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Submission #4222: byrz, diddykong14, keylie, Nexta & Jcool114's GC Super Monkey Ball 2 "Expert through Master Extra" in 14:23.02

Console: Nintendo GameCube
Game name: Super Monkey Ball 2
Game version: USA
ROM filename: smb2.gcm
Branch: Expert through Master Extra
Emulator: Dolphin 4.0.2 64-bit
Movie length: 14:23.02
FrameCount: 50893
Re-record count: 43110
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: byrz, diddykong14, keylie, Nexta & Jcool114
Submitter: byrz
Submitted at: 2014-03-20 02:18:32
Text last edited at: 2014-03-29 14:54:40
Text last edited by: RGamma
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

This is a TAS of Super Monkey Ball 2 Expert mode, playing all the way through the Expert, Expert Extra, Master and Master Extra levels.

This TAS uses the NTSC version of the game. PAL version actually has slightly different physics allowing for faster times, but this version was chosen due to its preference in the speedrunning scene and the common demand.

For comparison, the best known non-TAS time for this category is 16:54 (RTA timing) by Jcool114 (as of 03/14).

Author comments:


I decided to start this project after TASing individual levels for a couple months. At first I started this project solo but it didn't take long before I started getting some nice help from other Monkey Ballers capable of TASing. Without the other authors, it would have taken me much longer, if not forever, to finish this, and obviously some stages would have been less optimal. TASing Monkey Ball games has been a really close hobby to me, taking up to 50 hours per week. Now it's time to take a breath and see what's up next.


I came to this project when it was halfway done, and worked on a few stages. The level design of this game is more complex than the first episode, leading to some really interesting routes.

Individual Levels

Level Time left Non-TAS IL WR Comment
E1 Wormhole 53.48 53.25 Looks pretty nice :)
E2 Free Fall 55.30 55.30 Making as little adjustments as possible while falling saves time
E4 Mad Shuffle 54.23 54.21 Yay, saved a frame in a luck based level
E5 Partition 57.65 57.65 Falling out in bonus levels is faster than getting into the goal
E6 Jump Machine 48.56 46.75 Found a new extremely hard and cool strat :)
E9 Toggle 55.30 55.28 Yay, saved a frame in another luck based level
E10 Pachinko 58.05 58.05 Just another bonus level
E11 Combination 56.01 56.01 The Non-TAS WR used to be 56.00 when this level was done
E12 Punched Seesaws 54.10 54.03 Requires some lucky collisions
E14 Brandished 56.15 56.15 This is the easiest record to achieve in the game
E15 Tiers 53.76 53.20 It took a week to reach an old IL TAS of 53.75
E18 Detour 52.81 52.78 Nothing special
E20 Earthquake 57.46 57.46 Just another bonus level
E21 Spiral Bridge 48.53 47.88 This ended up looking really cool :)
E22 Wavy Options 54.20 54.13 Abusing really weird collision detection in this level
E23 Obstacle 55.55 55.50 Nice looking time :)
E24 Domino 55.36 55.06 Damn, never expected improving this stage by that much :o
E25 Sieve 48.73 48.53 Hitting the last thing while going back is faster, even if it looks weird
E26 Flock 53.06 52.95 Surprisingly hard strat
E27 Double Spiral 51.38 51.25 Fun stage and a nice time :)
E28 Hierarchy 54.86 54.83 Annoying stage
E29 8 Bracelets 52.11 52.08 Surprisingly hard to beat the Non-TAS
E32 Soft Cream 55.01 54.88 Wow, got a 55 with a new strat :o
E33 Momentum 53.51 53.46 Surprisingly hard
E34 Entangled Path 54.83 54.78 Cool
E36 Vortex 54.16 52.96 A really hard strat that requires a really specific collision
E38 Trampolines 55.11 54.91 Totally the intended way
E39 Swing Shaft 53.30 53.16 Neat
E40 Fighters 57.65 57.65 Yay, the last bonus stage
E41 Serial Jump 55.85 55.85 Almost looks like .86 would be possible...
E44 Chipped Pipes 55.28 55.16 Pretty cool
E46 Guillotine 54.36 54.35 Wow, actually cut a frame here
E47 Corkscrew 48.26 47.66 A TAS strat discovered a while ago
E48 Orbiters 56.03 56.00 Glitch goal!!!!
E49 Twin Basin 54.61 54.48 Really smooth and low clips
E50 Air Hockey 56.53 56.53 Last stage of Expert, really simple time to achieve
EX1 Charge 52.35 52.23 Pretty hard to optimize
EX2 Strata 54.06 53.80 Dat grind
EX4 Giant Swing 54.06 53.68 Surprisingly big improvement
EX5 5 Drums 51.81 51.65 Pretty hard
EX6 Free Throw 53.00 52.80 Very beautiful time
EX9 Construction 54.65 54.56 Who cares about the huge maze
EX10 Train Worm 54.53 54.50 Cool
M1 Centrifugal 55.03 55.03 Wasn’t easy
M2 Swing Bridges 51.10 50.98 Fun
M4 Passage 53.70 53.68 Easy
M6 Intermittent 54.45 54.43 The Non-TAS WR is really good :o
M7 Long Torus 51.23 50.60 Wow
M8 Spasmodic 56.18 56.18 Nothing special
M9 Double Twin 51.73 51.15 Had to slow down for 3 frames to make the strat possible but it ended up insane
M10 Clock Face 55.46 55.45 Bumper abuse
MX1 Variable Width 52.76 52.68 Basic
MX2 Striker 55.30 55.30 We go to green goal in order to get to a red goal in the next level
MX4 Planets 53.16 53.15 Slowly alternating diagonals in midair helps you reach further
MX7 Synchronized 56.65 56.63 Actually saved a frame in this simple level
MX9 Dizzy System 56.41 56.41 Requires a really lucky clip
MX10 Nintendo 30.41 30.41 The waiting level… Perfect time to play around!

Known improvements:

EX9 Construction: byrz has done 54.76 (7 frames better) TAS of this stage after the movie was finished.

Note: The amount of rerecords in the .dtm file is 30-50% smaller than the real amount of rerecords done during the project.

Ilari: Changed time from 14:08.217 to 14:23.017.

Nahoc: Claimed for judging...

Nahoc: Accepting for publication.

RGamma Publishing...

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