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Submission #4375: MATCH6974's N64 Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon in 1:03:29.47

Console: Nintendo 64
Game name: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Game version: JPN v1.0
ROM filename: Ganbare Goemon (J).v64
Emulator: mupen64 0.5 re-recording v8
Movie length: 1:03:29.47
FrameCount: 228568
Re-record count: 226350
Author's real name: まっち
Author's nickname: MATCH6974
Submitter: MATCH6974
Submitted at: 2014-07-25 14:28:37
Text last edited at: 2014-09-02 15:09:07
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
  encoded by Mitjitsu

(Link to video)
encoded by MATCH6974

(Link to video)
  encoded by MATCH6974
  Watch on nicovideo:
Part 1 Part 2

UとJの違い{Difference between U.ver(U) and J.ver(J)}

  -U have many hole to pass on a roof than J.(SubmarineCastle)

(Link to video)
Uは地図バグがない -U cant map glitch.

(Link to video)
Uはカメラ移動がJとは違い、動きがいい -U is smoother about view movement than J. Uはチェーンキセルスキップが出来ない -U cant chainpipe-skip. Uはちびエビスの水面ジャンプ壁抜けが出来ない -J can go to out of map when swimming with chibi-ebisun.(U cant do it.) Jは主観キャンセルというものが出来る -J can use first-person view cancels. Uは主観キャンセルが出来ない -U cant do first-person view cancels. Uはエビス丸の術の修行で落下することができ、体力を大幅に増やせる -U can fall in EbisuShugyo events -U can add lifes.

(Link to video)
I will explain techniques of map glitch,first-person view cancel, Chainpipe-skip and Baron-cancel in technique.


  ・edge run
  ・Acceleration Jump
  ::When moving the floor, the screen is blacked out and then the character stops in a few frames.
  ::In order to prevent it, I inputed one frame jump.


(Link to video)
・map glitch  結構知名度があったりする簡易的なデバッグモード  次のエリアに行く際にC→を押し続けると、  「キャラクターに反応する物体」がすべて消えます。 ::in map-changeing, input right-c button erases all objects which react to the character temporarily. ・Seqencebreak  オブジェクトの隙間等に入るか、高速で壁に衝突し、  壁の判定をすり抜けると、壁の向こうや天井に  押し出されるバグ。  スティックの微調整の組み合わせで扉の隙間を  縫うようにすれば、多分どの扉もすり抜けられる。  <使用場所>サブまりんの扉2枚・てんぷるの扉 ::Seqencebreak or pass through a wall in high-speed, the  character is pushed out the opposite side of a wall or ceiling.  It is possible theoretically to pass through any doors by fine-tuning.  Where to use: doors in Sub-marine and Temple ・MokkoriSlash ・MokkoriSlash2 ・MokkoriSlash3 ・はしごMokkoriSlash ・持続MokkoriSlash ・連続MokkoriSlash ・瞬間移動MokkoriSlash ・キャラによってMokkoriSlashの長さが違う ・スティック入力でMokkoriSlashの延長、又は向き変更

(Link to video)

(Link to video)

(Link to video)

