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Submission #511: Blublu's NES Rad Gravity, The Adventures of in 16:47.68

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Rad Gravity, The Adventures of
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Adventures of Rad Gravity, The (U).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 16:47.68
FrameCount: 60461
Re-record count: 13933
Author's real name: Torfi Gunnarsson
Author's nickname: Blublu
Submitter: Blublu
Submitted at: 2005-01-22 22:22:47
Text last edited at: 2005-02-04 17:42:59
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Here's a new Rad Gravity timeattack, 63 seconds faster than the previous one. FCEU was used. The biggest timesavers are skipping the Vertigun (using the normal horizontal one instead) and a vastly improved Agathos fight. There are lots of other optimizations throughout, probably too many to list. So instead, here's a rundown of the levels.

Cyberia - improved a little bit. I get the gun here, so overall it is a little slower, but of course I save time later by not getting the Vertigun. I also get an energy tank here.

Effluvia - Almost exactly the same as the previous version. Not much to say here. A very short level.

Turvia - You'll probably wonder why I even go to the area with the cow and the dog at all. Well, the problem is that the bubbles don't appear if you come from above (below, actually). So I HAVE to go feed the dog so I can jump on the cow and get back up so the bubbles appear. It's annoying, but neccesary. I couldn't drop straight into the area with the gravity controller, either (I tried). Sometimes it looks like I bump into blocks when jumping on top of them (especially while holding the gravity controller), but it doesn't actually slow it down at all (at least, not according to my tests). You have to either bump into the blocks, or slow down.

Vernia - Slightly improved. I get the bombs in this level. The "bosses" are a little quirky, sometimes they take forever to 'die', sometimes they do so very quickly. This can be affected by entering their door at a specific frame. Thankfully, I only had to sacrifice 2 frames to make the "fight" as short as possible.

Asteroid Field - Here's when the lack of a Vertigun starts to get annoying. You don't actually need it to travel up and down. If you hold up/down and fire, Rad will travel down/up. But the problem is that the shot will still go left or right. This is an issue because you can only have two bullets on the screen at a time, and sometimes you can't shoot fast enough because you have to wait for your bullets to travel a longer distance than if they went up or down. So the 'space' portion of the level was slowed down a tiny little bit. The rest of the ship pretty much speaks for itself. I used the bombs instead of the vertigun, which is faster in some areas, but slower than the vertigun in others (mostly because of lag). I get the teleport beacon at the end of the level. Sadly, this level is a little slower overall than in the previous version.

Utopia - Improved slightly. The teleport beacons makes a whole universe of shortcuts possible. I felt pretty stupid when I found a different, much more "obvious" route in Utopia 2. I don't get the energy tank in this level, instead I get the one in Volcania.

Volcania - Improved a little bit. I get the second energy tank and the flying disks here.

Telos - Improved a tiny bit. Flying disks used as a shortcut, like in the previous version. (this is why I needed the 2 energy tanks)

Agatohs (the brain-on-a-string boss) - Vastly, VASTLY improved. This fight is no less than 22 seconds faster than in the previous version. It turns out you CAN affect when he opens up his brain.

Kakos (the last boss) is actually 12 frames slower this time, but I'm still satisfied with it. Sometimes, you just can't get a missle to hit him fast enough. A good enough fight. If I had an infinite amount of time and patience, I might be able to squeeze a few more frames off (maybe even half a second), but unfortunately, I have neither.

FCEU was used. No passwords. Plenty of glitches abused. Takes damage to save time.

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