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Submission #4624: jlun2's DS Over the Hedge in 17:45.64

Console: Nintendo DS
Game name: Over the Hedge
Game version: Europe
ROM filename: 1065 Over The Hedge (EU).nds
Emulator: DeSmuME_0.9.10_x86
Movie length: 17:45.64
FrameCount: 63753
Re-record count: 40595
Author's real name: Jesse Lun
Author's nickname: jlun2
Submitter: jlun2
Submitted at: 2015-04-01 00:00:08
Text last edited at: 2015-04-10 16:12:25
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Over the Hedge was a steathe based platformer for the NDS, but since hiding is frame waste, so the main heros simply break into people's homes as quickly and loudly as possible. Almost none of the stages were done as intended, and it even manages to reach the ending without even entering the final house.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: DeSmuME_0.9.10_x86
  • 36%
  • Game end glitch
  • New category please


Before anyone asks, this uses the PAL version since the emulator crashes on the (U) version.

Stage by stage comments

Because most people in my experience don't really care about the stages, only about the dialogue that was skipped in a speedrun, I'll post that instead!

Intro stages

Stealing food

RJ: There's plenty of food lying around here. I need to grab all of it and bring it back to the exit point.

Game: Press Y when near a question mark to trigger gameplay hints. Press START to look at your objectives.

RJ: Now that everyone knows Gladys is back, we need to find out more about endangered animals. I think I know where we can find a wildlife book that could have the info we need.

Verne: Why is it I don't like this plan even though I don't understand it yet? Never mind, lead on…

Wildlife Book

RJ: I knew I remebered seeing a Wildlife Book in this house… and here it is! But it's way too heavy for me. Good thing I bought Verene along. I'm sure that timid turtle could lift it.

Game: Touch the Verne icon on the Touch Screen to switch to Verne.

RJ: So according to this book, there are some endangered species not far from here. In fact, I think I know a few of 'em. One of these… …and one of these… …oh, and THAT guy. Heh, what a weasel!

Lou: Didja mean "ferret", RJ? Anyhoo, how can these fellas help us out, now?

RJ: If we can convince them to move here, and then force humans to notice, we can get these woods proteced.

Verne: Heeey… that actually makes sense. And it doesn't even sound dangerous.

RJ: Hmm… right on one, wrong on two, Verne. I'm thinking in order to get these characters to relocate here, we're going to have to skip "beg" and "borrow" and go straight to "steal".

Verne: Oh, great. There goes my tail…

Ozzie: But what about those huge machines? Aren't the humans going to use them to clear the woods in the morning? WE'RE OUT OF TIME!

RJ: Then we'll have to buy ourselves some more… by disabling those machines tonight.

Construction Site 1

RJ: Yikes! Gladys's construction site is crawling with guard dogs! VERNE! I could use a little help right about now!

Game: RJ has gotten himself into trouble. Touch the Verne icon or press SELECT to switch to Verne.

Gladys: Hmm… should those wires be hanging out of this bulldozer…? You're late. This had better not be a sign of incompetence. I do not tolerate incompetence, Mr. Smith, from my home builders or my taxidermists…

Henri: Apologies, Ms. Sharp. It shan't happen again. Now with regard to this order of yours… …one raccoon, one turtle, one squirrel, one skunk, two opossums and five porcupines…

Gladys: Yes. Freshly killed, stuffed and mounted.

Henri: It might be difficult for me to handle the actual captures in such a short time. I can't be everywhere at once…

Gladys: That won't be a concern. You'll get the call if anyone spots these creatures poking their noses where they don't belong. Think you can handle the rest?

Henri: Taxidermy is not just my job, madame, it's my art. The final pieces will be so lifelike you'll swear they're still breathing.

Gladys: As long as they're not. Please call me when you've captured those horrible little creatures, Henry.

Henri: It's pronounced "Awn-rie"!

Spruce Street

RJ: Jack here is a black-footed ferret, just like we saw in the book. He's interested in moving here permanently.

Jack: I wasn't sure about moving in, but RJ told me my store could do a brisk business around here.

