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Submission #5831: zoboner's Saturn Shinobi Legions in 22:34.16

Console: Sega Saturn
Game name: Shinobi Legions
Game version: EUR
ROM filename: ShinobiX(E).cue
Emulator: Bizhawk 2.2.1
Movie length: 22:34.16
FrameCount: 67708
Re-record count: 34975
Author's real name: LG
Author's nickname: zoboner
Submitter: zoboner
Submitted at: 2018-02-18 19:45:19
Text last edited at: 2019-03-27 14:37:11
Text last edited by: ThunderAxe31
Download: Download (44836 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
Bad encode :

(Link to video)
I'm sorry for this video encode, because I remade this 3 times and impossible to have a perfect capture of 100% frames, this encode lose 1 frame all the 3 frames and it's don't permit to watch all move I made to create the entertainment. If you want to watch a good run with optimal moves, you can download this movie file, but it haven't the movie ending, I'm sorry but it's the best solution that I found for that you can watching this correctly. Link to download :






  • -uses BIOS v1.00(U+E)
  • -Play Shinobi on SEGA saturn
  • -Uses cheat code to play in maximum difficulty
  • -Uses PAL version
  • -Beat the game as fast as possible
  • -Play on music
  • -No damages
  • -Uses skip


Why you choose to play in maximum difficulty ?

Because it’s more entertaining, you can’t take damages, else you die ! You start with 0 continue and start the game with no life. You loose more time on scoring screen but you won 5 % damage in boss fights... More entertaining and faster than hard mode.

Why you choose PAL version ?

I choose this version, because I find than musics are perfect for this Shinobi. Japan and USA have only action musics type, the PAL version have Japanese music genre and for some levels I choose to play with music and I prefer doing this on PAL sound. This is just an aesthetic choice !



In this game, you control Sho, the last of 3 ninjas, who can practice the Ninjutsu art. The other two are Aya, the girl of the last grand master and Kazuma, Sho's brother. Kazuma in this story, want only practice the secret art of Ninjutsu,"strength Ninjutsu", but the grand master will learn this to him, if only he have finish to learn the other technique. After this misunderstanding, Kazuma swear to come back and avenge, then he build a big fortress and ninja army, while Aya and Sho continue to training with the grand master. Later, kazuma kidnap Aya, who have now, a sufficient knowledges to learn him the art of "strength Ninjutsu"... Sho shall leave directly to rescue the beautiful Aya and stop the conflict. Run ninja, run...


-You know, Joe Musashi era is finish and shurikens leave with him... But don't worry it's for better fight with your katana ! Indeed, the katana is become the main weapon and Sho have a numerous moves to kill enemy , doing counter attacks, to defend or dodge.

-All moves possible :


fwd, blank, (hold)fwd TASing possibility: back, (hold)fwd



fwd, blank, (hold)fwd+ B TASing possibility: back, (hold)fwd+B


This move is very interesting and technical... It have a best X speed than all other moves, but it stop Sho due to her ending animation, who take too times. It's a very technical move, because you can cancel this bad ending animation, when you hit an wall. It's possible to don't lose time, when you reunite all specific conditions, who are:

  • 1- to be in some altitude and use this move always for fallen.
  • 2- to be at 2 or 5 frames of ground when the ending animation started, this to correspond at the starting animation for to run.
  • 3- be in run position and can to run during ~ 40 frames after this move is finish.

At some moments, I use this move to lose time and have a best enemies patterns for won time. The best example is at the level 3!


fwd+C (next to a wall)



up, up+right, right invincible



up, up+right, right, 5 blank, B invincible during the roll




fwd, fwd+up, fwd+up+B




COMBO x3 :

Push B, 7 blank, B, 7 blank, B It’s possible to push B button after 3 blank, but it cut your move and don’t hit the enemy.



(hold) down during 3 frames and push B



(hold) down during the combo and push B, wait 7 frames and push B. It’s possible to push B button after 3 blank, but it cut your move and don’t hit the enemy.



Push fwd, fwd+B You can do, back+B to start this move and choose your direction after that the hit be starting.



Push C If you hold the C button you can jump more up.



push C and wait 10 frames before that your Y POSITION increases and press C. You have an laps time of 10 frames to push C before your Y POSITION increases and 2 frames after your Y POSITION start to increases.



