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Submission #4342: Got4n & Andzura's GC Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc in 1:21:21.8

Console: Nintendo GameCube
Game name: Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc
Game version: USA
ROM filename: S3-RAYM3.gcm
Emulator: Dolphin 3.5-1749
Movie length: 1:21:21.8
FrameCount: 292908
Re-record count: 77984
Author's real name: Adrien Baud
Author's nickname: Got4n & Andzura
Submitter: got4n
Submitted at: 2014-06-19 13:42:04
Text last edited at: 2018-01-14 21:19:04
Text last edited by: got4n
Download: Download (31882 bytes)
Status: published
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Older version of DTM detected: Run time may be incorrect

Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

COMEBACK FTW! (also teh urn)
Hello, here is the return of our new TAS of Rayman 3 !
This time, we took the time to optimize ALL the direction!
It optimizes the old TAS I made with NilsTFK by 167132 frames (46:25.53)
The speedrun world record (single-segment) is actually 1h29 by Gamepro011

Games Objectives

  • Emulator Used : Dolphin 3.5-1749
  • Manipulates luck
  • Uses game-breaking glitches
  • Genre: Platform
  • Dual Core : OFF
  • Idle Skipping: ON

Here is our User/config : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tslzjz1kblrsgmp/AACANHV1k6GfFv7cYWukGnA0a Game MD5 is : 553A4E73F893C51EB6C7DA52167CBA7F Game name is: S3-RAYM3.gcm


It was in a terrible night of Friday 13....
So it was after my TAS got rejected, Andzura posted in the forum a rolling superjump that he found. So I contacted him on Skype, then the project started.
But I couldn't start the TAS because I was doing Rayman 2 (future project : 100% TAS?). Then I told him if when I finish it I will join the project.
Then I lost interest doing Rayman 2 because it was too hard to find the values/route planning. So I started Rayman 3.

Andzura did a great leap forward by finding some values with Cheat Engine, he found:
- Score address
- Altitude
- Z Pointer
- Facing
But those values were too useless.

Then I was bored and Yoshifan helped me to set the lua script like Masterjun (but Yoshifan one was a modified one)
Then after hours of retries it finally worked :D

But, we decided with Andzura to find the velocity values. I found the Y Speed. Andzura found after the X and Z. We used them. We sadly looked at them, they were wrong.
But, Andzura told me that to make them work, we should use pythagoras (If you forget then you're drunk XD.)
So Xspd²+Zspd² = Speed.
Then, we tried to find the position but we couldn't. then a day later I lost internet. During that time I was searching the position.

I thought logically. He told me that the Y Position was the easiest one to find. So I found one and told myself that if the Y value is XXXXXXX8, Z or X will be XXXXXXX4 or XXXXXXX0
So it worked, but the values were wrong. When cheating them they all do nothing. So I found another speed, but when I changed the last number, it wasn't correct value, then Andzura told me it was the right value, instead of having a positive value I should have it negative and it worked!


Got4n: We started the project in September. It was pretty fun. Even with all the crappy glitches it was extremely hard to make! I'm just a bit disappointed because hex edit doesn't work :(
I'm also happy because I helped many runners with epic tricks. Like boss skips, the Fast Hand Skip in SD (not used because of hex edit :( ) and many other strats!

Andzura: That was a really fun run to do, even though it's kinda sad that we couldn't hex edit our run to get the newer strat. But yea it was really fun and really cool to work with runner of the game to find new glitches and strats.

Tricks (Yeah, I'm copy pasting from game resources, but hey, I did created the Rayman 3 page on GR)

Offset Name Value Type
0x00bf0cd4 Speed (X) Float (you need to use pythagoras with X & Z to get the correct speed)
0x00bf0cd8 Speed (Z) Float
0x0078c36c Facing 2 Bytes Float Big Endian
0x00259564 Z Pointer Float
0x0056D648 Powerup duration Float
0x00bf0da0 Y Position Float
0x00bf0d98 Z (or X ?) Position Float
0x00bf0d9c X (or Z ?) Position Float

Midair Superjump

A midair superjump allows Rayman to perform a superjump on a wall rather than a ledge. This is done by entering a fixed camera location, tapping look mode, jumping against a wall, then holding the look mode button while tapping the jump button. (Discovered by GamePro011)

Midair Glidewalk

This glitch can not be performed on the PC version
A midair glidewalk acts in the same way as a glidewalk. It is performed by entering a fixed camera location, tapping look mode, jumping, holding the look mode button, then tapping the jump button twice in quick succession. (Discovered by Gamepro011)

Buffered Midair Glidewalk

This glitch only works in certain locations, and may not work if Rayman has grabbed a ledge

A buffered midair glidewalk acts the same as a glidewalk and midair glidewalk, but it is easier to pull off and works on the PC version.
It is performed by entering certain fixed camera locations (they do not all work), tapping look mode, jumping, activating the helicopter, entering snapshot mode, holding the look mode button, exiting snapshot mode then immediately pressing and holding the jump button. (Discovered by Gamepro011)

Superjumping glitch

This glitch has been found by PewableShift.

