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Submission #4804: mtvf1's DS Metal Slug 7 in 20:09.56

Console: Nintendo DS
Game name: Metal Slug 7
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Metal_Slug_7_USA.nds
Emulator: desmume 0.9.11
Movie length: 20:09.56
FrameCount: 72363
Re-record count: 66969
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: mtvf1
Submitter: mtvf1
Submitted at: 2015-08-21 15:31:31
Text last edited at: 2015-08-26 16:36:12
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: desmume-0.9.11 with Advanced Bus Timing OFF
  • Manipulates luck
  • Hard mode
  • Uses death to save time
  • Starts from a saved state

(Link to video)
(Link to video)
Sorry, when I copied the sign-name at the movie's end, I chose the wrong file. So this nico encode is 4 frames slower. But it's very hard to distinguish how different. Only the end of boss fight is very little different.

About this run

I used 0.9.11 version with Advanced Bus Timing OFF. It causes the more lag in screen scrolling and transitions, but it can reduce much more lag where the many enemies on the screen.

This run used death with Eri and Tarma, just like my first Eri/Tarma run. And saved zk547's deathless run by 4074 frames, 68 seconds. Though the emulator reduced much lag, this run still improved in-game time 40 seconds. zk547 14:53, mine 14:13.
It's not to say that the emulator help me save 28 seconds, because the last jump trick used, the fewer prisoners counted, Eri walking before the boss fight of mission1, and so on, can't save the in-game-time. In some boss fight, I didn't kill boss at first time because of some reason what the action of them die. It cost some in-game-time, but save the emulator's time.

Warning! Desync Problem.

There is a save file bug in the 0.9.11 version. If you want to sync it, you have to use this save state.

New trick

Super change for shot down.
Press R and A or Y together.

Back Jump.
Only used for taking weapons or manipulating luck. When turning round, you can get 3 x pixels forward. But it's not used for the beginning of screen scroll, I only show it for fun. I found it on Metal Slug 1.

Last Jump.
Retains max speed jumping into the end of screen, the screen will fade earlier.

Perfect Jump on Up slope.
When jumping from an up slope, it would be like a standing jump or walking jump. But there is very little chance it will let you retain max speed on an up slope, like a continuous jump. I found it on Metal Slug Advance.

Jump on Enemy Machine.
Press back, and you will obtain more forward speed.

Shoot Soldiers off-Screen.
It's based on the bullets' hitbox. i.e. When using the handgun, you should stand on the right (correct) x pixel. X2poet used it first on Metal Slug Advance.

Knife trick.
When using the knife in the air, you can find Eri/Fio (only girls); they uses the knife first and the axe second. When squatting, it's the opposite(the axe first and the knife second). When using the axe, soldiers will disappear with a blood crack what make them disappear quickly. It can reduce lag sometimes. Others (men) always use knives and always make soldiers crack.

Faster Handgun.
Only used in the air, press YY--YY--RR--RRYY. The handgun can fire a little faster. (only good for Marco)

Memory address

address byte notes
02242630 2 screenX
02242646 2 screenY
022410CC 2 pixelX
022410CE 2 pixelY
023FFC3C 2 system clock
020F4B20 2 in-game time
0223F558 2 time 2 (used to find lag)
step 0xC4
step number
2 All HP memory addresses