When you be in double jump position you can push Y to cancel it and do an attack.



Jump and push A You start with 0 continue and start the game with no life.



In air, press B, wait 7 frames, press B, wait 7 frames and press B It’s possible to push B button after 3 blank, but it cut your move and don’t hit the enemy.



When you be in double jump position you can push B to start this special attack. Invincible 2 frames after that the spinning attack is started .



When you be in double jump position you can push A to start this special attack.



When you be in jump position wait that your Y POSITION increases and press down+B. I name this attack « Yoshimitsu », because her remember me the attack of this character of Tekken and Soulcalibur games... It’s my favourite character of these fighting games. Else you can move only when this move is finish.



  • In land position, press B, Y, B, Y... It create an infinite defence and attack !
  • In jump position, press B, Y, B, Y... It create an infinite attack !

You can add a specific entries, like back+B, fwd+Y, back+B, fwd+Y... or back+B, back, fwd+Y, fwd, back+B, back, fwd+Y, fwd... And more other combinations to create a very special moves !




Push Y It’s only possible when you are in land position.



You have 3 ninja powers...

Dragon :

Push B+X It kill all enemies at the screen and hit bosses.



Warrior :

This power is very interesting, because it offer numerous possibility...
  • 1- Every time you hit, it create a warrior statue, who hit enemies when he have a collision, but create a poor damages .
  • 2- If you do an hit with your katana, you increases your damages of 50 %.
  • 3- You can use a extreme samuraï rolling , 3 times only. After you uses 3 times you lose the warrior power. This extra attack permit you to gain a X speed and be invincible during here.

This power is time limited, but I don't did search to know how time, because in this TAS I'm more faster than this power's stopping. To uses the extreme samuraï rolling, push B+C



spinning warrior

Cat :

I named "cat ninjutsu", because all testers and some players have mistake this power with a super jump ninjustu in « the revenge of Shinobi » on Genesis, it's due to those graphics who are the same in this 2 games. In reality, this power, offer only the possibility to take 8 damages and not lose your health points. And in Catwooman's mythology, all cats have 9 life, so... I don’t use it in this TAS.




I don't explain the levels, because it's very hard to explain these... To understand that, I will say you that: To run is more faster than to jump, but you can't run all time, because it depend to the action ( enemy's shot, walls, ground hole...). Enemies are loaded a long time before it appear on the screen and some of those have a patterns linked at your moves, this force you to search a numerous solutions to take the advantage on future actions, for example you can lose 3 frames at precise moment for won 20 frames later, you don't can be lazy, you be obliged to make more tries to have an optimal solution. Before you doing a jump, you be obliged to be in "running" state, because your X speed increases, you lose you speed when you hit before your Y position increases (I recall you that when you jump your Y position decreases and when you fallout, your Y position increases), when you do an double jump you lose a few speed (some little %, but not a lot), if you use an attack in double jump position, you lose your speed, best solution is to attack when you fallout and don't be in double jump, it haven't you to remake inputs to run when you landing. For doing simple, I remake the first level 7 times to have an very optimal solutions, Hong Kong baie level been infernal and taken me more than 4000 rerecords with 3 different solutions and I don't speak you to the mountain's level... In the last level, all bombs go by a trigger, i find a solution to obtain the explosion with a glitches attack at a precise moments for won time an create entertaining, because normally it's impossible, the explosion kill Sho automatically, even you play in the easy difficulty, I think that all fan of this game, will know of what I speak.


I use the samuraï statue because it’s possible to enter an input during one only frame at the end loading of boss room. With this trick you can hit the boss before the fight start. After, I manipulate his comportment ( it’s very easy) for that he don't search fight. It's an optimal solution to have a perfect fight .

Bomb horns :

Flame up :

Head spinner :


Uses the warrior ninjutsu, I manipulate his comportment to don’t that he enter in a dodge pattern or leave at the right.

Combo knives x2 :

Fast cutter :

Jump & kick :

Spinner jump :

Slide cutter :

Dodge :


Heavy comportment manipulation for that the boss always enter in a burial pattern to won time.

Burial :

Chemical wind :

Hell roll :

Crusher :

Slide crusher :

Punch x3 :


You can only hit the boss when he use the Ki fireball pattern. You shall hit the Ki fire ball to can hit the boss. I manipulate his comportment. I use the Dragon ninjutsu, because when they boss’s HP are at some %, he enter always in reflection pattern and it’s more short to kill, because this ninjutsu hit they two bosses and kill them immediately.