Verne: Store?

RJ: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it, Verne… Jack here is a salesman. We'll need to get him supplies to set up shop.

Verne: Oh, is that all?

RJ: Hey, I know it's extra work, but think of the Gadgets we could buy once we have a shop right here in the forest.

Game: Jack the Black-Footed Ferret will agree to move here permanently if you can find him five special items he's requested. Press START to view his list.


Steal the Scale that's sitting on the kitchen counter.

Game: Head to the kitchen and check the countertop to find the Scale.


Find the Catalog in the den and bring it to the exit point.

Game: Make your way to the den, past all the traps, to get the Catalog.


Get the Calculator from the cooler in the back yard.

Game: The Calculator should be locked up in a cooler somwhere in the yard, but you'll need a stethoscope to open the lock.

Awesome! You nabbed the Calculator!


Get the Cowbell that's in the dining room.

Game: Look for the Cowbell in the dining room.


Retrieve the Abacus that's on a bookshelf near a sleeping dog.

Game: The Abacus is in the living room, where the family dog likes to sleep.

Construction Site 2

Game: Break the sprinklers near the Bulldozer to short circuit its electronics!

Henri: Dwayne? Are you there? Aaaaaahhh!!

Dwayne: Ha ha ha! Henri, you should have seen the look on your face.

Henri: Trés jolie, Dwayne…

Dwayne: Man, you're jittery. You sure you're up for this job?

Henri: But of course. I just need better equipment. Speaking of which…?

Dwayne: If I could help you more, I would. But you know I've got to lay low after what happened. These traps and improved artillery should do the trick. 'Course, that's what I thought last time…

Henri: The traps won't mangle their skins, right?

Dwayne: No, Henri, the animals will be in good shape for your taxidermy "art".

Henri: Magnifique!

Dwayne: Seriously, why did Mom ever allow you to go to art camp? It really messed you up.

Henri: Just shut up and help me unload this.

Maple Street

RJ: Verne, this is Sylvia… she's a gray bat. Very rare, highly endangered.

Sylvia: Man, are my arms tired. You guys live out in the middle of nowhere, you know that? Please, show me to my laboratory.

Verne: Laboratory?! RJ, is this another of those things you forgot to mention?

Sylvia: Is there something wrong with my lab? If so, I'm leaving.

RJ: No, no, wait. You must excuse my cold-blooded friend here, he's a little slow on chilly days.

Verne: What?

RJ: What he meant to say is that your laboratory will be ready shortly, along with the food supply you'll need for winter. Right, Verne?

Verne: But -- I -- er -- right. . .

Celestial globe

Bring the items RJ is throwing out the window to the exit point.

Game: RJ's already in the house! Bank the loot he's tossing out until he finds the inflatable Celestial Globe.

Science Kit

Nab the Science Kit in the living room.

Game: No one's home, and no traps are on, so head straight to the living room to nab the Science Kit.

Game: The Taxidermist is here!


Collect all 10 Batteries before time runs out!

Game: The parents are returning for a birthday party any minute. Grab all 10 batteries before time runs out or you'll be stuck!

Pessimos action figure

Retrieve the Pessimos action figure without dropping it.

Game: The Pessimos action figure you're after is very fragile. Don't drop it!

Motion Lamp

Obtain a Motion Lamp for Sylvia.

Game: Check the den for the Motion Lamp.

Oak Avenue

Henri: Oh, that's perfect.

Henri: Just the slightest upward tilt to the jaw. Oh, you'll be beautiful. Not just lifelike, but so much more--

Gladys: What are you doing, Henri Smith?!


Henri: Sacre bleu, Ms. Sharp! You nearly gave me a heart attack. What are you doing here--

Gladys: I asked you first, you slovenly buffoon. What's that… are you drawing pictures?!

Henri: Yes, I'm planning out the poses for the animals you ordered--

Gladys: Poses? POSES?! Do you really think I give a squirrel's tail about their poses?! They're out there, Henri, stealing people's food! Maybe even sabotaging my construction equipement so I can't build my fabulous new pool!