(Link to video)
You need to:
  1. Strafe
  2. Get into a end of corner then you need to have the First person mode when you falling. It will not works on every corner.
That glitch is caused by Rayman can get into some corner then transform his X speed into Y speed.

Most of the superjumps spots were found by PewableShift. Congrats dude!

Glidewalking glitch

This glitch has been found by Got4n (pokgot4n) first before Lightweightrunner on July, 24th 2013
To this glitch you need to do the same manipulation of Superjump instead of when the camera is shown you have some frames window to hold A to make Rayman helicopter lags.


Only useful in Land of Livid Dead. This glitch was found by Dildo Potter, and the spot where is useful has been found by PewableShift Turn in camera mode when falling in water.

(Link to video)

Rolling superjump

This glitch has been found by Andzura. It depends on a pig. Sometimes it is TAS Only, sometimes it is possible in non-TAS.

2 pigs rolling

When there is 2 pigs it is very easy, the superjump depends of what frame you roll, if you're TASing the game, just try to roll every 1 frame later.

1 pig rolling

Now, it is really hard or really easy!
Most of the time those rolling are extremely hard, there is some pixels where Rayman does get pushed, then you have to roll at those precise pixels.

Others spots

Also, the rolling SJ can work in other spots, sometimes it's very hard

(Link to video)

Stage by stage comments.

  1. Fairy Council
Nothing to say except a rolling SJ TAS-Only to skip the cutscene

  2.Clearleaf forest
Easy superjump, cut the maps. But an event came. We finished the Clearleaf when Andzura pointed me an improvement using the rolling sj I found. That makes saves about 8 seconds.
Since no hex-edit on Dolphin is possible (well it is, but almost impossible), we had to redo it all. You'll see why it is pretty annoying.
Why? Because that level was hard to TAS, because trying to perform the Glidewalk to work perfectly. And the worst is the boss skip. (Forgoes luck manipulation). If you're not on the right pixels it won't work. It'll be the second hardest thing in the run.

  3. Bog of Murk.
Even if there is water, Underwater is not possible for reasons. w_w.
Also, I was planning the witch boss, then managed to 2 cycle her and managed also to break her invincible period :D
Skipped also Razoff by a superjump.

  4. Land of Livid Dead
Part 1 of the land was the HARDEST thing to do in a run

  5.Desert of Knarren
Nothing to say except Reflux was a nightmare to TAS
Also Reflux doesn't have RNG.
half the time he does a short attack, the other half another one.
Also, you can't stunlock him because, when he reach an amount of PV he removes his invisible frames.

  6. The Longest Shortcut.
Most cooperative level in Rayman speedrun history. Every speedrunners united to skip that world. Xhonoz found a ultra hard skip which we couldn't made even in TAS. Then Gamepro011 found a rolling sj who allows to directly get to loading zone and much easier.
LightWeightRunner found the part 2 skip, and I did found the part 3 skip.

  7. The Summit Beyond Clouds
Andzura did the RNG part (boat part)
Skipping wooden door by the "no spoil glitch".

  8. Hoodlum Headquarters
Boss skipping found by myself, there is a non-tas way but way slower that the "man" method.

  9. Leptys Tower
It is possible to skip whole first level, using a shortcut in the level 2. And beating Reflux. I'm pretty happy with first phase, because I love how I avoid the storms =D.


This run is improvable by 5 to 10 minutes because of improvements found in the mid-end way of TAS. We can't hex edit the rest because Rayman 3 have RNG in position and the game does have lag frames so it's impossible.

Special Thanks:

Dolphin crashing many times :)

Pewable for all his glitches

Ultimategamer95 for his speedrun.

CriticalCyd for his speedrun

Xhonoz for supporting me and finding timesavers.

NilsTFK still helping me in Rayman 3 :)

RibShark for Supporting me

LightWeightRunner for his Speedrun

Yoshifan for helping me with RAM

Gamepro011 for Finding cool glitches.

Rerecord count is very low because dolphin crashed many times.

Oh! forgot to say that using TAS Input plugin was a nightmare because everytime I run it after 3-4 load of savestates, dolphin crash.

Thanks to anyone else I forgot!
Apologies for my bad English :(

Suggested Screenshot:


Letting the community to choose it.

feos: Reuploaded the file for the new time parser.

feos: Synced (needs non-free DSP ROMs), judging...

feos: Accepting to Moons.

RGamma: Publishing...

RGamma: Passing this on to Fog...

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