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Submission #574: VIPer7's SNES Super Mario World "96-exit" in 1:23:38.37

Console: Super NES
Game name: Super Mario World
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Super Mario World (U) [!].smc
Branch: 96-exit
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 1:23:38.37
FrameCount: 301102
Re-record count: 66666
Author's real name: Tim Offermann
Author's nickname: VIPer7
Submitter: VIPer7
Submitted at: 2005-03-01 11:29:54
Text last edited at: 2010-04-25 11:14:11
Text last edited by: flygon
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

Super Mario World 96 exits + Bowser

Time Attack by VIPer7

Some comments (aka. "novel" :P) from the author

The movie is 301,102 frames (83:38 minutes) long, however the last minute was used to trigger a little easteregg. The last hit on Bowser takes place after 297,736 frames (82:42 minutes), so this is the actual time of completion.

As the movie is so long, and even watching it in turbo mode still takes some time, I created a few savegames throughout the movie, which you can load if you watch the movie with "Open Read-Only" actived. These can be downloaded here: http://www.viper7.com/smw/savegames.zip

Yes, the rerecord count (66,666) IS faked. I didn't create the movie in one big .smv file, but splitted it into several small movies instead, because I found that more comfortable to work with. Now the problem is that it's quite hard to calculate the exact amount of rerecords used; I estimate it to be somewhere between 60k and 70k. So I just hex-edited a nice number into the final movie file; personally I don't really think that this value is so important anyway.

The fastest way for Mario to move is flying with the cape. To achieve the fastest result, you must release the FORWARD button in the exact right frame; releasing it 1 frame earlier or later might end up in a loss of 2 seconds by the end of the level (although it's hardly noticable when watching at full speed). The only problem with this "normal flying" is that Mario loses his speed as soon as he hits the ground, and then has to regain running speed first. So, in some cases it was better to use so called "spinjump-flying", that means lifting off by pressing the A button instead of B. Spinjump-flying is slower than normal flying (it's the same speed as simply running on the ground), but therefore it conserves the running speed when Mario hits the ground (so Mario can directly lift off to another flight). Of course one could argue that flying all the time is boring, but well, speed has first priority (except in a very few cases!). And I tried to make the flying as entertaining as possible by bumping on as many enemies as I could (without slowing down). If you noticed that I seemingly missed an enemy, you can be sure that it was done for a reason (bumping off the enemy would have got me into a bad position).

If you watch the movie at a very slow speed, you might notice that I sometimes enter levels with a little bit of delay (1-3 frames). The reason for this is not inaccuracy, it was intended. Sometimes I had to redo older levels to improve certain passages, but of course I didn't want to play all subsequent levels again. So I hex-edited the improved level into the old movie. But this sometimes caused so called "desynchs", that means that the enemies were in different positions or acted differently, and therefore the movie would screw up. However, most of these desynchs could be fixed quite easily by entering the level 1 or 2 or 3 frames later, then the enemies would be in the right spot again. So, these delays are a combination of lazyness and luck manipulation. Overall I estimate the accumulated delay to ~ 2 seconds.

I'm quite sure that the worldmap route I chose is the fastest in regards to time spent on the worldmap. I figured out one route which would have required 2 less worldmap movements, but it was still longer in realtime due to some very long movements (for example Soda Lake -> Star World). Sometimes I could chose when to do a level; in that case I tried to avoid repeating the same level (normal and secret exit) and play a few levels inbetween (for example Donut Ghost House or Forest Of Illusions 2).
However the route could still have been improved a little bit: Yoshi's Island 1 and the Yellow Switch Palace could have been done after completing the Special World; then I could have played them with cape, which would have been a little bit faster. And in Donut Plains I should have taken the middle route first and then do the left route (including the Green Switch Palace) after completing the Special World. This would have avoided the slowdown caused by the green !-blocks in a few levels (for example Donut Plains 1 B or Castle #3). If you wonder why I didn't just hex-edit the world route: This would have changed a whole lot of variables in the game, and simply entering the levels 1 with or 2 frames delay wouldn't have really helped in this case, I'd have to play all the levels again. And all in all these world route changes only would have improved the total time by ~ 3-4 seconds, so it's not that serious (maybe a motivation for someone to make a new run of this? :) ).

