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Submission #5583: Challenger's GG Sonic Blast in 11:30.96

Console: Game Gear
Game name: Sonic Blast
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Sonic Blast (U) [!].gg
Emulator: BizHawk 1.13.0
Movie length: 11:30.96
FrameCount: 41404
Re-record count: 31519
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Challenger
Submitter: Challenger
Submitted at: 2017-07-02 17:12:51
Text last edited at: 2017-07-07 18:54:19
Text last edited by: fsvgm777
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Sonic Blast, known as G Sonic (Gソニック) in Japan, is a platformer for the Sega Game Gear released in late 1996. It was released in North America and Europe in November 1996. The Japanese release was on December 13, 1996, making it the last Game Gear game released in Japan.

Temporary encode (Quality isn't much good)

Game Objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 1.13.0

  • Aims in-game time instead of real time

  • Takes damage to save time

RAM Watch

Addresses Description
125E Rings
1262 In-game time (seconds)
1264 In-game time (frames)
1270 X Position
1274 Y Position
144C X (Screen)
144E Y (Screen)
1517 X Speed
1519 Y Speed

General notes

  • Every time that I use spindash, I jumps immediately, to conserve speed (See X speed of RAM Watch. Normally after jumps, the value is between 3 and 4 (-4 & -5 on left direction), but if you jumps when landing on a certain time, the value will be 4 (-5 on left direction).

  • Since the gameplay is very slower and horrible to turnaround, there are some paths that I hit the wall, because otherwise, it costs much more time to turnaround.

  • On several stages, It's faster getting a 10-ring at the end panel than waiting to get Robotnik.

  • Entering on the tubes gives much more speed (value 5)

Timetable [This includes (minutes,) seconds (,frames) and centiseconds]

Zones/Acts Seconds+frames Conversion to seconds+centiseconds
Green Hill Zone 1 13.15 13.25
Green Hill Zone 2 24.37 24.62
Green Hill Zone 3 14.12 14.20
Yellow Desert Zone 1 12.14 12.23
Yellow Desert Zone 2 26.56 26.93
Yellow Desert Zone 3 23.25 23.42
Red Volcano Zone 1 12.31 12.52
Red Volcano Zone 2 35.08 35.13
Red Volcano Zone 3 22.21 22.35
Blue Marine Zone 1 34.16 34.27
Blue Marine Zone 2 1:02.53 1:02.88
Blue Marine Zone 3 23.10 23.17
Sliver Castle Zone 1 18.24 18.40
Sliver Castle Zone 2 47.13 47.22
Sliver Castle Zone 3 0.57 + 58.15 = 59.12 0.95 + 58.25 = 59.20

Some level notes

  • On Green Hill 3, normally the screen scrolls when you is next of the boss, but if you jumps on a certain position, you start the battle much faster.

  • Near at end of Yellow Desert 2, I pressed right to mantain much of speed gained after those holes.

  • Thanks of a trick and 3 rings, I can hit Robotnik 3 times on each cycle instead on 2 times.

  • On Blue Marine 1, before the first water current, I wait a little, to get a good position almost next of the tube.

  • On Sliver Castle 1 and 2, I wait a bit on some 'waiting' rooms, because it's some frames faster.

  • On Sliver Castle 3, I pause this game sometimes, to manipulate the pattern (sometimes Robotnik didn't shoot a laser). Input ends earlier thanks of the manipulation, allowingRobotnik to didn't change the direction during the last hits, resulting on a 'suicide' and saving a lot of time.

Special thanks to

  • mmarks, for the WIP. It includes that speed trick.

Other comments

I'm glad that I worked on another GG game, making the first time for years (since 2009) that has 2 GG games published on the same year.

I'm pausing of TASing during some months, because of studys. But I when I'll return to TAS, my next project will be Wonder Boy or Cadash.

Fog: Judging.

Fog: This run was well done and entertaining. The audience reception also seems to agree with me here.

Accepting for Moons.

fsvgm777: Processing.

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