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Submission #4940: Hetfield90's Windows RosenkreuzStilette "Spiritia" in 28:01.15

Console: Windows
Game name: RosenkreuzStilette
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: rks.exe
Branch: Spiritia
Emulator: Hourglass-r81
Movie length: 28:01.15
FrameCount: 100869
Re-record count: 21680
Author's real name: Richard Fitkin
Author's nickname: Hetfield90
Submitter: Hetfield90
Submitted at: 2015-12-18 23:57:47
Text last edited at: 2016-01-03 04:39:21
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (17022 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Hetfield90's RosenkreuzStilette "Spiritia" TAS in 28:01.15. It is 57.34 seconds faster than the published run by in-game timing parameters, and an improvement of 1087 frames(18.1s) through directly comparable improvements. (Note that the reason why this run appears to be 3s slower than the published run by standard TAS timing parameters is because the published run ends input before the final boss fight whereas this one does not, since doing so is detrimental to in-game time).


Mediafire Download

Youtube 720p60 with commentary

Non-default Hourglass Settings

  • Multithreading and Wait Sync: Allow
  • Disable DirectSound Creation


CheckSum File

Game Objectives

  • Game version used: JPN 1.05c
  • Emulator used: Hourglass-r81
  • Uses no passwords
  • Aims for fastest in-game time completion
  • Manipulates luck
  • Takes damage to save time

About the Run

Most of the specific details about the run are included in the annotations of youtube encode, so these submission notes will just cover more general information.

In-Game Time

The in-game timer in the RosenkreuzStilette games is a strictly real-time clock that takes everything into account including lag, framerate, pauses, etc... which runs from the first stage select screen until the last cutscene plays after defeating Iris. Therefor the only thing that changes strategy-wise when aiming for fastest in-game time completion is not freeing Lilli to end input before the final Iris fight.

This run's in-game time completion is 26:35.90, which can be seen after the credits.

Stage Comparisons

Differences surrounding Lilli acquisition and the Iris fight have been omitted from the stage by stage comparisons. Also, since ammo does not refill between fortress stages, frames sacrificed from ammo refills in those stages have been subtracted from their respective stage's framecount and consolidated into a separate value.

Possible Improvements

Unfortunately any changes made to an earlier stage will cause a completely different set of RNG values to be generated at the beginning of the next stage, so improvements to earlier parts of the run which were found later were unable to be hex edited in.

  • Manipulate 4 small weapon drops instead of one big one in Luste's stage to avoid big ammo refill lag(8 frames)
  • Don't slide for a frame after falling into boss rooms(4 frames)
  • Turn around at the start of the first Trauare fight so that the charged Geisterwand goes clockwise(1 frame)
  • Manipulate Poltergeist's glass shards to conglomerate more quickly each cycle
  • Move the ammo drop from the semifinal skull of Sepperin 4 to the met in the checkpoint room of Sepperin 2 so you don't have to go under the platform in Sepperin 4(1 frame)
  • Somehow manipulate a small weapon drop from the both the bottom shield met and the normal met in Iris 4 during rain(3 frames)
  • Manipulate a higher Iris spawn for her final teleport so she flies off the screen quicker after death(this will only improve in-game time)


AzureHakua: Is responsible for finding a number of improvements over the published run which were used in this run through TASing parts of the game a few months ago as well as throwing out ideas on IRC throughout the making of this run.

Sairaan: Also came up with a number of improvements used in this run and helped out with mechanics info and such on IRC.

Bernka: For his published run which I referenced throughout this run.

FractalFusion: For disassembling item drop and Bosspider RNG which helped out tremendously in those parts of the run.

Screenshot Suggestion(frame 76165)


Samsara: Judging.

Samsara: Thanks to FractalFusion, Atma and feos for confirming sync.

Accepting as an improvement to the published run. The improvements with Zwei in Schwer's stage were a highlight not just in the movie, but also in my career of typing random German.

feos: Like it's not obvious...

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