Now a few comments on the individual levels (the numbers in the brackets show the timeunits left on the timer / timeunits used)

1. Yoshi's Island 1 (260/40)

This level could have been done ~ 100 frames faster if I left it out at the start and played it later with cape (after finishing special world)

2. Yellow Switch Palace (189/11)

Like YI1, this level could also have been done a bit faster with cape

Throwing around the P-block doesn't cost any time; I found this more entertaining than just running forward

3. Yoshi's Island 2 (360/40)

At two points I hit a ?-block while falling downwards. To produce this glitch, Mario must hit the ?-block in the exact right position, so that the game engine thinks that he hit it from below

4. Yoshi's Island 3 (259/41)

In this level it was important to spend as much time as possible running on the forward moving platforms

5. Yoshi's Island 4 (275/25)

I have been told that this level can be done 3 frames faster; I guess the water-jump could have been improved a bit more

6. #1 Iggy's Castle (242/58)

Jumping under the flame required very accurate timing.

I somehow lost a few frames in the fade-out sequence (in comparison to other SMW movies), but couldn't find a way to prevent that.

7. Donut Plains 1 a (362/38)

Getting 14 stars at the end didn't slow me down in any way; I only had to be careful not to get 100 stars or more (which would trigger a bonus game).

8. Donut Plains 2 b (309/91)

In order to reach the pipe earlier I had to spin the beetle shell and then throw it up ~ 490 frames later, because after 500 frames the beetle inside awakes again, so I can then jump off the beetle into the pipe.

9. Green Switch Palace (189/11)

10. Donut Plains 2 a (307/93)

The glitch which produces an extra block can be done by hovering next to a block and then throwing an item up in the exact fight frame. Unfortunately I couldn'get any coins out of the extra coins block.

Notice how the beetle shell gets stuck in the yellow wall, this is another nice glitch.

11. Donut Ghost House a (283/17)

Flying up to the door on the left side is faster than flying on the right side (and a LOT faster than the "old-school" vine method!)

12. Donut Plains 3 (262/38)

It was not possible to get the 5th dragon coin without landing on one of the moving platforms :(

13. Donut Plains 4 (263/37)

Bumping on the Hammer Brothers without getting hit by a hammer was quite hard, I wouldn't advice you to try this on a console :P

14. #2 Morton's Castle (359/41)

Entering the bonus game saved a lot of time, because it skipped the whole 2nd room.

In order to be able to carry up the trampoline, I had to maintain running speed until there; this was done by doing spinjump-flights.

The wait before the end was unavoidable.

Before entering the boss door I switched to fireflower. This cost a few frames, but shortened the fight a lot, because I only needed 2 shots and one jump to kill Morton (instead of 3 jumps).

15. Vanilla Dome 1 a (346/54)

To get through the yellow rotating blocks without slowdown I threw a bettle shell at it and then duck-slided through it.

At the start of the 2nd room it was faster to jump instead of running uphill.

To fly in the narrow tunnel you have to press LEFT in the exact right frame, then Mario will kinda be glued to the ceiling as long as you want.

16. Vanilla Dome 2 b (255/45)

A very fast way to finish this level would have been to just swim below the first wall, then you would directly get to the area with the key. However I couldn't perform this, it seems like this level is different from other swimming levels, where it is possible to swim below the screen.

Swimming with an item is a lot faster than normal swimming; however it's very slow to swim up or down with an item, that's why I drop the shell before swimming up to the vine.

After climbing up the vine I run uphill for a short time, this cost ~ 3 frames (I didn't correct it because I would have had to redo the whole level again, which was quite a lot of work). I was also told that it's possible to start flying here, but couldn't reproduce that.

17. Red Switch Palace (189/11)

It was not possible to start flying in the first room (and still reach the pipe without slowdown).

18. Vanilla Dome 2 a (248/52)

Before entering the water for the 2nd time, I could have gained extra forward speed by floating from the left to the right (instead of staying at the right wall all the time). However I wouldn't have profitted from that, because then the fish would have been in a bad position and destroy my beetle shell :S

To prevent the beetle from waking up, I threw the shell against the wall and smashed it, before picking it up again (this was a lot faster than just dropping it and continue swimming without item).

Running down those stairs looks a bit sloppy, but it is indeed faster than jumping / floating down.

