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Submission #5457: fcxiaopengyou's NES Wacky Races in 18:14.51

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Wacky Races
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Chiki Chiki Machine Mou Race (J) [!].nes
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.3
Movie length: 18:14.51
FrameCount: 65779
Re-record count: 22605
Author's real name: 向学
Author's nickname: fcxiaopengyou
Submitter: fcxiaopengyou
Submitted at: 2017-04-07 09:55:38
Text last edited at: 2017-04-24 02:27:45
Text last edited by: Fog
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)


  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.3
  • Aims for fastest real-time
  • Takes damage to save time


I improve x2post's movie 2012 frames. Main reason is save lags, I saved 1938 frames lags. I also chose the Japanese version, because the US version is delay more.


  • By barking than with bomb attacks and lag far less.
  • Eating diamonds will increase lags, and in rare cases the opposite.
  • Kill as many enemies as possible to reduce lags.
  • Gliding odd times will reduce the X axis of the dog by 1, but sometimes it will decrease by lags.


(in frame 12424)

feos: Accepting to Vault as an improvement over [1143] NES Wacky Races (JPN) by x2poet in 18:49.85.

Fog: Processing.

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