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Submission #5144: grassini's SNES Justice League Task Force in 08:47.85

Console: Super NES
Game name: Justice League Task Force
Game version: Europe
ROM filename: Justice League Task Force (Europe)
Emulator: lsnes rr1-Δ18ε3
Movie length: 08:47.85
FrameCount: 31723
Re-record count: 2951
Author's real name: joão grassini ferreira
Author's nickname: grassini
Submitter: grassini
Submitted at: 2016-06-14 00:32:21
Text last edited at: 2016-06-15 14:28:20
Text last edited by: grassini
Download: Download (4412 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
This is a TAS for an obscure fighting game on the SNES, which follows a few conventions of the genre and breaks others.

Story mode has 6 characters only, the other modes allow to choose the boss characters. Character choice: Flash and Wonder Woman are the ones with stun combos,but her combo hasn't worked on the harder difficulty,which gives enemies more defense and better AI. Super and Green Archer can combo with multiple freeze attacks and everybody can throw on hit-stun (Batman has a lot of fun with this) and block-stun. Everybody has dashes forward(WW, Super, Despero, Darkseid hit for little damage with the dash)and back-dash with initial invincibility.

Properties: This game has no cancels (except for flight cancel but it's not very useful), you can only link moves. Wonder Woman has a hard time hitting her lasso which doesn't have a lot of priority, so Flash was chosen because not all characters could be manipulated into successive stuns.I saved 20 something seconds from previous attempt,which was rejected.NK criticism suggested at least 15 seconds could be by taking damage from the enemies instead of perfecting them.I still had to manipulate the last combo of each round to connect,as special moves seem to randomly trigger automatic blocking from the enemy,but i've NEVER seen this behavior after the first stun(maybe it's some kind of property for Restun combos).I also made my moves with frame advance and their inputs were calculated to start as soon as possible.

4 frames for hadouken/tornado(not even used lol) 7 frames for double hadoken motion=the Shoryuken-like running attack,most useful 5 frames for halfcircle = running teleport by skipping the first diagonal motion of the circle dash=tap twice in a direction in 3 frames

i didn't count the mash punch special time to input but i'm buffering it inside other moves like jump punch ,dash and teleport,this is the ultimate finisher,a lot faster when tested in many ending rounds,i believe it causes the damage faster but it cannot be comboed unless on the wall,normal moves distance the enemy from the punches

so the basic idea is to take damage or block in less than 91 frames(duration of the PERFECT message when you win without damage),and be in a good position to combo the enemy,jump punch is a good one,teleport requires the enemy to have really slow normals so you can hit him in the back.If i chose that special move to block,it probably means other moves wouldn't give me the combo opportunity needed or were 2 slow(like most projectiles in the game) but it surely happened in less than 91 frames in all rounds(the time from the round start to recovering completely from hit/block stun).

RNG luck manipulating was done by doing moves or walking in specific ways,sometimes even a frame can make the difference in behavior.Also relevant when finishing the round,as some guys simply would block early special moves and needed a normal before the special,costing time. :(

EUROPE version has less intro,176 frames faster, cancelling movie because it's pal running on ntsc speed probably useless since i won't get more information from it.

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