Henri: That seems a bit far-fetched, Ms. Sharp. They're only animals--

Gladys: SHUT! UP! NOW! I promised everyone in the development that my new associate will protect people's houses from break-ins. My former associate, Dwayne, failed me miserably. You won't, right?

Henri: Of course not! Just because I'm the younger brother, doesn't mean--

Gladys: WHAT?! "Brother"?! You're that idiot exterminator's… brother?

Henri: Uh… oui?

Gladys: I don't have time for this. Catch and kill those animals, "Awn-rie", and fast. Otherwise I'll have you AND your pathetic brother roasting on a spit.

RJ: Verne, say hello to Samson, the ivory-billed woodpecker.

Samson: You can call me sir. Why, when I was your age we called everyone sir.

Verne: Sure Samson, sir. RJ tells me you came here to retire?

Samson: Yes sir, I'm through with this maverick life. It's time to settle down and watch other folks learn life's hard lessons.

Verne: Is it true you're the last of your kind?

Samson: Well now, I haven't seen another one of my kind in years, but I reckon there could be others. Then again I'm the toughest bird you'll ever cross so don't you forget it!

Verne: Yes sir, sir!

Samson: Alright then, you know what things I need to settle here, so hurry up and get 'em.

Rocking Chair

Find the toy Rocking Chair in the dining room and exit through the yard.

Game: Recon intelligence suggests you'll find the Toy Rocking Chair somewhere in the dining room. Exit through the yard.


Find the Toolbox and bring it to the exit.

Game: Things sure are quiet at this house. Better grab the Tool Box.

Game: The Taxidermist is here!


Steal the Flashlight from the den.

Game: The Flashlight is somewhere in the den.

Hand Saw

Find the Hand Saw and toss it out the window to Verne.

Game: RJ is stuck inside, but loot can be thrown to Verne through this hallway window. Find the Hand Saw.

Light Bulbs

Collect all 20 Light Bulbs before time runs out!

Game: Most of the family is out right now but they will be back soon. Grab all 20 light bulbs before they return!

Construction Site 3

Allie: The handbook says raccoons like peanuts, sweets, fruits, peanut butter…

Charli: So that explains why he grabbed the Peanut Butter Provenders instead of the Mint Mouthfuls.

Allie: But did you see? After he grabbed the cookies it almost looked like he was waiting for us to follow him -- hey, look!

Allie and Charli: Cookies!!

Allie: This place is icky! I don't know why I ever became a Trail Guide Gal, I hate the outdoors…

Charlie: Never mind that, if we don't find those cookies we'll never get our sales merit badges! Whoa… look over there!

Allie: Remember that movie on conservation they made us watch? I think we just struck the merit badge mother lode! An ivory billed woodpecker! It says here they're almost extinct. I can't believe it!

Charlie: And isn't that a black-footed ferret? And a grey bat?!

Allie: You're right! These are, like, totally endangered species! And what's that one over there?

Allie: Oh, it's just that stupid, ugly raccoon we chased in here.

Charlie: Forget him, let me get some pictures!

Gladys: "…and with the startling discovery of not one but three species of endangered wildlife, local lawmakers quickly declared Camelot Estates' lone undeveloped section to be a protected animal sanctuary…" GAAAAHH!! I'd be swimming in my new pool by now, if only Henri had figured out where those stupid little pests lived… Hmmm… Well, well, well. What have we here?

RJ: Look at that! They're hauling away the equipment. I guess we can say my little plan was something of a success, eh, Verne?

Verne: It seems so. Not bad for a "stupid, ugly raccoon"…

RJ: Don't ruin my moment, Verne.

Verne: Still… I don't know. Something doesn't feel right. My tail is still tingling.

RJ: Verne, buddy, you should really have that looked at by a doctor.

Verne: The tail never lies.


Verne: That sounded like Spike, Quillo and Bucky!

RJ: Let's go.

Verne: Where is everybody?

RJ: Something isn't right. I smell the Taxidermist.


