...-149 0 0 0
-147...-154 Cecil: White Cecil: White Cecil: White
-155...-158 0 0 0
-159...-164 Anna: Name Anna: Name Anna: Name
-165...-170 Golbez: Name Golbez: Name Golbez: Name

Map Movement, Window Color and Battle Speed Adjustment Method

The -44 Rooms Level varies with a window color and BattleSpeed(BS). Each color can be set up in 0 to 31, and the calculation method is as follows.
  • R+1 = MAP+1
  • G+1 = MAP+32, G+8 = X+1
  • B+1 = X+4, B+8 = Direction-90
  • Map = R(0-31) + G(0-31)%8*32
  • X = G(0,8,16,24)/8 + B(0-31)%8*4
  • Y = BS(1-6) - 1
  • Direction = B(0,8,16,24) = Right, Down, Left, Up
The map types which on the ground and the underground differ. Since the ground cannot reach to the -44 Room Level, this trick can be used only on an underground.

Map Movement, Money Adjustment Method

The -47 Rooms Level varies with Money(GIL/GP) and GameTime(Frame).
  • MAP = 256xGP(0-255)
  • Direction = 65536xGP(0x00,0x40,0x80,0xC0)
  • X = 65536xGP(0-0x3F)
  • Y = GameTimeFrame(0-59)

Magic Swapping Glitch

If you passes "Go Type" door in the minus room, the reference value will be rewritten. You can change the magic of FuSuYa to the different skill including the skill of the enemy in the -67 Rooms Level.

Run Comments


I wait until ENCOUNTER SHIFT becomes 92 on the title screen. Although it is an auto battle, Cecil can act quickly by optimizing an enemy's agility. It performs without also forgetting shortening by pause.

Baron Castle

I get a Ether and a Tent here. The Ether acquisition loss here is absorbed on the next loading screen.

Chocobo Forest

The vegetable(ギサールのやさい/Carrot/Gysahl Greens) are get here. This is thrown later.

Mist Cave

By ENCOUNT SHIFT adjustment on the title screen, there is no encounter so far. BattleSpeed and BattleMessage is made into the fastest here and battle mode is activated. Subsequently, a window color is also set to R:4,G:2,B:17. Time flows also on the window of an item or magic in case of an active mode.

Mist Dragon

It adjusts so that a critical hit may come out by a pause or LR. A shadow shield is duplicating for financing. An item is arranged for the following thing.
  • if RNG%99 >= CriticalRate then critical hit is successful

Village Mist

I do the trick which penetrates from the right side to do shopping in Mist. Before using a tent leftward, I make a shield a total of zero piece, also remove a helmet and armor moreover, and lower defense power. It saves rightward on Mist and resets a game, and I wait until ENCOUNTER SHIFT becomes 210 on the loading screen. I pick up only one BombFragment(ボムのかけら), Tiara and Change Rod are not needed. The shield sold in 6553600 GP. Yeah!! I consider the future and adjust GP here.
  • Shadow Shield = 100 GP(SALE)
  • Dancing Dagger = 5000 GP(BUY)
  • Whip = 3000 GP(BUY)
  • 6553800 GP - (5000*67+5000*77+5000*77+3000*77)GP = 5217800 GP
It is optimized by inputting X+A or Y+D-Pad simultaneously. Item arrangement is carried out during a damage display.

Kaipo Guards

By optimizing an enemy's agility and damage RNG, three enemies are defeated with Dark Wave.

Watery Pass

Before going into a cave, it saves in the position which becomes the minimum of waiting time. It saves upward and resets a game, and I wait until ENCOUNTER SHIFT becomes 8 on the loading screen. It saves upward at a break point and resets a game, and I wait until ENCOUNTER SHIFT becomes 169 on the loading screen. I get a Shadowblade and a Bronze Hourglass. Although verified about the route without these, I think that this is probably the quickest. It saves leftward and resets a game, and I wait until ENCOUNTER SHIFT becomes 233 on the loading screen. Shift 233 is very usable value.


Bio(Virus) contained in Tellah's Remember(Recall) is strong magic. If BIO is applied, HP will decrease gradually. DancingDagger which Rydia can be equipped with is very strong. The Shadowblade is equipped with here. Item arrangement is performed during the damage display. I reduce attack times by coordinating those damage near a maximum.
  • if 16 > RNG%161 and 7 < RNG%161 then Remember become Bio.
  • The damage of BIO will consist of 515 between 830 in this battle.

Damcyan Castle

It saves upward toward an event tile, and I wait until ENCOUNTER SHIFT becomes 233 on the loading screen. Since air strikes were avoided, the castle is not burning. All his attacks avoid it by investigation equipped with LuaBOT. The critical rate of Cecil becomes 0%.

