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Submission #4230: solarplex's GC Luigi's Mansion in 10:11.85

Console: Nintendo GameCube
Game name: Luigi's Mansion
Game version: USA
ROM filename: GLME01_0-0.gcm
Emulator: Dolphin 4.0.2-dirty
Movie length: 10:11.85
FrameCount: 18463
Re-record count: 55711
Author's real name: Michael C.
Author's nickname: solarplex
Submitter: solarplex
Submitted at: 2014-03-27 14:28:31
Text last edited at: 2014-04-26 04:01:21
Text last edited by: RGamma
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

Luigi's Hidden Mansion Glitched% (also known as Any% OoB)


  • Dolphin 4.0.2-dirty
  • Dual Core disabled
  • Idle Skipping Disabled
  • Framelimit Off
  • CPU Emulator Engine: JIT Recompiler
  • Audio: DSP LLE recompiler

Game Objectives

  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • NewGame+ for better entertainment

Game Description:

Luigi wins a mansion in a contest and his brother, Mario, goes missing there. It is your goal to find Mario by walking around the haunted mansion to figure out where he is. Your weapons to protect you are a flashlight and a vacuum. Capturing ghosts and collecting keys helps you along your journey to finding mario.

...And we just skip past a majority of those ghosts! In this movie, we capture four of the 23 Portrait Ghosts. My favorite Gamecube game that I finally beat(thanks to glitches).

Making this TAS:

This was my first complete TAS(I attempted Diddy Kong Racing which was a really bad place to start)! It was a great experience to learn how to play the game on an emulator, then learn the glitches, then learn how to properly do a tool-assisted speedrun. It was very hard for me when I had finished my first room(Parlor Room) and someone tell me that they could do it faster. So I would start over and get to that other person's time and move onto the next room. Again someone would show me another video of someone doing that room faster. Repeating this process all the way until I finally finished the game!

When I finally realized that all speedrunners play on newgame+(Hidden Mansion mode), so I decided that TAS would be my verifcation movie file(and a warmup for the real deal!). Again I went through the entire process of beating the game in Hidden Mansion mode, hurray 8 minutes and 41 Seconds! Wow that's fast!

Then finally some thugs(very nice people) came along.. named Veman3000 and YOSH1. Veman3000 told me about using the left side of the double door in the very first room for a one second gain. YOSH1 came along and blew my TAS away with his from months ago. Using YOSH1's knowledge and movie file, I was able to piece together this masterpiece, gaining frames here and there.. finally feeling proud of myself for what I have finished.

So I present to you my fellow TASers and followers, Luigi's Hidden Mansion Glitched% done in 8:28:52!(Bonus for completing in less than two months!) Finish time is called on the first frame of King Boo's Capture 'POP!'.

Special thanks to YOSH1, this TAS uses a piece of his TAS because I liked the entertainment value it added(Seen at Neville).


1F/2F Foyer: When on the second floor, using the left side of the double door is about one second faster than using the right side.

Parlor Room: Moving the vacuum prior to visually seeing the candles going out saves time. If you watch the vacuum has a crazy whirlwind effect when pulling it out. Could come in handy for future improvements/entertainment.

Chauncey's Room: Throwing the ball at the wall to ricochet towards you then slowly dragging the ball forward while vacuuming the rocking horse seems to be the best route here. After Chauncey talks, fire the ball(which should be right under your vacuum) as fast as possible.

Floor 1.5:_ Where the fun finally happens! After beating Chauncey, there is about two seconds to get behind the appearing chest against the wall. Once wedged in there, using the vacuuming pushes you through to what is claimed as Floor 1.5.

OoB outside King Boo's: No man's land. You are outside the walls in the darkness. One step too close to the walls, you get a cutscene. One step too far, you softlock. Luckily for me, TASing allowed me to count frames and record analog stick positions. So when I drop into No Man's Land, 18 frames this way, 5 frames that way, easy peasy.


Capturing ghosts:
  • Make sure to pull in the opposite direction of the ghost in relation to Luigi when vacuuming.
  • Every ghosts should go down 1HP when you start vacuuming on the second frame.
  • When a ghost gets to 0(or the frame before), savestate and test different directions(Luigi's walking & Luigi's vacuum).
  • Optimal Capture is 21 frames(from when the 0HP sign disappears until the vacuum pops).
  • In this video, it ranges from 18-24 frames(18 frames manipulates the ghosts by using objects in the room/wall while 24 frames was as optimal I could get for some ghosts).
  • Ghost's health decreases by 10HP each time you vacuum, as long as you stop moving the analog stick for one frame(or move the C-stick), you will only pause the HP drop by one frame instead of halting progress.

Chest Keys:

  • We only need three keys for this glitch% run(Wardrobe, Neville's and Lydia's). Wardrobe room key, there are two options. Either let the key slow drop towards you or fling the key to where you are going. I found that slowly dropping the key worked best for me.
  • When grabbing the other two keys, you have a frame before and after Key-Grab animation to move a little closer to the door.


  • Getting closer to the crib helps dodge bouncing balls and retrieve the third(throwable) ball quicker. When vacuuming, only vacuum Chauncey to 50 which skips having a third set of rocking horses launched at you. When Chauncey is ground stomping, if you get hit underneath him in the right area, you can nudge him farther forward. Once hit you become invincible for a while allowing you to do it one or two more times without taking damage.

Bats for Skewing:

  • Luigi is best at skewing when in side-step mode, which allows Luigi's top half and bottom half to rotate differently. This causes him to skew to odd angles when taking damage. This step is crucial in getting over beams/walls on Floor 1.5.

Room for improvement:

No you can't take my first TAS away from me! Just kidding, destroy my time!
  • Some ghost captures can be caught faster by one to three frames.
  • Wardrobe room key fling instead of key drop
  • Chauncey's location before starting ground stomp
  • Getting hit by Chauncey's first stomp rather than second(was not tested)
  • Floor 1.5 - better pathing(possibly switching back to standard walking when going down the hallway).
  • Floor 1.5 - Using the bats to get a crazy skew angle that may allow you to skip using the second bat completely.
  • King Boo Crown Theft - this was talked about a lot in the thread(conclusion was that it does not complete the game; in LM thread by MUGG and Patashu and as this YouTube description states: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=602eNlIgilU)


YOSH1, Veman3000, got4n, Firecrotch219, sockfolder, Lukehhhh, Flip, Abahbob, Wakssbm, Patashu

Verification Movie File:


feos: Uploading the trimmed movie, and accepting to Moons.

RGamma: Publishing...

Ilari: Changed length: 05:07.717 -> 10:11.85

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