Compared to zk547's deathless run

MISSION Save Fade All Info
Title 23 23 different emulator (trans-fade includes prisoners' count time)
1_part1 58 -8 73 Use bombs to hit both machine and soldiers together. And I use R less, because it causes more lag.
1_part2 60 -7 126 Manipulates luck to let the last soldier appear quickly.
1_part3 167 -1 292 I give up the metal slug, and die once. This death cost me 60 frames, but I can move faster without the slug. At the end, I manipulated luck to make R appear from the second part of the boss, and H appeared at a nice place too, which didn't cause more lag.
1_boss 567 -5 854 Boss1HP 12000, 1_1 HP1200, 1_2 to 1_7 HP600
With enough power, I can beat the boss faster. Because there is no slug, Eri walked faster at the beginning.
2_part1 26 -6 874 I saved 20 frames because of better luck when 1st GO appeared. By the same reason, I lost 10 frames when 2nd GO appeared. Killed some soldiers to reduce lag.
2_part2 24 -6 892 Used some jump tricks. Maybe I should cost 12 frames to save 3bombs for boss fight.
2_part3 423 -7 1308 For higher movement speed, I didn't take more machines. Don't use machine's vulcan too much, it will cause more lag.
2_boss 28 0 1336 Boss2HP 8000
Very few frames slower in-game time, but the less machine use, the less lag.
3_part1 90 -8 1418 Killing some soldiers would cost more lag, but some soldiers must be killed to reduce lag.
3_part2 91 -9 1500 I'm a little amazed this death helped me save 60 frames than I don't use death, the screen scroll earlier.
3_part3 38 5 1543 Reduced some lag and used the all jump trick. When I tried to manipulate the first action of the boss, for some unknown reason it makes Eri always move later than this tas shows before I can hit the boss, so I give up on manipulating luck. Though there are 7 fade frames lost, I got another 12 frames that help Eri move earlier.
3_boss 38 4 1597 Boss3top 4000, boss3body 4000, 3_top_lefthand 700, 3_top_righthand 700
It should have saved 30 more frames, but when I destroyed the boss, it always moved faster and cost more frames to stop, after it dies. It seemed if I doom boss head HP so quickly, boss will then choose a faster way, not like my first eri/tarma run, but just like zk547's. So I chose another way and wait for the boss to touch the said to slow down its action.
4_part1 136 -10 1723 Most lag saved here due to different emulator setting.
4_part2 94 -10 1807 Destroyed the first falling tank, and saved some bombs. Got better luck, and the screen scrolled earlier.
4_part3 44 -14 1837 All frames saved is from machine being damaged and losing one arm. I think it reduces lag. Maybe I should try to lose both arms.
4_boss 112 7 1956 Boss4HP 8000 Used a new super change, but I'm a little disappointed that the boss moved too long after he died. When I manipulated the boss's actions, even if he is not crazy, he still fired the death ray at the same time, even if I kill him a little slower. So I chose the less for in-game time.
5_part1 6 -11 1951 Used knife trick to reduce lag.
5_part2 40 -7 1984 I used a bomb to kill the tank soldier at the first opportunity.
5_part3 39 -8 2015 Jump trick and used big S to kill a soldier before another soldier died.
5_part4 23 -10 2028 Jump trick.
5_boss 18 12 2058 Boss5tank HP2000, Boss5head HP2000, Boss5air HP1600
Stood on a high place to hit the boss.
6_part1 196 -5 2249 Eri died to change to Tarma, it only lost 46 frames this time. Tarma needed to destroy Launcher at first time, the screen would scroll early, but there is no time.
Tarma's death didn't cost any frames, and saved 10 lag frames. I think the reason is there are less soldiers on-screen.
6_part2 -10 -8 2231 I have to take about 30 frames for S. I used bomb's smoke to kill the flying soldier, which helped me save some frames.
6_part3 90 -16 2305 Very lucky when destroying the 2 helicopters, the screen scrolled earlier and saved near 60 frames.
I don't know how many frames Tarma's death cost, but I saved 35 frames, total.
I suggested that zk547 used G to kill the soldiers, I don't know why he didn't use it. If he used 2 G to kill the last 2 soldiers, he would have saved more than 40 frames.
Go back to my first Eir/Tarma's run. I still didn't understand why these deaths cost so many frames. Why did the soldiers appear later? It didn't happen this time, maybe I changed the emulator?
6_part4 64 -8 2361 Was mindful of coins and reduced lag. Maybe I should thank the emulator, too.
6_boss 587 10 2958 Boss6HP 5000 Thanks Tarma, first. Don't get hit. Because Mr. Allen can be damaged only once in every 4 frames. So being hit and then moving back would reduce damage. But Gundam's cannon can be added to it.
7_part1 102 -8 3052 I have no choice, Tarma must die. Changed back to Eri, this death cost about 100 frames. I used one bomb to kill the flying soldier and make him disappear quickly, it help me saved a lot of frames.
7_part2 423 3474 I have enough power, let me use more bombs.
7_mirror 143 -9 3609 Boss7mirror HP3500 Bombs are powerful, too. I didn't kill the boss at the first opportunity. It seems Morden's actions control something after the mirror break.
7_part3 139 -10 3738 Reduced lag and used S kill on the last soldier.
7_boss 270 4008 Boss7final HP10000, every tentacle HP2000, 6 tentacles in all
137 frames saved in tentacles fight. 92 frames saved in head fight. 41 frames saved in prisoners' time. I choose boss's second attack falling down, though near 30 frames slower in-game time, the boss moved toward the middle faster after he was destroyed.
End 66 ? 4074 sign the name.

Power data

AMMO: Ralf×0.5, Fio×1.5, Fio not includes grenades; Eri grenades×2
handgun 10 Marco 20
knife & kick 30 Ralf's knife can hit machine
Spring punch 30 Ralf's punch 30, superpunch 45*9
H heavy machine gun 10 200
H Big H 15 200
2H Twin machine gun 10 300 every 4frames 2shot
L laser shot 8x2 200 every 2frames 8dmg, 4frames 1shot
S shotgun 200 30
S Big S 300 30
F flame shot 20x13 30 Flame shot includes main flame and range flame.
Main flame 20, range flame 1~5, maxpower 314
R rocket launcher 30 30
R's smoke 10 can't damage machine
I iron lizard 30 30
I's smoke 10 can't damage machine
C enemy chaser 30 40
C's smoke 10 can't damage machine
D drop shot 30 30
D's smoke 1 can't damage machine
G super grenade 100 20
G's smoke 50 can't damage machine
T thunder shot 10×n/2f 20 n is thunder's effective length
Z zantetsu sword 100*3 10
bomb 100 10
bomb's smoke 1x2 can't damage machine
fire bottle 80 10
fire bottle's smoke 15 throw on the ground
Hayakutaro's energy blast 10
vulcan 10 Tarma 15
Thrown machine 400
Mission1 slug cannon 200 10
Mission1 cannon's smoke 50 can't damage machine
Mission1 danger detonator
Mission2 artillery's cannon 200
Mission2 boss battle's missile 100
Mission3 small robot’s hand 30
Mission3&4 armor's cannon 200 10
Mission4 cannon’s flame 15 throw on the ground, every flame 15
Mission4 falling tank 1000/2f
Mission4 blast machine 10 after thrown, range: all screen, can't damage machine
Mission6 robot's cannon 10/2f 10
robot's hands 250/2f
robot's legs 3000/2f jump and trample, but can’t damage boss
Mission1&7 falling stone 16/2f use it to beat mission 7's robots
Mission7 plane's missile 200 10
Falling helicopter & plane 10/2f can't damage machine
big R, L, F null null Isn't in this game, but using cheat allows to see their picture.

ars4326: (made grammatical edits to submission text, for better readability) Claimed for judging!

ars4326: Hello, mtvf1. Very nice improvements made here! As mentioned in the thread, the savings made during the first and final bosses were especially noticeable. Viewed side-by-side, it was also obvious how using the new tricks saved time throughout the game's stages. The detailed submission comments were also helpful. Overall, outstanding job!

Accepting as an improvement over the published run!

feos: enCODE. and PUBlishate.

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