Antlion's Cave

I get a AntarcticWind and a EmergencyExit. It saves upward on break point and HardReset the game, and I wait until ENCOUNTER SHIFT becomes 231 on the loading screen. If HardReset is used, it is effective in using the same SHIFT. However, since a cursor goes to a new game, a lag frame increases. The face icon are not displayed instead of gaining only one frame, if B+Down is simultaneously inputted on the loading screen.


Since Antlion(アントリオン) performs the counter to a physical attack, Cecil does not fight. Edward(Gilbert/ギルバート) equips and uses a DancingDagger during a damage display.
  • The damage of DancingDagger will consist of 232 between 392 in this battle.
A blank is prepared so that SandRuby may come above Ether. Since it is late by much magic when Rydia acquires EXP, I get her to go to sleep. After defeating, it escapes in an EmergencyExit.


Unbelievable! Sahagin has HP of 45672 too. But No problem, if it knocks 3 times, it will die. Regrettably, Rosa's critical rate is already lost at this time.

Mt. Hobs

Please be sure to set a HoverShip on the left of an entrance. It saves and reset the game and SHIFT becomes 233. Regrettably there was not RNG which can beat three enemies simultaneously.


If Rydia is the level 1, it will become a big loss because her agility is insufficient. The agility of GrayBombs is manipulated before a battle start. Rosa receives a serious damage and she removes a ShortBow and an IronArrow during a damage display. The boss explodes quickly and gets two women to sleep. It aims to give red fellows the smallest possible damage and to give gray fellows the most serious possible damage. Since it uses the RNG gap by frame boundary, luck manipulation became very difficult. As a result of having reduced waiting of Cecil even more by inserting the command of the Bard in an appropriate timing, his last attack is performed before the action of the enemy.

To Fabul

It saves upward and HardReset SHIFT becomes 251.

Fabul Fights

  • Enemies are beaten with AntarcticWind, while displaying the message "Can't run!" One turn is overdue when there are not it and agility manipulate. Because Cecil became level 13, the attack number of times increases.
  • If Pause & UnPause carries out to suitable timing before a command window opens, delay will almost be nothing and will delay enemies' time. The DarkWave of Cecil of level 13 equipped with ShadowBlade is usable enough.
  • DarkWave is quicker than an attack item.
  • Pause & UnPause is abused.
  • It is the same as the 2nd.
  • It is the same as the 3rd.
  • Since Cecil had removed the protector in advance, he dies instantly by the maximum damage of Kain.

To Mysidia

SHIFT becomes 233.

The foot of a mountain

It saves upward and HardReset, SHIFT is still 233.

Mount Ordeals

Tellah has newly equipped the IronRing, when joining again. It saves leftward and HardReset on BreakPoint, SHIFT is still 233. In order to obtain the action of an ideal, the position of Tellah and Porom is exchanged.


Milon does not attack until he becomes solitary.
  • Followers stop at the effect of the BronzeHourglass for the time being.
  • Before ATB of Palom accumulates, Porom is inputting Twincast and canceling it by Confuse of Tellah, and Palom will be in a Mimic state.
  • By severe luck manipulation, she knocks self and becomes sane.
  • Cecil changes the position, and Palom mimic it too.
  • Before Stop which Tellah inputted to Porom comes out, Cecil uses a BombFragment.
  • Milon performs Thunder in counterattack.
  • Porom checks Ether, and she exchanges Ether and vegetables, before stopping.
  • Palom uses Vegetable to the selection range of Cecil.
  • The battle effect of Vegetable is the Holy(White) of 8 hits.
  • Milon dies instantly with Vegetable.


  • Cecil's HP is reduced by luck manipulation.
  • Porom falls immediately after inputting Twincast.
  • Cecil checks Ether, before falling, and he exchanges it for the TrashCan.
  • Palom uses TrashCan to the selection range of Twincast.
  • The battle effect of Vegetable is the Fire3(Firaga) of 8 hits.
  • Milon-Z dies instantly with TrashCan.

Dark Knight

Cecil continues escaping. Since processing is a light battle, a window control trick cannot be adjusted. Supposing it is the cause that an input judging is carried out twice with a single frame, If it is Lsnes, the problem may not exist. Cecil is born again and critical hit become possible.

Descent from a mountain

It saves leftward and HardReset on BreakPoint, SHIFT is still 233.

The foot of a mountain

Tellah is set in the center. It saves leftward and reset, SHIFT became 133.

Chocobo Forest

I push Chocobo to the right between 16 frames to coordinate RNG of NPC.

