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Submission #4237: RealMyop's SNES Super Road Blaster in 17:21.21

Console: Super NES
Game name: Super Road Blaster
Game version: Europe v1.1
ROM filename: SuperRoadBlaster.sfc
Emulator: lsnes rr1-Δ18ε3
Movie length: 17:21.21
FrameCount: 52068
Re-record count: 1256
Author's real name: Ronan L
Author's nickname: RealMyop
Submitter: realmyop
Submitted at: 2014-03-31 23:09:28
Text last edited at: 2019-05-02 22:37:12
Text last edited by: adelikat
Download: Download (3001 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)
A special episode of Speedgame presenting the run (sorry only in french)

(Link to video)
And the TAS only


A short message from the author

Hello everyone !

Finally after all theses years talking about TAS I finally made one myself ! And what a TAS my friends, it's at the same time an ANY% and an 100% with a special goal, achieve it with the minimum inputs necessary. It's the ultimate TAS, no improvements can be made, it's perfect, and it's normal when you play the perfect game.

First off all let's talk about the game, It's Super Road Blaster on SNES released in 2012. Yes a game as been made in 2012 on SNES thanks to mister Matthias "d4s" Nagler (more informations here: http://www.destructoid.com/super-road-blaster-the-impossible-laserdisc-to-snes-port-228189.phtml) who made a port of that great lazerdisc game.

But if you know it, it's probably under the name Road Avenger and on Sega/Mega CD. Do you remember when you where playing Zelda 3, going to your little cousin's house who had a Sega/Mega CD for Christmas and was showing it off with is amazing graphics and sound? If you do, first you had a great childhood, second you remember watching him playing (not you of course) Road Avenger.

Let me be clear I was this little cousin of yours, and I had a Mega/Sega Cd and I had Road Avenger, and I found it amazing. After all the time I spend on this website looking for amazing runs, waiting patiently for a run of that game that never came... I decided to do to myself ! It's true, if you guys can do it why can't I ? And then the hard work of making a TAS began. You may know or not that the Sega/Mega CD is not emulated properly by Gens RR and even with the best effort I could not make it run Road Avenger. I was disappointed, the only game I ever wanted to run will not surrender easily.

Hopefully, a few days later thanks to Keylie, I discovered this SNES version of the game. Try to imagine how happy I was, I will be able to make my TAS and even better on the machine that never had it's own CD player. I downloaded lsnes and started working, a few months later (I'm slow) the run was ready to be shown to the world.

Tricks, skips, and more

It's an Any%, 100%, Minimum Inputs run, what does that mean ?

Yes on this movie I will only press 371 inputs and these 371 inputs are made on 365 frames(Sometime there is 2 inputs on the same frame)on a run that count 52068 frames. In total there is 7.3 seconds of gameplay in this game for a video length of 17 minutes and 21 seconds. Amazing isn't ?

A few things to know:

One more things, I really would have like to make the "hard mode" of the game like they were on the Sega/Mega Cd version, the hard mode is actually removing the indication from the screen, the run would have look a lot smoother but this option is not available on the Snes version.

Hope you'll enjoy the run !

Thanks to

Keylie for his help at the beginning of this project and Synahel who kept me thinking that one day I could do a run of that game.

feos: Vault rules say: If a game consists of presenting a story, with little to no user creativity altering the game in any way, then it is unacceptable.

This game's TAS can not be a speed record here, it doesn't stand out much from the real-time play, so it's rejected. See #2037: DarkKobold's SegaCD Dragon's Lair in 10:45.65.

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