19. Vanilla Ghost House (360/40)

Flying into the bubble didn't harm Mario, it only stopped the flight and made him blink (invincible). This method was faster than doing a spinjump-flight (which would have maintained the running speed).

20. Vanilla Dome 3 (309/91)

Mario gains running speed by running back and forth on the skull-train. Dangerous, but time-saving :)

If you wonder how I "jump" on the lava: When you do a spinjump-flight, it's possible to rise up again 2 more times (unless you've been floating too long already). So Mario doesn't really touch the lava, he just gets a bit warm feet ;)

In the next lava pool it was not possible to apply spinjump-flight (Mario wouldn't reach the yellow pipe), so I had to do a normal flight, reaching the yellow pipe with problems, but still a lot faster than waiting on the skull train or going through the bonus game "shortcut".

I couldn't fly all the way with Yoshi, the lava pool was just too long. I *could* however have jumped off him before the last hill and finish the level a lot faster, but in the end it was still faster overall to keep Yoshi (for Cheese Bridge).

Unfortunately the trick of running back and forth on the skull-train to gain running speed didn't work with Yoshi, so I had to spend quite some time on the skull-train :(

Flying with Yoshi uses the same physics as spinjump-flying; again Yoshi doesn't really jump on the lava, he just flies very close to it.

21. Vanilla Dome 4 (260/40)

Notice the nice double kill :)

22. #3 Lemmy's Castle (306/94)

Entering the first door looks a bit sloppy, but it was the fastest method to get in.

The shortcut is indeed a shortcut and saves some time.

In the last room I had to wait at a few spots, this was unavoidable.

The boss door could have been entered a bit earlier if the green block hadn't been in the way...

23. Cheese Bridge Area a (274/26)

Running on the forward moving platforms saved a few extra frames.

Getting the Yoshi wings is a lot faster than finishing the level normally, because it cuts out the whole 2nd half of the level and also the fade-out sequence.

I didn't need Yoshi anymore, so I leaft him in the bonus area and flew down as fast as possible.

24. Cookie Mountain (261/39)

I need to take off very high at the start to be able to fly over the green pipe (going under it would have cost a lot more time).

25. Cheese Bridge Area b (259/41)

It was not possible to grab the 3UP-moon without landing first (or I'd have to do a kamikaze dive before, which costs time).

26. Soda Lake (224/76)

If you wonder how Mario can swim up so fast, that's done by pressing B every 2 frames and holding UP all the time.

Just before entering the pipe I had to slow down a bit to avoid hitting one of the Torpedo Teds.

27. Star World 3 b (192/8)

28. Star World 4 b (272/28)

It takes some time till Mario can grab the key, that's why I have to wait for a short time.

29. Star World 5 a (269/31)

30. Star World 1 b (290/10)

Producing this "smashola" glitch (flying downwards through the rotating blocks) was really hard, and sometimes impossible to do "perfectly".

31. Star World 2 b (260/40)

Little Yoshi must eat no more than 4 enemies, otherwise he'll transform into big Yoshi, and that takes some time.

32. Star World 4 a (263/37)

33. Star World 3 a (196/4)

The easiest level ever, yet I managed to do a mistake here. It was not possible to get rid of the P-block while Mario was on the ground, because he would immediately grab one of the ice blocks instead. But I later found out that I could have just thrown it up just after lifting off, and then do a normal flight into the goal, which would have been ~ 5 frames faster. I tried to hexedit this, but it only caused serious desynchs :/

34. Star World 2 a (266/34)

35. Star World 1 a (268/32)

When passing by the key, I had to stop the smashola glitch, because otherwise Mario would get killed.

36. Star World 5 b (270/30)

I had to do a spinjump-flight here, because otherwise I would not have been able to fly up to the key.

37. Gnarly (272/28)

After flying up to a higher level, Mario has to run for a short time till he can lift off again.

Getting the P-block and activating the shortcut was definately worth it.

38. Tubular (274/26)

Jumping off the football required very precise timing, and actually some luck, because the time when the Football Chuck throws the football does not depend on the time when I enter the level (in and older version I had to wait 30 frames).

39. Way Cool (279/21)

If you wonder why I didn't do a kamikaze dive here (like in Cheese Bridge): This time I didn't have running speed before grabbing the Yoshi wings, and therefore Mario also didn't fly in the bonus stage.