Baron Guards

It is necessary to play cheap tricks in case of an active mode. Pause & UnPause is abused. They die with Bio.


If it knocks just before the 2nd attack, it will finish quickly.

Ancient Waterway to Baron

Luck manipulation of the agility of the enemies for escaping quickly is carried out. MP glitch is performed.


Enemies' attack is reduced, making full use of Pause or Escape. ATB of Tellah are reduced more by inserting the command of Palom before an enemy's action. They died from the Meteo by MP of increased Tellah. Yang and Porom fall victim to time reduction.


Since the J version has more HP than the U version, it cannot finish defeating it by Thundaga(Lit-3). ATB of Tellah are reduced more by inserting the command of Cecil before an enemy's action. It died from the Meteo by MP of increased Tellah. Palom fall victim to time reduction.

Troia Castle

Because ENCOUNTER RNG INDEX does not increase on the carpet, I avoid it as much as possible and push it forward. In order to manipulate RNG of NPC, it waited only for one frame in the left outer wall. Before meeting a wounded person, it takes a step back, in order to avoid a battle. Since Teleport cannot be used if it is MP of minus, Ether is used. Cid was equipped with ShortBow and IronArrow. If the equipment was only either one, it is not affected by the magnetic force.

Chocobo Village

BlackChocobo comes fastest as a result of NPC's RNG manipulation. It saves upward and HardReset, SHIFT became 233.

Lodestone Cavern

It saves and HardReset on BreakPoint, SHIFT is still 233.

Dark Elf

Because Yang is dead, and other three people are equipped with metal, the first battle is finished immediately. If Cecil becomes berserker, a damage will be 150% and command input time will also be shortened. Cecil and Cid aim at a critical attack. A running message is displayed in order to reduce an enemy's action. Cid manipulated luck while being equipped with WoodenHammer and avoids Tornado(Weak). It is used for time adjustment although the attack of Yang may look unnecessary. Since DarkDragon does not have a boss flag, its Tornado(Weak) is effective. Tellah inputs Tornado(Weak) into exquisite timing and Cecil knocks the enemy who weakened automatically.

Chocobo Village

Since RNG of NPC is set to zero by having reset, action of Chocobo is no manipulated. Chocobo is released to the west.

Troia Castle

Because an old woman interferes with a course, I save leftward and HardReset in front of a castle, SHIFT became 249. The total of the wait time with the loading screen is 11 frames, but adjusts it to be 12 frames because it is inconvenient. Since MP for Break (Stone) runs short if Teleport (Exit) is used, it is transposed to the consumption MP of the adjoining magic, and is saved.

Tower of Zot

Marionetteer drops SummonBook on 1/1024 of probability. When Battle RNG %99 is less than five at the time of battle settlement of accounts, GAME TIME FRAME (0-59) is added to BATTLE RNG INDEX, and when Battle RNG is 252 or more, the 4th rare item drops. It is controlled completely and it is obtained twice almost without a loss. When choosing the 2nd book and putting into the item column, zero invisible book remains in the treasure column. It is moved to the item column, and it will become 255 books if it is used by the next battle.

Delta Sisters

An effect of SummonBook is a random summons. Bahamut is summoned fastest by luck manipulation. They died with Bahamut of SummonBook.


Since Tellah was set in the center before, action of Kain becomes the beginning. Magic is not effective against Valvalis until Kain does jump. I manipulate luck so that Tornado comes to Roza which magic evasion is high in and is avoided. Because Leviathan has a shorter animation than Bahamut, I manipulated luck to give damage as big as possible. Roza fall victim to time reduction.

Castle of Dwarves

RoomLevel was increased to 63 among kings. A crystal room is set to the 0th floor.


Usually, Odin's Zantetsuken is not effective against an enemy with a boss flag. Although Brina has a boss flag, Calco does not have it. When the first enemy does not have a boss flag, the remaining enemies are also defeated together.


Golbez is invincible at first. If action of Cecil is inputted after Jump of Kain, it will become quick slightly that he comes down. Before Rydia comes, Kain can act. By using an item during an escape message display, Golbez is defeated before a message display. Because Leviathan has a shorter animation than Bahamut, I manipulated luck to give damage as big as possible. Although there is a trick which can avoid paralysis by Silence(Mute), it cannot summon, if it is Silence. GAME TIME (1xSec) is set to 195 at the time of this end of a battle, and GAME TIME (Frame) is set to 6.

