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Submission #4221: byrz, diddykong14, keylie & Barhunga's GC Super Monkey Ball "Expert through Master" in 13:10.78

Console: Nintendo GameCube
Game name: Super Monkey Ball
Game version: USA
ROM filename: smb.gcm
Branch: Expert through Master
Emulator: Dolphin 4.0.2 64-bit
Movie length: 13:10.78
FrameCount: 46864
Re-record count: 52070
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: byrz, diddykong14, keylie & Barhunga
Submitter: byrz
Submitted at: 2014-03-20 02:16:41
Text last edited at: 2014-03-29 14:54:21
Text last edited by: RGamma
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

This is a TAS of Super Monkey Ball Expert mode, playing all the way through the Expert, Expert Extra and Master levels.

For comparison, the best known non-TAS time for this category is 16:09 (RTA timing) by MilesSMB (as of 03/14)

Author comments:


I started this project thanks to Barhunga, he asked if I want to TAS this game (knowing I'm TASing SMB2) and I decided to give it a try. Right in the beginning keylie joined the project too and the progress was really fast all the way to the end. I probably wouldn't have been able to do this without the huge effort from keylie and diddykong14 and the support from Barhunga, for keeping me sane. I had a really great time TASing this game, probably the best time I will have for a long while. It's a bit sad it's over now, I will really miss working with these people. :( Anyway, it feels very unreal I was able to handle a project like this (two of them at the same time, actually) and get it finished.


I started to work on this TAS after seeing Nahoc’s amazing WIPs and the great potential this game has for TAS. After doing a few stages, however, I realised how hard TASing this game was, mainly because of manipulating collisions. Also, the level of optimisation on the human-made ILs was very high, it was difficult to beat the WR times on many stages.

Anyway, the TASers from SMB2 came to this game, and everything was much easier to handle. byrz did an amazing job to coordinate the TAS, by providing savestates and grabbing WR times and videos in a nice spreadsheet. I had issues with desyncs because I used the 32-bit version of Dolphin, and the movie file made to work on the 64-bit version, so the savestates were really useful.

Individual Levels

Level Time left Non-TAS IL WR Comment
E1 28.35 28.35 Actually not easy
E2 26.45 26.40 .43 was thought to be really optimized. :o
E5 58.06 58.05 All previous TASes had .05 in this stage but we got .06 accidentally on real time
E6 55.73 55.35 The trick is going as early as possible
E7 51.05 47.40 One of the most popular levels, we improved the TAS record by 3 frames
E8 27.01 27.00 Pretty simple
E9 55.75 55.66 Nice improvement
E10 27.46 - Nothing special
E11 23.46 23.06 This time was achieved twice due to a desync issue the first time...
E12 55.63 54.63 Really nice
E13 57.41 57.36 This strat ended up 2 frames faster
E14 57.35 57.28 Nice bumper abuse
E15 28.38 28.38 Fun way to goal
E16 27.85 27.83 Going left in the start is much faster
E17 27.91 27.90 Requires a precise bumper hit
E18 21.83 21.75 Really painful to optimize but we did okay
E19 57.60 57.58 Yay, saved a frame
E20 27.85 - Getting over this way is extremely hard
E21 56.23 56.23 Zigzagging in the wire is faster in this case
E22 54.66 54.63 Barely made it into the last letter but it ended up nice
E23 27.91 27.91 Annoying level
E24 43.01 35.93 We performed a new extremely hard strat that saved several seconds :)
E25 24.70 24.63 Slightly altered the record strat
E26 27.33 27.33 A simple falling stage
E27 27.00 27.00 Seems pretty optimized
E28 56.58 56.53 Wow, nice time save in such a simple stage
E29 55.01 54.98 Yay, got the 55
E30 57.65 - Nothing special
E31 28.38 28.36 Nice one frame cut
E32 47.56 46.43 Grinding for longer in the first curve is slower
E33 27.83 27.76 Cool optimization
E34 26.91 26.91 Annoying level
E35 56.16 56.16 Even more annoying level
E36 26.38 26.16 Whoa, didn’t expect that time
E37 27.26 27.26 Simple
E38 27.58 27.56 It took a long time to reach the human record
E39 26.45 26.38 Really simple and nice improvement
E40 27.00 27.00 This time is surprisingly hard to achieve
E41 28.18 28.16 Wow, improved a frame in such a short stage
E42 58.63 58.63 Not as easy as it looks
E45 23.88 23.65 Buggy camera makes it look like we slowed down :(
E46 23.73 23.41 Looks pretty cool
E48 26.03 25.51 Got 25.85 with a much cooler strat but whatever
E49 28.48 28.46 Wow, didn’t expect to save a frame here
E50 25.36 24.35 Found a new strat, one of the coolest in the TAS
EX1 26.00 25.96 Cool, got 26
EX2 26.76 26.75 Simple and short level
EX3 26.71 26.71 Too bad earlier cycle wasn’t possible :(
EX4 27.56 27.43 Wow, how did we improve 8 frames? :o
EX5 27.01 27.00 Nice 1 frame save
EX6 25.76 25.76 Yeah
EX7 23.55 23.48 Annoying level to optimize the beginning
EX8 27.68 27.68 Really annoying
EX9 21.48 21.31 Altered the strat and saved a nice amount of time
EX10 26.76 26.71 Glitch goal!
M1 47.56 46.45 Wow, somehow saved a second :o
M2 58.46 58.46 Simple master strage
M3 54.41 54.41 Another simple master stage
M4 54.05 53.08 Abused the horrible collision of this stage for a new strat :)
M5 57.55 57.50 Nice time
M6 58.71 58.71 The easiest time to achieve in the run
M7 58.56 58.56 Annoying level
M8 57.50 57.38 Improvised a new strat in 5 minutes
M9 58.23 58.13 Nice and smooth
M10 57.08 57.03 Cool time

Known improvements:

E50: ~0.5 seconds is lost in the transition out of this level. It is caused by the monkey getting between the goal posts again after already finishing the stage. This resets the transition animation and loses time. This was discovered too late.

EX7: byrz has done 23.58 (2 frames better) TAS of this stage after the movie was finished.

Note: The amount of rerecords in the .dtm file is 30-50% smaller than the real amount of rerecords done during the project.

Ilari: Changed time from 13:01.067 to 13:10.783 and cleared the alert.

Nahoc: Claimed for judging...

Nahoc: Accepting for publication.

RGamma Publishing...

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