40. Awesome (262/38)

Jumping at the very start of the level would have saved 1 frame (because accelerating on ice is so slow). However I was too lazy to redo the whole level after finding this out...

41. Groovy (263/37)

42. Mondo (262/38)

Running back and forth on the first platform was faster than jumping forward and lifting off to a flight later.

Mario can touch the top of the waves while flying without slowing down.

43. Outrageous (263/37)

At the very end there's a nice doublekill :)

44. Funky (139/61)

A Football Chuck is blocking the hole below the pipe, so I had to fly over it, and that required some time flying above the visible level - At the end I tried out several "routes" trying to collect as many coins as possible, and this was the best one.

45. Donut Plains 1 b (364/36)

Because of the green blocks it was not possible to get to the key flying below the pipe (at least not without huge slowdown), therefore I had to fly above it instead. Kinda boring, at least there were some coins to collect.

46. Donut Secret 1 a (253/47)

As mentioned earlier, swimming forward is faster with an item, but swimming upward is faster without. So, at two passages, I threw the shell (= Mario head) up, swam up, and then grabbed it back.

Sometimes I had to avoid fish instead of smashing them with the cape, because they would have destroyed the shell.

47. Donut Ghost House b (280/20)

48. Donut Secret 1 b (259/41)

I could have finished the level 1 timeunit faster if I didn't switch to the fireflower, however this will save a lot more time in the next 2 levels, and therefore the switch was worth it.

49. Donut Secret House b (344/56)

Here you see a very nice glitch. I don't know what exactly causes it, but it is reproducable with a little bit of trial and error. Mario must have running speed, and he must *not* have a cape (otherwise he'd lift off to a flight). Then you must do a spinjump in the exact right frame, and also keep the A button pressed for the right amount of time, and eventually Mario will fall through the stairs, which saves a lot of time.

Getting through the ghost circle in the 2nd room seemed impossible, but a duck-jump worked.

I could not remove the last block after Big Boo was beaten, otherwise Mario would fall down and die.

50. Donut Secret House a (373/27)

51. Donut Secret 2 (272/28)

At the end I had to fly over the pipe; it was not possible to get through the flying koopas without slowing down.

52. Vanilla Dome 1 b (383/17)

It was not possible to get onto the red blocks by exiting the rotating blocks to the right, so I did a spinjump-flight out of them instead.

53. Vanilla Secret 1 b (285/15)

It was not possible to fly up to the next level, so I had to climb on the vine a bit.

Doing a spinjump-flight up to the pipe was faster than a normal flight.

54. Vanilla Secret 1 a (279/21)

It took me some time to figure out how to get through those koopas :)

55. Vanilla Secret 2 (263/37)

Despite the amount of koopas at the start of the level, it was not possible to hit more of them, because they were jumping up and down in bad patterns.

56. Vanilla Secret 3 (267/33)

Sometimes the dolphins (which are supposed to help Mario) could be a bit annoying, because they wanted to force Mario to land on them...

57. Vanilla Fortress (228/72)

Both upper and lower route are equally long, so of course the upper route is the better one (because the lower route would mean taking damage).

I tried out several "routes" to kill the Reznors, and this was the fastest one. Notice how the last Reznor glitches into the middle of the carousel, seems like he didn't expect to die so fast :D

58. Butter Bridge 1 (153/147)

To change directions during the flight, you have to press the X button and of course the opposite direction. Then Mario will either fly into the other direction, or just float backwards slowly (still looking forward). This depends on the frame when you press X.

I think I could have collected a few more coins by spinjumping against the multiple-coin blocks instead of just jumping against them. But meh, I still collected more than enough coins in the end ;)

The pipe couldn't be entered earlier.

59. Butter Bridge 2 (263/37)

Unlike for example Vanilla Secret 2, the enemies were in very good patterns here, which allowed me to hit a lot of them in a very short time, with an awesome quadruple kill at the end (quintupple wasn't possible, I had to smash the last one with the cape...)

60. #4 Ludwig's Castle (250/50)

To get "through" the Ball n' Chain before the first door, I duckslided under it for a few frames, which is hardly visible when watching at full speed.

Somehow when Ludwig spits his fireball, Mario gets slowed down enormously and hardly moves forward for a few frames. I used this time to switch to the fireflower, because just like against Morton 2 fireballs sped up the fight enormously.