To the last

  • I come back to the crystal room in Dejon(Warp). There is the 0th floor. If DarkCrystal is got, it means finished the Sealed Cave. Battle speed is set to 4 incidentally.
  • I go to the negative world by "return type door".
  • You must put HoverShip appropriately to go along RoomLevel-7th safely.
  • You must put back BlackChocobo to the forest to go along RoomLevel-9th safely.
  • You must release Chocobo to the west to go to RoomLevel-10th safely.
  • You must walk leftward to go to RoomLevel-12th safely.
  • You must walk upward to go to RoomLevel-13th safely.
  • You can go to RoomLevel-43th safely.
  • Because WindowColor is "R:4,G:2,B:17", RoomLevel-44th becomes the Sealed Cave's Entrance.
    • Map ID = R(0-31) + G(0-31)%8*32 = 4 + 2*32 = 68(Sealed Cave's Entrance)
    • X = G(0,8,16,24)/8 + B(0-31)%8*4 = 0 + 1*4 = 4
    • Y = BS(1-6) - 1 = 4-1 = 3
    • Direction = Left
  • Kain is left in RoomLevel44th.
  • I set the waiting time of the loading screen to 12 Frames to go to RoomLevel-45th safely.
  • I regulated GAME TIME(1xSec) to become MAP of same BGM to minimize LagFrame of RoomLevel-46th.
  • RoomLevel-47th is based on money and GAME TIME(Frame).
    • GP = 0x506055 = 5267541
    • MAP = 256xGP(0-255) = 96(Crystal Palace)
    • Direction = 65536xGP(0x00,0x40,0x80,0xC0) = Down
    • X = 65536xGP(0-0xFF)%0x40 = 0x10 = 16
    • Y = GameTimeFrame(0-59) = 0x14 = 20
  • FuSuYa joins party in Crystal Palace.
  • FuSuYa rearranges magic appropriately.
Floor MAP X Y
-67th Life1 19 Mute 02 Bersrk 09
-66th Toad 25 Meteo 47 Warp 27
-65th Venom 28 Fire1 29 Ice-2 33
-64th Fire3 31 Ice-1 32 Fire2 30
-63th Ice-3 35 Lit-1 35 Lit-2 36
-62th Lit-3 37 Virus 38 Weak 39
-61th Quake 40 Sleep 41 Stone 42
-60th Death 43 Stop 44 Drain 45
-59th Nuke 48 Pig 26 Psych 46
    • It exchanged so that X and Y might not become less than 31.
    • Because there was much LagFrame in Map 46, I traded with Map 48.
    • FuSuYa replaced a bottom of White Magic to learn ChainExplosion.
    • I change WindowColor(R:1,G:7,B:23) and BattleSpeed(1) and BattleMode(Wait).
    • If you get down from the stairs of "GO TYPE" by RoomLevel-67th, WhiteMagic of FuSuYa will change.
  • Since it is returned to RoomLevel 0th, Teleport is used. It is a crystal room there.

  • Because WindowColor is "R:1,G:7,B:23", RoomLevel-44th becomes the Glitch Room.
    • Map ID = R(0-31) + G(0-31)%8*32 = 1 + 7*32 = 225(Glitch Room)
    • X = G(0,8,16,24)/8 + B(0-31)%8*4 = 0 + 7*4 = 28
    • Y = BS(1-6) - 1 = 1-1 = 0
    • Direction = Left
  • There is a weapon shop in "Map:225,X:27,Y:0". I buy 22 GreatBows and one DwarvenAxe here for fund adjustment.
  • I regulated GAME TIME(1xSec) to become MAP ID 0 to minimize LagFrame of RoomLevel-46th.
  • RoomLevel-47th is based on money and GAME TIME(Frame).
    • GreatBow = 2000GP*22 = 44000GP
    • DwarvenAxe = 15000GP
    • GP = 5267541 - 44000 - 15000 = 5206541(0x4F720D)
    • MAP = 256xGP(0-255) = 0x72 = 114(Zeromus Floor)
    • X = 65536xGP(0-0xFF)%0x40 = 0x0F = 15
    • Y = GameTimeFrame(0-59) = 0x0E = 14
  • It appears there just right without margin of one frame.


Many a little pause makes a mickle shortening. By having set Battle Mode to Wait, action of Zeromus decreases once. Vibration of Zeromus is comparatively shortened in a pause. Zeromus died with ChainExplosion of Dark Grenade.

Special Thanks

Cheap: Much information is his things.
S-Endo: He releases various analytical data.
Sparky: I got very many help from him.
Mister: He checked this run frequently.
Deign: Great predecessor.

feos: Accepting to Moons as a new branch. Since this one is the fastest in normal conditions, it gets no label, and the existing one would become "no memory corruption".

Spikestuff: Yup.

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