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Submission #4696: jlun2's GB After Burst "1P VS mode" in 05:42.74

Console: Game Boy
Game name: After Burst
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: After Burst (Japan).gb
Branch: 1P VS mode
Emulator: BizHawk-1.9.4
Movie length: 05:42.74
FrameCount: 20471
Re-record count: 9194
Author's real name: Jesse Lun
Author's nickname: jlun2
Submitter: jlun2
Submitted at: 2015-05-17 20:03:08
Text last edited at: 2015-06-09 13:55:37
Text last edited by: RGamma
Download: Download (2929 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
An obscure single screened action game where the main objective is to attack the enemy orb. However, a little known fact is that the VS Mode also reaches the ending, so that is used instead.


  • VS Mode
  • Still reaches the ending
  • 82% of the movie is lag
  • 2P VS is not a Co-op


What was supposed to be a short TAS to take a break at Jurassic Park (NES) ended up taking a lot longer than I thought. I was going to do the normal mode, but then 30 stages of unskippable transitions, score tallies and clunky controls drove me away. The VS mode only had 15 stages, so I thought it was going to be a breeze. >.<

Stage by stage comments

Stage 1
  • E1 - 2HP

Pretty straight forward stage. This enemy can only shoot one at a time like yourself, so the only difference is that it has more health than you.

Stage 2

  • E1 - 3HP

Same as above, but with an additional health along with the ability to jump at the same time as you. Note that it only jumps with you if it was already on the ground, so it can be manipulated to jump to a bullet.

Stage 3

  • E1 - 2HP

This NPC can in 4 directions. It chose to go down for some reason, and gets stuck.

Stage 4

  • E1 - 2HP

This enemy can shot 2 bullets at once in a straight line. It bounces around the screen, but isn't much of a problem.

Stage 5

  • E1 - 5HP

This UFO-esque object can only move horizontally, but can shoot 3 bullets at once. The bullets are lag inducing, and it's increased health doesn't help.

Stage 6

  • E1 - 5HP

This is an upgrade from the above. It initially shoots 2 bullets at once diagonally, but if hit at certain frames, it can shoot over 9 bullets at once: http://i.imgur.com/dBDhEzn.png

I had to pause a bit so it goes up before shooting. I can technically shoot earlier using a lower charge, but it would hit later.

Stage 7

  • E1 - 8HP

This...tank thing shoots 3 bullets at once, has 8 health and only jumps to get over terrian. I know the movement looked clunky, but once again, if I shot earlier, the bullet would land later, so I had to wait. This may be improveable with better placed shots.

Stage 8

  • E1 - 2HP
  • E2 - 3HP

2 soilders appear this time. I waited a bit to use one bullet to hit them both, saving ~29 frames compared to shooting 5 times.

Stage 9

  • E1 - 2HP
  • E2 - 2HP

I couldn't get the 2 bots to overlap, so I had to shoot 4 times.

Stage 10

  • E1 - 2HP
  • E2 - 2HP

I really tried my hardest trying to shoot both at once, but this stage refused to break. This is one possible improvement that I'm unable to implement.

Stage 11

  • E1 - 3HP
  • E2 - 5HP

I simultaneously shot both enemies 3 times. I had to manipulate the soldier to jump at specific times along with some tricky positioning in order to pull this off. Despite all the lag from the triple bullets, this still managed to be ~115 frames faster than focusing on one npc first.

Stage 12

  • E1 - 3HP
  • E2 - 5HP

Despite the fact it looks rather bad waiting at the beginning, it turned out 100 frames faster to land 3 simultaneous hits than to shoot 8 times. If I moved closer at first, it would've made it impossible to hit both the soldier and UFO at the same time.

Stage 13

  • E1 - 3HP
  • E2 - 8HP

This was the stage I discovered the ability to hit 2 targets in one shot, so thankfully the game is quite splice-friendly.

Stage 14

  • E1 - 3HP
  • E2 - 3HP
  • E3 - 3HP

I sadly only managed to make a pair overlap once. If anyone wonders why the front soldier wasn't hit first, it was because for some odd reason it would've messed with it's movement, disallowing me from jumping over. I'm not quite happy with how it turned out, but I'm quite stumped on how to make it better.

Stage 15

  • E1 - 8HP
Only the egg can be hit. The arms have 50 HP and are also invincible. This was a lot easier despite the larger health and small weak point because it never shoots.

Other comments

Address Set #85: After Burst
System: Game Boy
Download .wch file for: BizHawk
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
WRAM 0203 Byte Unsigned Little X
WRAM 0207 Byte Unsigned Little Y
WRAM 0234 Byte Unsigned Little E1X
WRAM 0238 Byte Unsigned Little E1Y
WRAM 0247 Byte Signed Little E1Hp
WRAM 0265 Byte Unsigned Little E2X
WRAM 0269 Byte Unsigned Little E2Y
WRAM 0278 Byte Signed Little E2HP
WRAM 0296 Byte Unsigned Little E3 X
WRAM 029A Byte Unsigned Little E3 Y
WRAM 0ABA Byte Unsigned Little Charge


This game lags 3-8 times per input. It's absolutely dreadful and makes 4/5 of the movie loading and lag.


Hold "B" to charge up. The higher the charge, the straighter the projectile moves. You and the enemies can only have a set amount of ammo on the screen at one time. For you, its annoyingly only 1; there's also a cooldown immediately after a shot lands on some target. This makes it useful to make sure the bullet lands on the NPC ASAP. At the later stages, it's also faster at times to wait a while to shoot multiple things in 1 shot. This can save over 100 frames due to how slow the shooting is.

Stage layout

The stage layout only changes either after advancing a stage, or dying and restarting. The quickest way to die is to press A+B+Start at the same time, but since the loading is slow, it's not used at all.

Possible improvements

You can't aim down. You can however, aim up. Even though this was never utilized in the TAS, I can't say if its completely useless since its's potentially possible to manipulate NPC's better to shoot down 2+ bots at once.

Nach: Man this game is bad. It's hard to believe someone made such a slow game. It's amazing how fast you completed it compared to some real time records. Unfortunately when played so quickly, there ends up being way more fluff than actual gameplay. This appears to be the fastest way to complete the game, but not very entertaining. Accepting to vault.

RGamma: Publishing...

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