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Submission #5836: Mars608, chatterbox & HappyLee's NES Super Mario Bros. "all items" in 19:50.04

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Super Mario Bros.
Game version: JPN/USA
ROM filename: Super Mario Bros. (JU) [!].nes
Branch: all items
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.1
Movie length: 19:50.04
FrameCount: 71520
Re-record count: 45881
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Mars608, chatterbox & HappyLee
Submitter: Mars608
Submitted at: 2018-02-23 13:17:07
Text last edited at: 2018-02-27 23:39:16
Text last edited by: Spikestuff
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
After we see the maximum coins TAS someone will be curious about how many items are there in SMB1 and how many items can we get in one life. Here's the answer: There are 46 Power-Ups , 10 1UP Mushrooms , 10 Super Stars in SMB1 . And we can get all of them within one life.


  • To get all the Power-Ups , 1UP Mushrooms , Super Stars. Not including vines for we can't "get" them. And coins for it's impossible to get all of them.
  • To complete the game within the fastest time
  • To be as entertaining as possible

(Link to video)


For there is a flower in 4-1's underground scene and another in a block faraway right hand from the tube. It seems impossible to get both of them. But by going into walls and pushing Mario to the right edge of the screen, then touching a Spiny Egg to get hurt it will be possible. I tried many ways to control Spiny Eggs and the way I use in the movie seems to be the best choise. 1UP Mushrooms in X-1 (except 1-1) only appear when we get all the coins in (X-1)-3 ( For example 1UP Mushroom in 4-1 will appear when we get all the coins in 3-3). So in this run you can not only see all the ways of getting items , but also see coin collection in X-3 stages. In 1-3 we can miss two coins.

Level comments

Nothing special. Get the only mushroom in this run.
It is faster getting the 1UP Mushroom from the left hand and just save 21 frames. Thanks to CuteQt.
Thanks to CuteQt telling me that we can miss 2 coins in this stage.
I find it's possible to get a flower like this with 25 speed and it saves 21 frames. It also works in warpless run if get a mushroom in 1-3 and get a flower in 1-4.
We have thought vine glitch is useless in this stage. But with a corner clip we made the special ending and saved 21 frames.
100% killing. It won't waste time doing a corner clip in this stage.
100% killing. Cheep-cheep glitch as HL do in warpless run.
As 1-4 , saved 21 frames.
By touching the walls when getting items instead of going into a wall we succesfully avoid fireworks and saved 21 more frames with HL's help.
Play fireballs with BGM after getting a star until end of the stage. It's really interesting.
It makes no difference if not land on the left part of the last balance lift in warpless run. But it saves time in this run. In order to do this we should kill the last flying Koopa at the left edge of the screen.
Nothing special.
Lakitus throws a Spiny Egg every 128 frames or when an item disappears. So we chose to get into the first tube and controled a Spiny Egg just in the place we want.
Killing 2 Pirana Plants before they appears. It's also used in 5-1 and 5-2.
With HL's help it just break a frame rule.
Nothing special.
Tripple kill as HL's warpless run does. It will be slower to show the glitch going into a wall with an invisible block so we didn't choose it.
Time will be xx3 if we do a flagpole glitch so it's the only stage we pull the flag down. Thanks to the way getting a flower with 25 speed or we can only slow down to wait the time goes to xx2.
Nothing special.
As 2-4. It will cause lags if play fireballs with BGM.
Wall clipping when getting 1UP Mushroom.
For there is a mushroom in underground scene we can't use shell glitch in this stage. The way we use in the run is 10 frames slower but won't waste time thanks to 21 frame rule.
It's a little hard to push the mushroom out in this way...
A firebar is on the way mario will go so we tried to avoid it. Doing a wall jump is the best way. HL makes it only 21 frames slower than 1-4.
Bullet Bill Glitch is better than Shell Glitch for there is a flower after the last Cannon.
100% killing. Slid into the castle instead of going into walls. For fun.
100% killing. Made a Cheep-Cheep double kill (Not with a Koopa) witch is really rare.
Playing fireballs with BGM all the time.
It will not be much faster getting the star from the left hand so we didn't chose it. Time will be 196 if not slow down so we show the way RTAers use when doing flagpole glitch.
Getting the 1UP Mushroom with the Jumpspring through the wall is amazing. The Bullet Bill is 16 frames slower than a perfect one. But even if we get a perfect one it can't help us break a framerule.
Nothing special.
Bad luck in turnaround room waste 1 frame due to a Cheep-Cheep is just on the way Mario would go. We made the coin be 66 because six is a nice number in China.

chatterbox's comments

This is my first substantial collaborative TAS. But as HappyLee says, Mars608 has finished most of the stages by himself. My efforts were not very helpful I guess. He invited me over with admiration for my SMB technique, but I don't think I've lived up to his expectations.

But anyway, they were much outstanding than I'd thought. Mars608 and HappyLee accomplished the results that I couldn't reach with my own knowledge and skills. When I thought "this is enough" and I handed them the movie files, they gave me a more surprising result and unexpected improvements. Especially in 4-1, I had a lot of difficulty manipulating the position of Spiny Egg, but they succeeded in taking both of Mushroom and Flower with this perfect movement (It may have been Mars' solo). Also Mars608 has devised of a small improvement in 8-4, but it's too bad it couldn't apply to this TAS. I hope it can apply to the warpless run they're producing.

Lastly, thanks to Mars608 for inviting me to this collaborate. And I also thank HappyLee for making such an incredible improvement that I couldn't imagine. I've learned quite a lot through this TAS.


Nach: Judging this ambitious run.
Nach: Whether this run collects all items is debatable because it hinges on the definition of an item. All power-ups might be more accurate. This run also has a very high points to time spent ratio, and all in all is only slightly more than a minute slower than a full run, keeping the action fast paced, and the entertainment fairly high. The audience for the most part agrees.

Normally, an acceptable run is one which does 100%, which differs game to game, as different games have different optional components. For Super Mario Bros., 100% means all levels, because levels is seen as optional, power-ups not so much, because collecting the same power-up over and over doesn't actually do anything aside from awarding points. Therefore this run is a custom goal which is 100% and then some.

Custom goals are allowed if they offer a couple of things that are not seen in other runs, and the audience finds it entertaining. This run while having many similarities to the as fast as possible warpless run does offer some unique things. Many of the power-ups are collected with a variety of glitches not seen in the other SMB runs. Since more time is spent in levels than seen in other published movies, some alternate tricks are employed to complete levels which line up enemies that are at a different location in their movement cycle than seen elsewhere. The handling of 4-1 was especially impressive. Some of the tricks appear to be required to collect items without losing time, and are unlikely to appear in other runs, such as the 1-up collection in 8-2, or some lift shenanigans in 1-3 which seems to be the fastest way to get a power-up and coins (which is then required for the hidden 1-up in 2-1).

While I'm not totally convinced on this being a branch onto itself, it does seem to fit our requirements and the audience is a lot more pleased with this goal than some others that were submitted.

Accepting to moons.

Spikestuff: Publishing.

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