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Submission #5645: SpectrumDisasterTM's GBA Donkey Kong Country 3 "105%" in 2:13:34.3

Console: Game Boy Advance
Game name: Donkey Kong Country 3
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Donkey Kong Country 3 (USA, Australia).gba
Branch: 105%
Emulator: BizHawk 1.11.9
Movie length: 2:13:34.3
FrameCount: 478674
Re-record count: 37129
Author's real name: Ignatius Strbac
Author's nickname: SpectrumDisasterTM
Submitter: SpectrumDisasterTM
Submitted at: 2017-08-30 04:15:10
Text last edited at: 2017-09-17 17:24:55
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (283294 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Perform done this TAS to show something more complete, complex and dynamic compared to any%.

Recorded and used: BizHawk 1.11.9, also works from its successor versions.


  • More difficulty
  • Use the code "TUFFER"
  • Collect DK coins
  • Collect Banana Birds
  • Get 105%
  • Get damage to save time
  • Perform Shortcuts

About of submission:

It executes the code "TUFFER", this causes that it increases the difficulty eliminating the DK's and checkpoint's barrels.
In addition, the percentage increases from 103% to 105%.

This version is more extended than SNES. Contains an additional world called "Pacifica", new minigames to recover Banana Birds such as:

  • Funky's Rentals
  • Cranky's Dojo
  • Swanky's Dash

It takes damage to save time, It becomes optimum in several points to perform, as it also saves time in shifting between Dixie and Kiddy. Not recommended in some cases.

Advantage, Glitches and Errors:

You can find various shortcuts, glitches and errors presented by the game:

When falling close to an enemy, make an attack to run faster by saving frames(It is presented at almost all levels).

To get the DK coins, we defeat the enemy by throwing the barrel and waiting out of sight to advance to the back, so we advance until you have it in sight (It is presented on most levels). At the Low-G Labyrinth level, get the DK coin with Quawks with a wooden barrel. At Stormy Seas level use a TNT barrel to get the DK coin.

Using Dixie taking over Kiddy, throw it to a wall to bounce and while you roll you can make an additional jump (can be executed any time), in the levels that is that presented in:

1. "Kremwood Forest":

  • Barriel Shield Bust-Up (To get the DK coin and reach the second bonus)
  • Bobbing Barrel Brawl (To omit the use of Ellie at the beginning of the level)

2. "Mekanos":

  • Low-G Labyrinth (At the beginning of the level to save time)
  • Boss "Kaos Karnage" (At all times to save time by defeating the boss)

3. "Cotton Top Cove":

  • Rocket Barrel Ride (In the middle of the level to save time and also access faster to the second bonus)

4. "K3":

  • Tearaway Toboggan (In bonus)
  • Barrel Drop Bounce (Near end of level)

5. "Razor Ridge":

  • Buzzer Barrage (In bonus)
  • Pot Hole Panic (To get DK money)

6. "Kaos Kore":

  • Creepy Carverns (In bonus and near end of level)
  • Boss "Kastle Kaos" (At the beginning of the boss)

7. "Krematoa":

  • Tyrant Twin Tussle (To get to Squitter)
  • Swoopy Salvo (To get the bonus and inside it)

In the Lightning Lookout level in a section the time of the frozen environment is realized with taking the companion in the moment in which it falls into the water. It runs to save time, but is not optimal in other sections of the game since it takes time.

At all levels it is possible to leave it when passing through the goal, the algorithm declares to position itself in the goal as a level already completed previously.

You can maneuver any attack or jump movement at the beginning of a level or bonus, it can also manifest in water sections.

What can attract of this film is dynamic in the course of the game, it is not flat that only shows boring movements.
It seeks to overcome the race of: Submission #5629: SpectrumDisasterTM's GBA Donkey Kong Country 3 "105%" in 2:20:37.6

It is more extensive than its previous version of SNES, with different mechanics, different errors and speed. He has dedicated a lot of time to make this race since it is an extensive film.

feos: About the good parts first. Cheat/password in this run is fine, as it unlocks a difficulty setting. The branch can be considered full completion just like 103%. Is this extra difficulty needed though, given that it won't be harder to TAS without those barrels? Probably not, but the full completion run of the SNES version uses that difficulty. So yeah, this is all fine, even though not strictly required.

The problem with this run is its optimization level. Thanks to Ready Steady Yeti's efforts, it quite clear now, and I hope the author gives that post proper consideration, as co-operation is always better.

SpectrumDisasterTM, if you decide to submit another run of this game, post a userfile on forums instead, so that people could give you advices prior to submitting, otherwise such submission will be rejected as well.

Rejecting for suboptimality.

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