61. Forest Of Illusion 1 a (271/29)

62. Forest Ghost House b (366/34)

This is an awesome shortcut, completely neglecting the second room of the level. It's not possible to directly fly over the wall from the ground, so Mario first has to run on the upper level for a short time before lifting off again.

63. Forest Of Illusion 1 b (263/37)

Hitting two of the Wrigglers before the end would have meant a 2UP and a 3UP, however then it wouldn't have been possible to fly over the wall before the goal without slowdown :(

64. Forest Of Illusion 2 a (233/67)

This level required lots of very precise timing. Often it seemed impossible for Mario to fit between the walls and the Urchin fish, but somehow it worked.

Simply swimming into the Urchin with an ice block would have destroyed the block, so I had to throw up the block just before hitting the Urchin, and then grab it back again. I also used the same technique as in Donut Secret 1 to swim up or down fast while still carrying the block.

65. Forest Of Illusion 3 a (263/37)

Mario must not touch the bubbles, or he will immediately stop flying...

66. Forest Ghost House a (371/29)

67. Forest Of Illusion 4 b (276/24)

It was not possible to grab the 1UP without slowing down, Lakitu carried it behind Mario all the time.

68. Forest Secret Area (281/19)

In order to get those 3 1UPs behind the goal, I would have needed to fly over the goal above the screen, but that also would have meant finishing the level a lot later.

69. Forest Fortress (214/86)

I wanted to avoid touching the ground at all after bumping on the first grinder, but at one point it was unavoidable.

I tried out several things how to get over the pit with the 2 grinders, and this was the fastest that I could come up with (a direct spinjump-flight is not possible).

One of the Reznors shoots a fireball that makes it impossible to use the same route as in Vanilla Fortress, so I had to take a slightly slower one. But manipulating the Reznor behaviour (by entering the door later) would have taken even longer.

70. Forest Of Illusion 4 a (263/37)

Hitting the last blue koopa was quite hard, and required me to bump on the Lakitu in the exact right angle.

71. Forest Of Illusion 2 b (239/61)

If you think that the first half of the level looks very familiar to you, that is right; I simply copy and pasted it from FOI2a. Reason: It required lots of work to perfect this, and I'd have to do (almost) the same movements again anyway, there wasn't really much space for alternatives.

While sinking downwards I had to wait for a short time; it was not possible to destroy the Urchin, so I just had to wait till he swam away.

72. Blue Switch Palace (189/11)

73. Forest Of Illusion 3 b (263/37)

Mario grabs the shell during the flight, that means he still uses the normal cape physics (usually flying with an item is slower, as it uses the spinjump-flight physics). Grabbing the shell required a kamikaze dive, which cost 2 frames, but I think that was worth it :)

74. #5 Roy's Castle (264/36)

I had to do one kamikaze dive to avoid getting hit by the flames and still be able to fly over the wall.

Notice that a few of the moving platforms and one statue are missing, probably because the game didn't expect me to arrive there so early :P

75. Chocolate Island 1 (263/37)

76. Choco-Ghost House (262/38)

Flying at the bottom of the screen was faster and also more exciting than flying above the screen (flying in the middle is impossible because of the Fishin' Boo and the Eeries).

I already thought that it was impossible to get past that row of ghosts, but once again ducking helped :)

77. Chocolate Island 2 b (271/29)

Mario gets into the secret area with the key by entering the 2nd pipe with 250 or more timeunits left on the timer (which can be achieved quite easily...)

To avoid that Mario flies over the keyhole, I had to drop the key and then directly grab it back again.

78. Chocolate Secret (230/70)

Like in FOI3b, I grab the shell during the flight, and therefore still use the fast flight physics.

If you wonder why I sometimes didn't cut the corners as sharp as possible in the 2nd room: It's only possible to switch directions every 3-4 frames (by pressing X).

In the third room it was faster to just walk forward and eventually start flying instead of running back and forth at the start.

79. Chocolate Island 2 a (235/65)

As said before, Mario gets into the secret area by entering the 2nd pipe with 250 or more timeunits left. Now, this means that I *have* to wait at least 51 timeunits before entering the pipe, if I want to get to the normal exit. I tried to "waste" the time as entertaining as possible... :)

To enter the area with the Rex dinosaurs, I had to collect 9-20 coins in the first area (otherwise I would get into the area with flying red koopas that you saw before, or into an area with a cape and some coins).

