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Submission #6068: EZGames69's GB Mickey's Dangerous Chase in 11:43.46

Console: Game Boy
Game name: Mickey's Dangerous Chase
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Mickey's Chase (Japan).gb
Emulator: Bizhawk 2.3
Movie length: 11:43.46
FrameCount: 42016
Re-record count: 27442
Author's real name: Colin
Author's nickname: EZGames69
Submitter: EZGames69
Submitted at: 2018-08-11 15:19:29
Text last edited at: 2018-08-27 15:45:17
Text last edited by: Memory
Download: Download (10201 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Note: I recorded with OBS this time because I cannot dump on 2.3 with ffmpeg, as it's the only method that seems to work for my computer when dumping from 2.0 versions. (also apologies for the mouse on screen, I thought I had disabled mouse capture. guess you'll have to watch 2 different mice on screen ;) )

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 2.3 (with GBHawk core)
  • Takes Damage to save time


Before I get into the actual game, let me talk about GBHawk. Now accuracy is very important to this site, and I was excited when the final release came out as I was eager to make improvements on this game with GBHawk. However I noticed that GBHawk seems to emulate screen transitions too fast, here's a comparison between Gambette (left) and GBHawk (right): https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/foolhardyhomelyalligatorgar

the difference is GBHawk reaches the first level nearly 31 frames faster than on Gambette, so most of the time saved in this game is probably exaggerated due to this. however I can still say that there were real improvements to this game.

so with that out of the way, let's talk about the game.

Stage by stage comments


jumping in a few places reduces lag frames, and a change I did was taking damage on the wheezle to grab the block faster.


No real change here other than avoiding damage from the fire hydrant. since I took damage in the first level, damage here doesnt make sense.


by grabbing the invincibility, I can hit enemies away to reduce lag. moving items also cause lag as well, so I collect all but one, as collecting all 4 bubble items shows a screen of me collecting an extra life.


small optimization with the falling nuts, I do not take damage here or in the next level to speed up 2-3. also the snakes have the biggest hitboxes in the entire game, so jumping over them might seem like overkill.


here we also dont take damage for 2-3 to go by faster.


the amount of health you have in this stage determines how many balloons you carry, the max speed you can go is if you have 3 balloons, and hugging the mountain reduces some lag.


take damage boosts in this stage to get past some of the gophers, bonking the ceiling makes you fall faster so that's done near the edges. some time was saved by optimizing the jumping.


takes damage on first 2 enemies and I found that the old route to end the stage is actually faster than what the current published movie does.


just like with 2-3, I hug the mountain as much as possible to avoid having the other vulture on screen, this reduces quite a bit of lag. also jump off at the last second to hit the end of the level faster.


slight time save due to more optimized movements


jumping on the platforms going to the right saves time as it makes mickey move faster. also try to minimize jumping on the platforms moving left as you can sometimes lose a frame every time you jump.


get as close to the enemies as possible this time, to reduce as much lag as possible.


Not much has changed here, I minimize my waiting time for some moving enemies and grab max health before I leave.


Autoscroller, not much I can do to save time here. This stage is also really difficult to do casually. You have to be exactly on the edge of the platforms to even make it.


I found that the first damage boost I did in the last movie lags the game quite a bit, so I chose a skip that doesn’t lag as much. Also the reason I use the Japanese version in the first place is because it ends input, in the US version I would have to end input on the screen with Mickey and Minnie and the bird, but in the Japanese version they just combined the two texts, so japan makes the inputs end faster.

Thanks for watching!

ThunderAxe31: File replaced with a 2 frames improvement.

Memory: Judging

Memory: I took a look at the first stage and managed to save time on the second jump. This snowballed into saving time throughout the TAS and now I have a WIP that is 203 frames ahead.

Rejecting due to suboptimality.

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