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Submission #5705: MESHUGGAH's A7800 Water Ski in 01:30.72

Console: Atari 7800
Game name: Water Ski
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Water Ski (1988) (Froggo).a78
Emulator: BizHawk 2.2.1
Movie length: 01:30.72
FrameCount: 5436
Re-record count: 535
Author's real name: Oliver H.
Author's nickname: MESHUGGAH
Submitter: MESHUGGAH
Submitted at: 2017-11-13 01:33:57
Text last edited at: 2017-11-24 08:19:59
Text last edited by: fsvgm777
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
According to the manual, "It takes weeks to master the simplest high-speed maneuvers, at a terrific cost of life and limb, not to mention boat hardware". Consider it as mastered in this TAS.

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.2.1
  • Aims for shortest input
  • Secondarily aims for highest score


Nothing much to say apart from that you can't go straight forward. The fastest way to complete is go top speed and use only 3 rights or lefts. Using more decreases top speed.

And huge thanks to Alyosha for his many efforts done on A7800 core and his help for recovering my project files.

Fog: Judging.

Fog: Decent looking run, and looks rather straight-forward (despite going side to side while moving forward).

Accepting for Vault.

fsvgm777: Processing.

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