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Submission #4701: jlun2's GBC Tony Hawk's Pro Skater in 01:29.09

Console: Game Boy Color
Game name: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (U) [C][!].gbc
Emulator: BizHawk-1.9.4
Movie length: 01:29.09
FrameCount: 5321
Re-record count: 4015
Author's real name: Jesse Lun
Author's nickname: jlun2
Submitter: jlun2
Submitted at: 2015-05-25 00:15:32
Text last edited at: 2015-06-08 01:33:37
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (2498 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
While looking up the GBA version, I found out there's a GB version. There was also an attempt at this game, so I thought to give it a go.

Game objectives

  • Plays the last stage of Tournament
  • Fastest time
  • Get as high a score as possible without sacrificing above
  • Probably vaultable


This game is very difficult. The NPCs aren't just hard; they're on frictionless skateboards with a constant supply of steroids. Their speed regardless of their character choice tends to be a lot faster than if you were to choose the same character. The handicap that applies at the end is also ludicrous; Their score will get boosted up to FOUR THOUSAND points, so even if you did a ton of tricks, chances are, you will only rank 2nd or worse.

Given that this is a TAS, I sought to correct this, and end up with 13,378 points (and 15 more due to rank bonus) at the end. The HUD only displays up to 999, and the end maxes at 4,000, but it appears it still keeps track of it even above the "limit":

I'm rank 1 despite initially being 2nd place due to having over three times the score of the first NPC. I didn't chose Tony Hawk because despite him having the same speed, his acceleration made it a frame slower despite costing an extra frame to select Bucky. Your speed seems to be slower than the NPC's for some odd reason. Also any values above ~155 appears to be around the same speed.

Doing tricks constantly lag the game a bit, and that messes with the initial goal. So I had to delay my movements a bit every now and then to eliminate lag during the race. It resulted in rather....odd movements, so I to add some NPC assault without losing time.

Address Set #86: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
System: Game Boy Color
Download .wch file for: BizHawk
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
WRAM 01F7 Word Unsigned Little Y
WRAM 034F Byte Unsigned Little Speed
WRAM 04D4 Byte Signed Big Rank
WRAM 04D7 Byte Signed Big Race Points
WRAM 04D8 Word Signed Big Trick Points
WRAM 04DA Word Signed Big Bonus Points

Other comments

Thanks to fsvgm777 and Kurabupengin for encoding early WIP and commenting on the initial concept.

I thought about suggested screenshots, but the only time it turned out to be superhuman was the results screens. :/

Nahoc: Judging...

Nahoc: Accepting for the vault.

feos: Pub.

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