80. Chocolate Island 3 a (263/37)

Entering one of the pipes would have saved a few timeunits, however the total realtime would have been longer, so I just flew through the whole level instead.

In the fade-out sequence a really heavy graphics glitch occurs: Mario is above the visible screen, and this somehow screws up the colour palette. Fortunately this gets fixed again after entering the next level.

81. Chocolate Island 3 b (255/45)

82. Chocolate Fortress (251/49)

At the start I had to slow down a little bit, otherwise I couldn't get through the wooden barrier so smoothly.

The Reznors didn't spit a single fireball, so this is the fastest of the four Reznor fights.

83. Chocolate Island 4 (272/28)

Doing a spinjump-flight at the start and then a normal flight before the end was faster than starting with a normal flight and then having to land somewhere and walk the rest of the level.

84. Chocolate Island 5 (279/21)

Yoshi is needed for Valley Of Bowser 2 a, and getting him here cost the least time (only 2 timeunits).

Entering the bonus game saved a lot of time.

85. #6 Wendy's Castle (233/67)

It was not possible to bump on the first grinder, so I flew into it instead, which didn't hurt Mario.

At two points I had to wait because of the crushers, but I made sure that I continued forward with maximum speed as soon as possible.

In the 2nd room I had to do a spinjump-flight, because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get over the wall before the boss door.

At the beginning of Wendy's fight it looks like I fell asleep, but she still gets hit as soon as possible ;)

86. Sunken Ghost Ship (299/101)

The first pipe was entered as soon as possible, even if it might not look like that.

When the ghosts appear for the first time, it's impossible to get through that passage without getting hit. Losing Yoshi twice was still a lot faster than waiting for the ghosts to disappear.

Sometimes it looks like Yoshi is swimming through the ghosts; I think this is because the engine only checks collisions between Mario and ghosts.

At the end there should be two ghost circles, but somehow the first one didn't spawn (again, I was too fast :P)

Getting hit by the 2nd ghost circle was unavoidable, and again faster than waiting.

Falling down, I tried to kill as many enemies as possible, because this resulted in a few 1UPs, but also reduced lagging.

I could have collected a few more coins, but you will later see why I didn't :)

87. Valley Of Bowser 1 (361/39)

After eating the spikeballs in the ghost ship, Yoshi now eats one Mega Mole after the other... and he doesn't get any fatter!

A few times I had to turn backwards for a few frames, but this was only to not hit the wall and get maximum forward speed afterwards.

Killing the Football Chuck with the cape was faster than jumping on or over him.

88. Valley Of Bowser 2 a (378/22)

I didn't drop Yoshi in the bonus stage, because I still need him later on.

89. Valley Ghost House b (277/23)

Entering the second door to enter the key room was a lot faster than entering the "standard" 5th door with the P-block

Duck-flying into the small hole required very precise timing, and I got stuck a little bit, but this was the fastest possible.

Unfortunately I later found out that it would have been even faster to move to the left (instead of right) in the 2nd room and enter that door. This would have saved 60 frames / 2 timeunits...

90. #7 Larry's Castle (257/43)

Flying through the first 2 wooden barriers was very hard, and it was not avoidable to land there.

Running through the 3 wooden barriers required a few short duckslides, hardly noticable at full speed.

Larry could have been killed a little bit faster with the fireflower, however switching to fireflower and then back to cape would have cost more time in the end.

91. Valley Ghost House a (278/22)

In the first room a normal flight would have been 12 frames faster; however I found it boring to do the exact same movements as before, and also wanted to show that it's possible to bump on those green bubbles.

Getting the 50 stars at the end caused 25 frames delay; however I think that was worth it (it was not possible to get 50 stars with less delay in any other level).

92. Valley Of Bowser 3 (262/38)

Running on the forward moving platforms gained a little extra speed, it was almost as fast as normal flying.

93. Valley Of Bowser 4 b (257/43)

Keeping Yoshi in VOB2a was faster than dropping him there and getting a new one here (it's not possible to get the key without Yoshi).

