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Submission #5598: DrD2k9's C64 Frogger (Parker Brothers) in 03:31.3

Console: Commodore 64
Game name: Frogger (Parker Brothers)
Game version: unknown
Emulator: BizHawk 1.13.1
Movie length: 03:31.3
FrameCount: 12641
Re-record count: 20
Author's real name: Mike D
Author's nickname: DrD2k9
Submitter: DrD2k9
Submitted at: 2017-07-13 19:24:20
Text last edited at: 2017-09-02 12:30:26
Text last edited by: fsvgm777
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

Frogger for Commodore 64

(Link to video)

Safely hop frogs from the sidewalk to their homes on the other side of the street and river. Pretty simple premise, complex challenge and quite fun.

TAS Notes:

  • From what I can find, there are 2 official ports of Frogger for the Commodore 64. This run uses the Parker Brothers port.
  • This is a cartridge version of the game.
  • There an infinite number of stages. Difficulty increases through the first 7 stages.
    • This TAS completes these 7 stages only as nothing new is introduced beyond that point.
    • Stages 6 & 7 are the same configuration of logs/turtles/cars as stages 1 & 2 respectively but with the snake added.
    • Beginning with stage 8 the levels are repeats of previous stages.

Improvement Possibilities

I believe I have found the most rapid order for filling the frogs' homes in each level. However a better overall time may potentially result from the following:
  • Someone may find an filling-order that I did not attempt.
  • The cars' position at the beginning of a stage is dependent on the length of the previous stage. If a different order of filling homes resulted in a more beneficial starting position of cars for the next level, a faster time over multiple levels may be possible even though the first of them may not be faster by itself.

New video

From discussion on another game, I found out that BizHawk has different PAL and NTSC settings. It defaults to PAL. The original submission was using PAL settings. The current encode (and hopefully soon the .bk2 file) are the NTSC settings. I could not determine which version of the game this cartridge dump is (it may be an all-region version).

The only changes necessary to convert to NTSC from PAL and resync the input was moving the starting input and one other 1-frame deletion (to avoid a death). Otherwise the videos are the same inputs and visually identical game-play. The settings change simply speeds up the game slightly and improves the overall time of the run by roughly 40 seconds. I did not perceive any video or audio distortions from the change to region settings other that the slightly faster tempo.

drd2k9:Cancelling for now--I need to check PAL/NTSC settings

drd2k9:Un-Cancelling and updating the temporary encode to NTSC version. I request that someone who can, replace the submission file with the WIP uploadedhere. For timing comparison, the original PAL version can be watched here. If a new submission would be more appropriate than changing the file, please tell me and I'll re-cancel this submission and submit a new one with the faster video.

GoddessMaria: Resetting to "New" due to technical issues.

Fog: Judging.

Fog: Updating movie file with a 40 second faster movie due to using NTSC instead of PAL.

Fog: From the small amount of time I put into the game, I could not find any faster routes for completing the game.

The game itself is pretty meh, but this run seems to do the best with what it has.

Accepting to Vault.

fsvgm777: Processing.

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