RJ: Our friends must be inside that horrible woman's new house. We need to find a way in.

Verne: Yeah, without ending up stuffed by that Taxidermist.

Game: RJ and Verne need to find a way into Gladys's house.

Verne: We should be able to enter the house through here and rescue our friends.

Hammy: Wow, RJ and Verne sure found a good entrance… Think, Hammy, think. What was RJ's plan again?

RJ: Find our friends and don't get caught…

Hammy: Oh, right. That was it.

Game: Hammy needs to locate the kidnapped animals.

Hammy: Hey guys, what are you doing in that cage? Ohhh… right. Forgot. I'm supposed to get you out… somehow…

Stella: It's no use, Hammy, this lock is too tricky, even for RJ. We're stuck in here 'til we're stuffed an' mounted.

Sylvia: Maybe not! If we can expose what's happened here to other humans, we might all get released back into the wild! I've been looking at the security system here and I think I know of a way we can get that to happen. Listen closely…

Verne: Good job, Hammy. Now that that first laser is off, RJ and I can go open that cage and release our friends.

Hammy: Uh… no. That bat girl told me we can't open the lock. Too tough, even for RJ. She wants you to flip a switch to change how that crazy lady's, uh, sucker cutie system works…

RJ: You mean security system? I get it! Sylvia must want us to reverse the feed on thoses cameras, broadcast them to the entire neighborhood!

Verne: What good will that do? To show all the humans that Gladys hasn't unpacked?

RJ: Will explain later, Verne. Right now you and I need to find that satellite control switch, pronto.

Game: Locate and activate the Satellite Dish switch to broadcast the security signal.

RJ: Perfect, the Satellite Dish is on! It's all up to Hammy now.

Hammy: This is it! I need to find that crazy lady and get her to chase me past the security cameras. RJ is betting she'll say some pretty bad stuff if I get her mad enough!

Game: Lure Gladys through all three security cameras and go out the front door.

Gladys: Once I get rid of those pesky endangered animals no one will stop me from clearing those woods.

Gladys: Once I'm Homeowners Association President again I'll be able to get this development back under control.

Gladys: These small-minded people will learn to appreciate the contributions I make to this neighborhood… or else!

Hammy: Here crazy lady, your fans await!

Gladys: Come back here, you little monsters! My Taxidermist friend here have plans for you!

Allie: Hold it right there, Miss Sharp!

Gladys: Now what?!

Charlie: We know everything you've been up to.

Gladys: I -- I don't know what you're talking about.

Charli: Capturing endangered species is against the law. We figured the police and Channel Five News would want to know.

Gladys: It wasn't me… it was this Taxidermist! He did it!

Henri: But she hired me! I did't know they were endangered!

Police: You're both under arrest. We'll sort the rest out down at the station. Let's go…

RJ: "Former HOA President to Face Charges". Nice! That's the end of her, at least for awhile. Looks like things will finally start to get back to normal around here.

Verne: Well, as normal as things get for us, considering we steal junk food to stay alive.

RJ: Yeah, about that…

Verne: Still, I guess it's a price worth paying to stay here in out beautiful, PROTECTED home. Pass me some chips, RJ.

RJ: You mean the chips that the animal wildlife folks hauled away to maintain our "pristine environment"?

Verne: What?! They… they took all out food?

RJ: Every last bite. But it's OK. You want food, Verne, let's go get some. It's there for the taking, just over the hedge!


Congratulations! Your home is saved!

Mothrayas: As is usual for April Fools submissions (particularly with a joke encode), there is very little usable viewer feedback to go off. The extensive clipping abuse is the run's main feature, but the game's sluggish, laggy and all-around mediocre appearance put it down a lot. Accepting for the Vault.

Regarding ROM choice: I got the USA version of the game and tried it in DeSmuME 0.9.10 and it seemed to run fine for me. Perhaps I didn't experiment around enough, or perhaps emulation has been improved since the last time this was checked; either way, some more information about it would be nice.

Note to publisher: Advanced Bus Timing has to be enabled to sync.

feos: Let's pub!

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