94. Valley Of Bowser 4 a (256/44)

I didn't need Yoshi anymore, so I dropped him as soon as possible, he would only have caused slowdown later on.

At the end I had the choice to either a) do a normal flight and then land above the key and do a slow jump over the last wall, or b)to continue spinjump-flying and then only do a normal flight just before the end. Choice a) was 3 frames faster, and also allowed me to get 21 stars with only 5 frames delay (hardly noticable, and worth it I think - there was no level where I could have gotten 21 stars without any delay).

95. Valley Of Bowser 2 b (314/86)

I could have entered the first pipe 3 frames faster by flying above the visible screen, however I found the current method a lot more exciting.

To glitch into the yellow walls, Mario must duck between the ceiling and and upmoving yellow wall, and then press A in the right frame.

Unfortunately I couldn't enter the 2nd pipe without waiting, this would have saved a lot of time :(

Now you know why I left out the coins in the ghost ship ;)

96. Valley Fortress (255/45)

It was not possible to fly through the spikes without getting hit, so I abused invincibility once again.

Mario gets hit by a crusher once, this was unavoidable, and Mario only gets invincible again.

The flames forced me to slow down a bit, and also caused a little bit lag.

Entering the boss door as fast as possible would have caused one of the Reznors to spit a fireball that made the "fast" route impossible (like in Forest Fortress). However entering the door with 1 frame delay solved the problem, now he shoots in a different direction :)

97. Back Door (384/16)

98. Bowser

To kill Bowser as fast as possible, I had to fly above his clowncopter, and then fly down just before he throws out his Mechakoopas, so that he directly gets hit by the first Mechakoopa. In order to grab the 2nd Mecha Koopa, I had to abort the flight just before hitting the first Mechakoopa, so make a normal jump on the second one. It takes a while till Bowser is vincible again, that's why I wait before throwing up the second Mechakoopa.

Mario tries to hide behind the rock, but his attempt fails miserably :P

I had some fun keeping the mushroom in the air, and Bowsers attempts to distract me with his balls didn't really work :P (ducksliding helped once again).

Taking the mushroom doesn't cost any time, as it only switched the secondary items.

If Mario stands very close to the propeller, he gets pushed away without getting hurt, which looks quite funny.

If you wonder why I didn't end the movie earlier: I triggered a little easteregg by pressing UP in the right frame; watch the outro very closely ;)

Last but not least I would like to thank all the people who helped me create this run, by giving helpfull or just motivating input on the boards, in the IRC chat or with own SMW movies. This run would not have been possible without you!
These are (in alphabetical order, I hope I didn't forget anyone): 4matsy, A Runnelid, Alexis Neuhaus, Avin, Bag of Magic Food, Bisqwit, Bladegash, Blublu, Bob Whoops, Bobix, BoltR, Dan_, Dark Mana, DudicalRat, Fabianx, Feitclub, GameCube04, Gigafrost, GSGold, Highness, iikori, Jeffrey, Josh the FuncDOC, Julianch, Kijitow, kooz, Kyrsimys, LLCoolDave, Mazzic, McBAIN, Michael Fried, Mlandry, MovieWatcher, Mr. Kelly R. Flewin, NrgSpoon, OmnipotentEntity, Ouzo, pilif, sdkess, Spoony_Bard, Tempest, TNSe, Truncated, Volkov, Walker Boh, xebra, yarbles, Zer0, Zurreco

And of course NINTENDO for creating such a great game, that still excites after more than 13 years!!

I hope you enjoyed watching my movie; I certainly enjoyed all the 200+ hours that I spent creating this movie!

I don't know if I will make another movie in the near future, most likely not (maybe I'll hex together a 11-level SMW movie).
Super Mario World is really a very special game for me, I think it actually was one of the first video games that I played. The only other game that I spent so much time with was Mario 64, and I think a 120 stars run of this game would surely be interesting. So maybe you'll see another movie from me once there is an N64 emulator with rerecord function :)

Greetings, Tim Offermann aka. VIPer7

  • recorded on Snes9X v1.43-dev
  • no warps or passwords used
  • programming errors were abused
  • hits were taken (but no damage), no death
  • aim: all 96 levels completed and Bowser beaten as fast as possible, while trying to keep up a high entertainment level

Phil What a novel!!! Just by reading this text, we are not obligated to watch the movie. ;)

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