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Submission #4849: Sharkey91, ALAKTORN & MKDasher's DS Super Mario 64 DS in 08:52.64

Console: Nintendo DS
Game name: Super Mario 64 DS
Game version: USA v1.0
ROM filename: Super Mario 64 DS v1.0.nds
Emulator: DeSmuME v0.9.9
Movie length: 08:52.64
FrameCount: 31866
Re-record count: 75914
Author's real name: Q.N., Michele Magnaterra & David Roldan
Author's nickname: Sharkey91, ALAKTORN & MKDasher
Submitter: Sharkey91
Submitted at: 2015-09-21 17:58:59
Text last edited at: 2017-03-19 21:12:56
Text last edited by: Sharkey91
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Super Mario 64 DS is a remake of the original Super Mario 64 on N64. It features 30 new stars, 4 unlockable characters and a complete visual overhaul. This movie is based off the previous movie (ALAKTORN & MKDasher's SM64DS in 8:58.41)

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: DeSmuME v0.9.9
  • Advanced Bus-Level Timing OFF and Dynamic Recompiler OFF
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Takes damage to save time


This is an improvement of 5.77 seconds (345 frames) over the previous published run. Most of the time saved comes from the new soft reset done at the beginning of the TAS, skipping the star touching animation, but also due to more optimization on most of the stars.

Stage by stage improvements

Basement| We've improved this part of 8 frames by doing earlier longjumps and optimizing the running state.

Lethal Lava Land| The star 8-Coin Puzzle was redone entirely. 6 frames were improved by getting a more optimal angle for the first longjumps to make the direction reset glitch happenning.

Shifting Sand Land| The star In the Talons of the Big Bird was redone entirely, we've saved 4 frames by doing the pillar upwarp glitch that allows you to get pushed upwards on the pillar. However, this saves only 4 frames because we had to do the glitch with a direction which is not where we wanted to do to climb the pillar.

Character's Room| Here is an improvement of 4 frames by doing the jump kick trick that allows you to keep Mario's previous speed.


To make this TAS more entertaining, we picked the best moments to showcase new camera angles (where we can't lose any frames) :

  • Warp to the endless stairs: We gave you the best view of the castle second floor.

  • Bowser in the Sky: At the end, when we killed Bowser, we played around with the X (zoom) button.

Glitches and Tricks

  • Moat skip: When using a slidekick, if you do it correctly with a certain angle (glitching inside the castle’s wall as you are entering the water), Yoshi is pushed down to the water floor, bypassing the water-entry check into swim animation. However, getting too close to the water’s surface will trigger the swimming animation, making running to the moat door our only option. Also, if you press A or B 4 frames before glitching, Yoshi will always go to the water floor no matter your position. This is slower than the normal method but due to disregarding position it can become faster situationally.

  • No-input trick: This trick consists of not pressing any direction. It's useful while the character's speed is above normal top speed, since speed goes down slower than pressing any direction.

  • Dialogue glitch: It works by talking to a bunny that is close to a wall between it and the wall. Then the game pushes you out of its sprite, making you go through boundaries with the right position. The glitch is also possible with other characters (like Toad), but the bunny is the only one useful for this run.

  • Wall corner glitch: By getting an optimal angle, you can slidekick or longjump in a wall corner in order to get pushed up and fall (Heaven's portal), pushed up and stuck forever until you press A or B to die (Hell's portal), pushed down out of bounds to die instantly, or just get through the wall.

  • Jump Kick speed glitch : When you do a jump kick, if the momentum is exactly the same as the facing way, you will start running fast when you land. However, if your momentum is not the same as the facing way when you land, then your speed will reset to 0.

  • Direction reset: When pressing the opposite direction that the character is facing when you are not on the ground, the speed starts decreasing until it becomes negative (which means the character is actually moving in the opposite direction that he's facing). However, if the speed is 0 for a frame while decreasing the speed, the speed will increase (positive numbers) even if you're moving in the opposite direction so that you can start running fast or getting a high speed after landing from the jump instead of slowing down.

  • Glitchy longjumps: Usually, when you do a longjump, it is necessary that the character (Yoshi or Mario) is facing the same direction he is moving in order to get a longjump with high speed. However, by using a direction with the touchscreen you can do longjumps with top speed where facing angle and motion angle are completely different.

  • Jump Kick Trick: By pressing and holding B when you do a fast movement (like a longjump), if you press A immediately when you land, you will do a jump kick that keeps your previous speed. However, when you have a large space, it's better to do consecutives longjumps since the speed will go above the top speed.

  • Pillar upwarp glitch: If you come onto a pillar with a high speed, you can press a direction with the touchscreen that allows you to get a mini-teleportation to climb the pillar faster. The reason of this upwarp is because the game doesn't calculate well the wall of the pillar.

TASing out of bounds

There are a few parts in the run where we had to TAS out of bounds, where there are no textures. Technically we do not need them, as we have a RAM Watch but it still helps to see what we are doing, so we cheat the textures in by freezing values thanks to the RAM Search so we can TAS those sections easily.

Special thanks

  • xy2_; He got Sharkey91 motivated to improve others parts of the TAS

Suggested screenshots

Frames 10875, 12706, 14659, 17223, 20480, 25234, 25845, 27485, 28446, 29273 and 27575 respectively. - xy2_

GoddessMaria15: Yahoo! *clears throat* ...ahem! Judging!

Mothrayas: Replaced file with a two-frame improvement.

GoddessMaria15: Excellent work everyone! Very solid improvements and of course, the positive reception to go with it!

Accepting as an improvement to the currently published movie.

feos: Pub.

Samsara: Submission delayed at the author's request. Sorry, GoddessMaria and feos.

Mothrayas: Replacing submission file with a two-frame improvement and resetting to new. The new submission file needs to be rejudged/reverified.

GoddessMaria15: Re-judging!

GoddessMaria15: That looks much better with the execution! Once again, very nice work to the authors on this movie!

Accepting as an improvement to the previous movie.

feos: I know Guga showed interest in publishing this, but I don't know when he appears, so I'll start encoding.

Guga, if you see this, feel free to encode it and grab the submission from me. Unless there's a chance that you can delay it for half a year :)

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