(Link to video)
・Ebisu-pass(EbisuSride)  ちびエビスンの術中に1F垂直ジャンプし、着地する  瞬間(歩けるフレームの1F前)に1Fだけスティックを  入力する。その次のフレームは無入力にし、  さらに次のフレームで術を解くと自由に動ける  ようになる技。これにより容易に壁が抜けられる。  もっスラの速度を維持したにんぎょへんげでも可。 ::the Process  In ninjutsu of small-ebisun: 1F jumping(vertically) ->  (the frame before the character can walk) 1F 3D-stick  for any direction -> (1f later) no 3D-stick input ->  (1f later) cancel small-ebisun ::the Effect  The character can move freely to some distance.  The character can pass through walls easily.  note: The technique can also use when you're in Ningyo-henge mode  with the speed of MokkoriSlash. ・Skipping conversation ::In order to skip conversation, press start button the frame before the ::conversation window appears(Caution: some cases you cant play it by doing so). ・坂道Jump(The way of moving fast in a slope) ::Jumping in same direction of a slope makes the charcter faster. ::But in slanting direction makes the character slower. ・被弾ジャンプ(1)と壁を使っての大ジャンプ(2)ChainpipeSkip(Jumping by Hitting(1)&Big Jump Using a Wall(2  敵の攻撃にわざと被弾して崖を登る技。(1)  部屋の隅等にある直角にキャラを合わせて  スティックを倒しながらジャンプする技。(2) ::"Jumping by Hitting" is the technique to clear a difference in level by bullet hitting intentionally(1) ::"Big Jump Using a Wall" is the technique to jump higher than normal by leaning the stick into a right angle wall.(2) ・HeroJump1&2  キャラを滑らせずに急な坂を上る技のこと。(1)  坂の傾斜にうまくスティックを入れることにより  反対方向を向かなくても、登れるようになった。(2) ::"Hero Jump" is the technique to climb a sharp slope.(1) ::Particular angle against a slope makes the character climb without directing the opposite against it.(2) ・オブジェクト押し出し武器振り  壁、看板等のオブジェクトの中へ侵入している時、  外へ行くと押し出されます。この時武器を振ると、  その押し出しのスピードを保ったまま移動します。 ::Sticking in a object(ex. a wall, a board, etc), and moving out of it then the character was pushed out. ::At this time, the character can move remaining the speed of pushing out. ・小判浮遊  ジャンプでは飛び越えられる範囲が決まっているが、  ジャンプ中小判を投げる事で落下速度を減らす事が  出来て、その分浮遊する事が出来ます。 ::Goemon's throwing koban extends distance of jumping. ・無限百烈パンチ  百烈の終わりにまた百烈を出せる。  TestRun時代から使われている必須の技。 ::As soon as attacking "Repeated Punch," the player can attack it again and again.
  ・Non Sasuke route
  ・Kasiwagi Skip
  YouTube's glitches by winterbeat13 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn9AT4ni6J_J8XBJ7WPF_kFDKl_S0Fpfv


  □ 1100 Ryo
  □receives the MiracleMoon&Pass
  □MokkoriSlash skip in Benkei's events
  □receives Koryuta's flute
  □bookmark : Folkypoke Village
  □receives the Medal of Flames
  □bookmark : Iyo's Coffee Shop
  □mini-ebisu events
  □Obtains the mini-ebisu
  □receive (Quality Cucumber)
  □Iyo→Iyo2→Ghost Toys Castle
  □receives the Windup Camera&Miracle Flower
  □OedoTown→Musashi→Festival Village(bookmark)
  □Itako events
  □Obtains the Mermaid
  □receive the MiracleSnow
  □receive the MiracleStar
  □Festival Village→PemoPemo→MusicalCastle
  □ImpactBoss(BALBERRA&Do-D'E TOILE)


  New ダルマーニョ戦!



Config Plugin

  • Video Plugin Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6
     (黒帯の外枠を消す時に、アドバンスのUse Direct3D~を使用)
     (Using "Advance > Use Direct3D" mode)
     (When the character is concealed by objects of a map, I used "Wireframe" mode.)

  • Input Plugin TAS Input Plugin 0.6
     (Not controller pack inserted)
     (One Player)

  • Sound Plugin Jabo's DirectSound 1.6
     (Using default settings, but noise gets on the avi output after passing Temple Castle)
  • RSP Plugin RSP emulation Plugin
     (Basically; Other plugins rarely)

Game Objectives

  • Emulator: mupen64 0.5 re-recording v8
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses death to save time
  • Genre: platform

Nahoc: Judging...

Nahoc: Accepting as an improvement over the current published run.

feos: Alright!

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