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Submission #6071: thegreatbup's NES Super Mario Bros "AISSON%" in 05:52.69

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Super Mario Bros
Game version: JPN/USA
ROM filename: Super Mario Bros. (JU) [!].nes
Branch: AISSON%
Emulator: Bizhawk 2.3
Movie length: 05:52.69
FrameCount: 21196
Re-record count: 1071
Author's real name: Stephen
Author's nickname: thegreatbup
Submitter: thegreatbup
Submitted at: 2018-08-14 06:06:04
Text last edited at: 2018-08-14 11:39:22
Text last edited by: Masterjun
Download: Download (3816 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
This is the funniest and best code for super mario bros on the NES!!!!!!! "AISSON" makes you go through walls,pipes,bricks,coin blocks and even flagpoles (around 2 frame jump for a flagpole glitch) So if you want to beat super mario bros in under 5 minutes use the code on a emulator or a game genie
Beat 1-1,1-2,4-1,4-2,8-1,8-2,8-3, and 8-4 with the code on


same as a normal 1-1 in a any% speedrun or tas but i go through some blocks underground and went through the flagpole and the castle

1-2 and 4-1

Let me start with 1-2 went through some walls and bricks and at the end i went to the warp pipes with a 347 not a 346 because i went through the wall (normal tassing here)then 4-1 same as 1-1 and 1-2

And the rest

4-2 we do a glitch that makes us go to the warp zone (human possible)and i go through a wall (LIQUID WALLS!!) 8-1 same going through some pipes and the ground and another flagpole glitch 8-2 we do a "faster" bbg or bullet bill glitch 8-3 i slowed down a little to get a 2 not a 3 on the timer because it will give you 3 fireworks and waste time. and 8-4 the last level of the game we do a couple of glitches like a wrong warp and we hit the axe a little late on the timer but thats okay

probably a lot of time to take off i dunno

Masterjun: Judging.

Masterjun: A hack of SMB which allows simply going through walls is not a high quality hack and does not fit the goals of the site. For more information, read the reply by Spikestuff. Please read the Submission Instructions before making a submission.


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