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Submission #508: OmnipotentEntity's SNES Lagoon in 1:08:32.68

Console: Super NES
Game name: Lagoon
Game version: US
ROM filename: Lagoon (US).smc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 1:08:32.68
FrameCount: 246761
Re-record count: 3602
Author's real name: Michael Reilly
Author's nickname: OmnipotentEntity
Submitter: OmnipotentEntity
Submitted at: 2005-01-22 19:21:39
Text last edited at: 2005-01-22 19:21:39
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
My first movie. Be Gentle.

This game is HARD. You play Nasir, a cheap Link ripoff. He is equipped with his 5 micrometer sword of justice. And apparently purple eyes. You battle against evil persons who are making the water of Lakeland all icky, making you of the type warrior/environmentalist.

I bought the Red Potion and Shiny Stone at the beginning of the game because I planned on getting the two treasure chests that would have 350 Gold each instead of the item. One in Phillips Castle and one in Gold Cave. But as you can see I wound up not getting either one, or buying anything, or using the Shiny Stone. So that's a half second I can save in v2.

I also made a mistake in the desert and allowed myself to go into the lava cave with low health. The second long pauses are to regenerate health. That's about 3 seconds that can be saved. Plus another 2-4 for the path through the lava cave the first time. I can save perhaps 3 by not switching to the three way fireball. And another 3 by not switching to the fireball, because I don't need it. Though for the lava cave I'll probably need the wind cutter. But if I can find a way around that it's another 3 seconds or so.

Boss names and strategies:

Samson- Mindless one-armed sword spamming.

Natela- The jump was to manipulate luck, as was the timing of the first swing. This was to prevent her from moving to the bottom of the screen and blowing fireballs everywhere.

Eardon- It's a rock, so I have to wait for it to open up. I know that the timing can be slightly manipulated, but I'm unsure how to. The movements are to manipulate its movement.

Duma- Ugly head thing. I move that far down so the hands follow me. I don't know if there is a way to manipulate the timing his helmet is open.

Thimale- One armed sword spamming. After you kill its barrier.

Ella- One armed sword spamming. The pauses and movements are to manipulate her next warp.

Mathais vs Zerah- Wow that's a stupid fight...

Battler- More of the mindless one-armed sword spamming. The pauses are to keep him from warping away.

Evil Green Spirit-

First form: Mindless one-armed sword spamming.

Second form: Mindless one-armed sword spamming.

Zerah- Mindless one-armed sword spamming.


First form: Mindless one-armed sword spamming.

Second form: Too fast for mindless one-armed sword spamming. This bastard is actually insanely difficult to do, even with rerecords and frame advance. This is the fastest way I found to do it.

Red Evil Spirit- Mindless one-armed sword spamming.

I skip the Force Sword because it's so far off path and only +20 compaired to the Magic Sword. I still don't know if even the Power Ring saves me time, and that's right on my path.

I don't know if the Moon Sword is necessary or not. But I believe it is. I don't think you can defeat the first form of the Evil Green Spirit without it.

I don't know if the walking through enemies is a bug or a feature. I'm leaning towards bug though. And it's the only one I can find.

All the text in the game is as fast as possible. And most of the menu manipulation. (Maybe 10 frames off total)

Was made 99% with the pause button and the \ button. Exceptions are long empty hallways. Everything else was frame advanced.

So the lineup:


Aims for fastest time.

No warps. No passwords.

Abuses programming error in the game.

Takes hits to improve time.

Does not use death. (I couldn't find a useful place.)

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