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Submission #5029: fcxiaopengyou's NES Lupin Sansei: Pandora no Isan in 10:22.79

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Lupin Sansei: Pandora no Isan
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Lupin Sansei - Pandora no Isan (J).nes
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.2
Movie length: 10:22.79
FrameCount: 37429
Re-record count: 20852
Author's real name: 向学
Author's nickname: fcxiaopengyou
Submitter: fcxiaopengyou
Submitted at: 2016-02-29 14:48:22
Text last edited at: 2016-03-13 17:09:13
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)


  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.2
  • Aims for fastest real-time

Because this game is only released in Japan I will make a brief introduction about it.

Lupin The Third - The legacy of Pandora (ルパン三世 パンドラの遺産) is based on an animation called "Lupin Sansei" that is well-known in Japan. More information can be also found in Wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lupin_III:_Pandora_no_Isan

Game storyline:

Clarrise was kidnapped. Lupin Sansei (ルパン三世) decided to rescue her. His companions Daisuke Jigen (次元 大介) and Goemon Ishikawa XIII (十三代目 石川 五ェ門) both wanted to help him. So they went to villa, Chinatown, dock warehouse and pyramid to beat patron saints. Finally they rescued Clarrise successfully.


Lupin Sansei: A famous major thief who likes using a handgun called WaltherP38. He can use all items optionally in the game. But his handgun's range is quite small. Besides, it cannot be used while jumping.

Daisuke Jigen: He is a good partner of Lupin's. He is good at using M1917 Revolver, which can be used while jumping. Its range is large, too.

Goemon Ishikawa: He takes the Zantetsuken that can chop anything. So he would handle with all things that cannot be destroyed by handgun.

Fujiko Mine: A mysterious woman. She kidnapped Clarrise for the legacy of Pandora.

Policeman Zenigata: A police officer from Interpol who chase Lupin all the time.

Peincess Clarrise: Once she saved Lupin by accident, then they became good friends.

Game Mechanics:

At the beginning of every stage, player needs to choose one of Lupin, Jigen or Goemon to finish the stage. If the one touches enemies or falls down from a cliff, then the other two guys will be chosen. When they all die, game will end. In the stages there may be a chance to save companions who are arrested. Player can get a lot of items that can help to finish the stages. If player speeds too much time on one scene, policeman Zenigata will appear. Once he has caught a person, then the person cannot be saved anymore.


There are two kinds. Actively used and passively used.

Bomb: It can kill all enemies in the screen except bosses, damage to boss is 3. When planted, bombs cannot be detonated at once. That needs a little time instead.

Shotgun: It can shot 5 bullets constantly, each bullet's damage to enemies is 2.

Flying machine: Player can accelerate in the air with it.

Infrared glasses: Player can see the location of alarms with it.(Not used in this TAS)

Oxygen bottle: Player can fall into the water once with it.

Balloon: When player falls down from a cliff, it will taking player fly up.

Bulletproof vests: It can avoid player dying when touching enemies.(Not used in this TAS)

Ring: It will trigger the unnecessary plot.(Not used in this TAS)

Movie introduction:

The first stage:

This stage is based on The Castle of Cagliostro, a famous animated movie. Choose Lupin to finish this stage.

1-1: Speed up with the help of eaves of the villa. Pressing A button when falling on the ground can keep the speed. Collect a bomb and a flying machine.

1-2: Keep going.

1-3: Keep going.

1-4: Plant the bomb under the fireplace to make it destroyed. Get 4 bombs and avoid the alarm to reduce lags.

Boss: His name is Huck, HP is 20. Use handgun shot twice, then use 2 bombs. After player plants the bomb, the damage of handgun shot will become 3 instead of 1 as before. So the damage is 1*2(handgun shot)+2*(3(handgun shot)*3(bomb=20.

The second stage:

Huck told Lupin that Clarrise seemed to be brought to Chinatown. Only when player meets Mr.Yu, Mr.Liang, Mr.Sha and Mr.Shi in the correct order, can the plot be triggered.

2-1: Use a flying machine to get another one. Enter 2-5.

2-5: Meet Mr.Yu. Get 3 bombs.

2-6: Meet Mr.Liang. Get 3 bombs and avoid the alarm to reduce lags.

2-1: Collect a bomb and enter 2-7.

2-7: Meet Mr.Sha.

2-8: Meet Mr.Shi.

2-9: Plant the bomb at the broken wall to get 3 bombs. Enter a room with some items. Get a shotgun and 2 flying machines.

Boss: His name is Jim, HP is 32. Use handgun shot five times, then use 3 bombs. The damage is 1*5(handgun shot)+3*(3(handgun shot)*3(bomb=32.

The third stage:

Jim told Lupin that Clarrise seemed to be brought to quayside warehouse. Choose Lupin to finish this stage.

3-1: Fly with flying machine. Get balloon, an oxygen bottle and a flying machine.

3-2: Plant bomb at the fence to get 3 bombs.

3-3: Use flying machine to oil drums' right. Then jump will trigger the glitch. Since the scoll goes wrong, where player gets is not the water. Although all oil drums can be used to trigger that glitch, only the drums here doesn't affect game working. In addition, player can arrive at boss room quickly since 3-4 and 3-5 are skiped.

Boss: He is a Robot, his HP is 32.

Use handgun shot once, then use 3 bombs and 2 shotgun. Shotgun is last used because it is too slow. The damage is 1*1(handgun shot)+3*(3(handgun shot)*3(bomb+2*2(shotgun)=32.

The final stage:

Robot told them that Clarrise seemed to be brought to pyramid. This stage is special. In the former half of the stage the map moves automatically. Choose Goemon to drive the car.

4-1: Using Goemon's sword cure all enemies and obstacle. Jumping into the pyramid from a long distance can skip the process of the car going into the pyramid.

4-2: This is a maze. Go the right way.

4-3: Same to 4-2

4-4: Suicide to save time. Manipulate luck to make Lupin be in the room. Save him and suicide again. Then burst the stone door and enter in the boss room.

Boss: Their name are patron saints, HP are 2*32. There are two bosses in this room. First, attack the right one to make it rightmost. Next, attack the left one in the opposite direction to make it right. While the right one is rising, use handgun to attack the left one. Then attack two bosses continuously and manipulate luck to avoid producing lags. Finally, kill them at the appropriate location to make them fall down quickliest. The left boss' damage: 5*3+1+5*3+1=32, The right boss' damage: 11*3=33.

Finally, Lupin and his team rescued Clarrise successfully. From then on, they lived a happy life together.

The screenshot is (in 19169 frame)

Tompa: Time for judging.
Tompa: Decent enough pace to keep it interesting throughout the run. Accepting to the Vault!

feos: Pub.

feos: Forgot to change the title to Japanese for a Japan only game, only realized after encoding. Changing, reencoding...

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