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Submission #5825: ViGadeomes's SNES Harvest Moon "Marriage" in 29:31.77

Console: Super NES
Game name: Harvest Moon
Game version: JPN v1.1
ROM filename: Bokujou Monogatari (J) (V1.1) (NP) [!].smc
Branch: Marriage
Emulator: BizHawk 2.2
Movie length: 29:31.77
FrameCount: 106481
Re-record count: 15316
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: ViGadeomes
Submitter: ViGadeomes
Submitted at: 2018-02-13 23:00:10
Text last edited at: 2018-02-21 21:36:28
Text last edited by: Mothrayas
Download: Download (36118 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

The game :

Harvest Moon is a RPG game where your main goal is to develop your farm.

Game objectives :

  • To be married
  • Luck manipulation

Temp Encode :

Love story :

  • Spring 1 : I arrived in my new farm if you can name that like this… The stone wall is broken, a field of weeds and stones, a little timber house and full of cut tree trunks. Not very motivating…. A man comes and presents himself as the shipper and of course he asks me my name because I’m a new comer, he wants to be welcoming…. I’m very lazybones, so I take just one kana. He wants me to go with him. I don’t know what to do so I follow him. We arrive in the village and the shipper wants me to meet every interesting person. Faster I am, faster I’m in my home so let’s go! I know what you think but I never wanted to be here, it’s my father! He wanted me to leave at my grandparent’s farm…. I begin with the Livestock store owner, he sells animals. I meet Ann, Eve, Maria, Nina and her mother and now, I finally can come back to my house!

  • Spring 2 : I wake up but I don’t know what I will do today…. I go outside of my house and What? A dog is coming to me and a girl is following him! My heart stops when I see her. She asks me to keep the dog and of course I say YES! But I thought it was a love proposal…. I can’t believe myself, I have in front of me one of the most beautiful goddess I ever encounted! She asks me a name and I think I reply : “Do you want to be my girl?” but I think just one word comes out… She says me it’s a good name and leave my farm. At this point, my motivation blew up at 100%! I must to upgrade my house and buy a blue feather to marry her. I need 42 stumps and 5000G to upgrade my house and 1000G to buy the blue feather. The faster way to have it is to cost fishes in the mountain. For one week, I cost most fishes as I can and cut all stumps I need every day.

  • Spring 3-7 : I’m working hardly…

  • Spring 8 : I finally have all what I need to upgrade my house tomorrow. I worked hardly every day with this dog always on my path! I go today asking carpenter to come in my farm to upgrade my house and I finish my today’s work.

  • Spring 9 : Carpenter comes in my farm and the transaction is done. He tells me his work will take 4 days to finish (Are you kidding me right now? ). Now I have to earn money and conquer the heart of my loving Ellen to buy the blue feather. So today, I cost two more fishes because I don’t have the time for the third and last fish.

  • Spring 10 : Today, I’ll speak with Ellen! She is in the village, in front of his Uncle’s store. She asks me a question, I answer what she want me to say, I enter his uncle’s store and I come back again, she asks me the same question, I reply the same answer etc… It’s harassment, but that works with here! I ever saw that in an animated series of an adventurer with green hood (You see what I mean? 😉) so, it’s not prohibited!When I have enough interest in her heart, I come back to my house and cost my last fish in the mountain.

  • Spring 11 : I’m so tired today to do something…

  • Spring 12 : Ellen comes to my farm for a second time ! She asks me to retrieve her lost bird (She loves animals, but she doesn’t seem to take care of them) I find the bird in the mountain and come back with him. She is so happy, and she sees he is very cool and you know what?! She asks me to release him! I look the bird flying away and I feel sweet lips on my cheek… She kissed me, and my heart is accelerating, I look her, but she is leaving. I stay here as a stake in the middle of my farm….

  • Spring 13 : I can buy the blue feather tomorrow because the peddler comes on Sunday…

  • Spring 14 : I go buying the blue feather to the peddler and take it in my tool shed.

  • Spring 15-19 : I have to wait the next Saturday to propose her my hand…

  • Spring 20 : I come in the village, go to the livestock store and… SHE SAYS “YES” !

Some game’s mechanic:

  • Weather: the weather of a day is determined by a RNG when you go in your bed 2 days before. You need, in this run, a sunny day for each one.

  • Ellen and other girls: affection of a girl is increased of 8 by “YES” answer when they ask you something, the special event of each one increase his affection for you of 50 points (Ellen’s event is the bird). You need 250 points or 10 hearts to marry her and 200 points are needed to unlock the event of the girl. There is a RNG to manipulate which determines is she asks you the question or not. The RAM address for Ellen's affection is 011F25.

  • Costing: There is two RNGs for this one: one determines how many times you will have to wait to catch something. I never figured out it, so I put the best I found (one way to improve this run). The other determines what you’ll cost (I only need fishes).

  • Working days: You can drop object every day in your box before 5H pm to be paid for it the following day by the hawker.

Special Thanks:

  • Thanks to g33koftrades, he asked me to do this TAS by his own route because he can’t do it in real time.
  • Thanks to the speedrunning community of this game who helped me on this TAS too.
  • Thanks to samurai goroh and his previous submission http://tasvideos.org/3516S.html.

Mothrayas: This is a pretty interesting category, and I like the theme you went for here. Ultimately, however, the movie does not really have too much going for it in the entertainment/audience response department, and the movie runs into issues such as the category not beating the game. I'm rejecting this movie for these reasons.

Regarding password usage, I think it can be permissible for a run of this game, but only as long as the movie still reaches a sensible goal for it (e.g. best ending), and as long as it can get a good enough viewer response for Moons.

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