Disappear :

Ki fireball :

only pattern to hit the boss


Ki wave :

Reflection :


  • ||| |||
  • ||| ? |||
  • |||==========|||


This boss is very hard, he have numerous patterns, have a good defence due to a lot of attack with invulnerability frames. He search always to use the Slide to kill because he is invulnerable during this attack. I search actually an other solution to have a better fight. I have remake this fight, after I have finish this run, with an other .bk2 file, but I wasn't found a better solution and after a numerous try, I have decide to stop this nightmare and submit this like it. I don't know if it's possible to limited this recurrent pattern, but I want believe that it's possible.

Back jump :

Double kick :

Roll kicker :

Fast crusher :

Fireball :

Hardcore fireball :

Flying kick :

Jump & kick :

ki ball :

Ki punch :

Slide to kill:

invincible and recurrent pattern.



For this fight, if you want won time, you must don’t hit directly the boss, because he use immediately the super shredder after one hit and during this attack , he is invulnerable. When you go to the right or left of the screen, after a sometime, he use the roll up and if you hit him, he enter obligatory in the pyro pattern and after that you hit him, he finish by the super roll kick or shredder patterns. You lose time because you wait the good pattern, but you won time with three hit against one hit and wait, one hit and wait... This is a best solution that I had can found to save more 200 frames than all other...

Jump & kick :

Pyro :

invincible with delay time.


Roll up :

Shredder :

Super shredder :

Super roll kick :

Throw back :


The best jump & the best combo is equal to a fast fight! Just have very precise jumps to manipulate the degree of laser shot.

AC/DC ball :

invincible and he do this move 3 times.


Dash :

Laser down :

Collapse :


This boss is very easy, because it’s possible to manipulate his comportment and have always the same pattern. You must take the crystal and hit the boss... The total number of hit, is always the same ! Kazuma die when you take the green crystal.

Back jump :

Fast back jump :

Spinning attack :

Spinning shuriken :

invincible with delay times.


Jump & kick :

Shuriken & ping-pong :

Simple cutter :

Up & cut :

Super slide cutter :

Thief :

Sun ninjutsu :

Phoenix ninjutsu :

Dragon ninjutsu :


It's possible to skip the first boss at the end of level two. To do this, you will have to climb the tree branches, on the left of the screen, before going through the door. This is the only solution, because when you jump after climbing on the branches, you lose a few pixels and accumulation + double jump make a perfect Y position for landing and don't close the door. The game considers that you haven't passed the trigger zone, because the door is open and the boss does not appear to start the fight, you can pass the second trigger to complete the level and kill the second boss.


For me, this is a great Shinobi game, when I forget the digital graphics, but who are not very bad, I prefer the old artistic direction. Else this game is better that her predecessors (yet I'm a big fan) , good difficulty, best gameplay, good levels, excellent musics... I have just a little disappointment, because it haven't a giant boss and not more of ninjustu. Don't forgot, that this game have now 23 years and that it can not be compared with the old Shinobi, who must be play only with shurikens, they are very different and are all the very good games. I'm a very greatest fan of ninja games (or samuraï), my favourite is Ninja gaiden on Xbox classic (and NG black), I hate shinobi on PS2, who for me have killing the licence of the best game on Genesis and when I view that Ryu Hayabusa is become an ninja in a very easy game and not interesting... I say, go to hell, gamers who find that these games are too difficult and all creators who listen just the global gamer's commentaries instead of fan's opinions, just to business!



  • All fan of Shinobi.
  • All Sega saturn fan.
  • All testers, who tell anything on false informations, but who permitted me to have a big laughing... It's sure, you are big fans :D
  • All "let's play" on youtube, who permit to have a best comparison on the different versions of this game.
  • Dreamcasters' Tube to re-subbed all Japanese cutscenes in English, you make a great work.
  • BenJ who lend me the game, very big thanks, "I buy it soon".
  • All guys that i forgot, sorry :(
  • All emulator coders, THX for saturnus and more.
  • All video encoders, It's not easy to have the better encode when you have no knowledge on this subject, you make a great work.
  • phoenix1291 for help me on my video encode problem.
  • And you for watch, read and comment.

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