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Submission #4700: Soig's DS New Super Mario Bros. "warpless" in 41:19.8

Console: Nintendo DS
Game name: New Super Mario Bros.
Game version: USA
ROM filename: 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U).nds
Branch: warpless
Emulator: DeSmuME 0.9.7
Movie length: 41:19.8
FrameCount: 148357
Re-record count: 24605
Author's real name: 陈立杰
Author's nickname: Soig
Submitter: Soig
Submitted at: 2015-05-22 14:06:58
Text last edited at: 2015-05-26 15:13:21
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)
Thanks for Spikestuff's beautiful encode! ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

After finishing my NSMB's hack, I decided to improve NSMB "warpless" run again. Last time, I haven't played NSMB yet before TASing it. So there are many improvable improvements. But now, I've played this game once and once again. And know more about it. So TASv2 is much better.

Emulator used: DeSmuME 0.9.7 (Bus-Level Timing is OFF)


  • warpless (But allowed to skips some levels. Such as smb3 "warpless")
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses death as a shortcut

Emulator's version:

I used the same emulator as published run. For 2 reasons.
1stly, to show improvement better. Because there are fewer lag frames in newest 0.9.10.
2ndly, due to starting RNG. I tried some RNG in 1-1 (with 0.9.10). But no one is the best... So I copied published run's 1-1 (with 0.9.7). And improved it.

Used tools:


NSMBe is an NSMB's editor. So it can show you every level's map. And it helps me a lot in 5-tower and 7-castle - let me think up a new way to complete the level faster.

Level-By-Level Notes:

World 1:

1-1: -1 frame.
Use starman better.
1-2: -21 frames.
Use a wallkick after getting fire flower. More corner boosting and better starman running.
Map: +4 frames.
Due to longer red ? block movement. But shorter later.
1-Tower: -17 frames.
Arive to the boss door faster.
Map: -20 frames.
Shorter movement.
1-4: -17 frames.
Longer sliding.
Map: -45 frames.
Shorter movement.
1-5: -2 frames.
1-Castle: -10 frames.
  • Total in W1: 129 frames saved.

World 2:

2-1: -1 frame.
More corner boosting.
Map: -57 frames.
2-2: -5 frames.
Map: -20 frames.
2-3: -109 frames.
In 2nd view. Get the initial speed earlier. Running instead of sliding on 1*1 slope.
In 3rd view. Use ground pound to get speedup.
In 4th view. Small wallkick make Mario speedup faster.
2-A: +45 frames.
Use more frames to get a fire flower item.
2-Castle: -138 frames.
In 1st view. Much more corner boosting.
In 2nd view. Use item got in 2-A. (Don't need decrease speed) More wallkick to speedup. Enter boss door earlier.
  • Total in W2: 285 frames saved.

World 3:

3-1: -595 frames.
Blue shell helps Mario swim faster. And more corner boosting.
Map: -104 frames.
3-2: -4 frames.
Map: -2 frames.
3-B: -4 frames.
To manipulate red ? block's movement. I didn't use corner boosting in this level. To decrease the number of double-jump.
Map: -82 frames.
3-C: -1 frame.
Map: -86 frames.
3-Castle: -512 frames.
In 1st view. Take damage to save time many times.
In 2nd view(Boss fighting). Better RNG to manipulate boss into jumping out of water earlier. Even the earliest...
  • Total in W3: 1390 frames saved.

World 5:

This is my hatest world! Because RNG changes all the time. I can't test the number I want before TAS... And 5-Tower is auto scroll level. I have to jump ahead of the screen and get a right RNG at the same time. F*ck!
5-1: 0 frame.
I'm sorry that it still need 6 more frames to beat 366 timer.
5-2: -3 frames.
5-Tower: -888 frames.
Huge improvement... Use Fire Mario this time. Beat Bowser Jr quicker. Also, Fire Mario can speed up earlier than Blue Shell after kicking wall. And this helps me to jump ahead of the screen earlier.
Map: +104 frames.
Red ? Block cost frames. But saves more frames in 5-Tower.
5-B: +80 frames.
Getting Blue shell item cost frames.
Map: -100 frames.
5-Castle: -105 frames.
In 1st view. 21 frames saved.
In 2nd view. 84 frames saved. Beat boss at the first time each time... Not easy...
  • Total in W5: 912 frames saved.

World 7:

7-1: -84 frames.
Jump onto cloud platform earlier. And other small improvements.
7-Ghost: -236 frames.
In 1st view. 23 frames saved. Fall directly after pounding ? switch block at the far left. Avoid getting up after pounding.
In 2nd view. 84 frames saved. Use a walljump instead.
In 3rd view. 129 frames saved. Wallkick instead of climbing the vine.
Map: -12 frames.
7-Tower: -47 frames.
It's faster but stone block platform and Bowser Jr cost some frames...
Map: -33 frames.
7-4: -29 frames.
Map: -33 frames.
7-Castle: -2582 frames.
In 1st view. 2595 frames saved. After midway point. Mario runs without green snake block. Use a spacekick (Maybe it's a bug) to arive at boss door.
In 2nd view. 13 frames lost. There are some small improvements. But it costs more frames to clear more time.
  • Total in W7: 3056 frames saved.

World 8:

World 8 is really hard for me. Warped record has been perfect. Both the least time and the best RNG... But I lost some time to get the RNG I want... So sorry... But it's faster than last warpless run. And 8-final is faster than warped run!
8-1: 0 frame.
Map: -32 frames.
8-2: +6 frames.
Worse RNG to manipulate enemies' movement...
Map: -32 frames.
8-Tower 1: +61 frames.
Cost time to double-jump more times to manipulate RNG. But save more time in next level.
8-3: -101 frames.
In 1st view. 94 frames saved. Get blue shell like warped run.
In 2nd view. 7 frames saved.
8-4: -32 frames.
8-Castle: -12 frames.
Map: -25 frames.
8-5: -8 frames.
There is 1 fewer frame than warped run in 1st view (Due to trible-jump). But 2 frames lost due to more lag...╮(╯▽╰)╭
Map: -2 frames.
8-6: -1 frame.
Map: -10 frames.
8-7: 0 frame.
Map: -5 frames.
8-8: -18 frames.
Map: -3 frames.
8-Tower2: -11 frames.
Midway point before... -9 frames. Speedup earlier after wallkick.
Map: -2 frames.
Map: -4 frames.
8-Final: -10 frames
10 frames saved in 5th view. Use a wallkick to speed up faster.
  • Total in W8: 239 frames saved.

Suggested screenshots:

Frame 95487----------------------------------------------Frame 95788

Nach: I find some parts of this run questionable, but overall, it was very good. Great audience response. Accepting as improvement to existing run.

feos: Pub. I'll try to backport HiRes to this old desmume, hold on.....................

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