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Submission #617: slash_star_dash's Genesis X-men 2: Clone Wars in 23:52.28

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: X-men 2: Clone Wars
Game version: JEU
ROM filename: X-Men_2_-_Clone_Wars_(JEU)_[!]
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 23:52.28
FrameCount: 85937
Re-record count: 4903
Author's real name: m.t.
Author's nickname: slash_star_dash
Submitter: /*-
Submitted at: 2005-04-06 07:23:07
Text last edited at: 2006-04-04 18:14:50
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

X-men 2: Clone Wars (also my description)

the Phalanx, an alien race, have come to earth in order to take over. the X-men decide to not let that happen with the help of "anti-hero" Magneto and take on them, as well as a few of the X-men's rivals in the process.

Movie Making:

well, i said id do it but i didnt think i would so soon either. anyhow, over 2 minutes faster than the last version. hardest parts came in desyncing... which didnt happen UNTIL master brain (i hate that bastard for that too... every stage from then on froze or desanc in 1 spot or another). the lab remains the toughest part because it CONSTANTLY freezes for unknown reasons.


"Your starting character depends on if player one is using a 6-button or a 3-button controller.

6+6: Beast + Gambit 3+3: Beast + Psylocke 3+6: Wolverine + Cyclops 6+3: Wolverine + Cyclops"

Things worth mentioning:

"On another note, the music changes depending on players. Beast has a bass like track added, Wolvering has a metallic saw-wave sound. Cyclops has long arpeggio sweeps. Psylocke has an beeping echo track, and Gambit has a melodic sweeping track. Nightcrawler has beeping and conga drums (Yoshi anyone?). Probably not of any use but I think it's fun."

"What you need to do is defeat all the Phalanx X-Men clones except for one. It doesn't matter what order you do it in just so long as all but one are dead. Now, once you've done that, head back down to the very bottom of the area -- the end of the hallway where the Phalanx mech's claws turned into your character(s). Now, hit the wall to the left. If you do this, the wall should emit a circle of explosions which circle around twice and into a sort of close-eyed blank-looking smiley face.(Looks like this -> -_-) Now, head back up into the second room from the bottom on the right. This room should have a wall blocking your progression. However, if you did as I said, if you hit this small wall, it should shatter like glass. Walk into the room, and there, you will fight Phalanx-Magneto!"

aside from that, i used just about every tip given to me by TouchOdeath and Truncated in the last thread (and prolly some before that as well). i would like to thank both of them for this, without which i'd of prolly never tried this game again. especially Truncated... all of your "whining" (you said it, not me : really pushed me into doing this.

the elevator trick was a bit odd for me. i did this as best i could so i would still be able to dispose of Exodus just as well.

Apocalypse goes down MUCH faster thanks to TouchOdeath's tip.

just about everything is faster (and if not, its tied). i even used Beast against Master Brain... and Beast is really happy about it... just look at how much more he wants to help out! :)

anyhow, i hope this doesnt desync on you and you enjoy it (god knows it might because of my luck).

Truncated: The run for this game has come a long way since the first version, which was 35 minutes long. After five revisions, this is the first one I have felt that I could vote Yes for. So have 11 other people, and noone has expressed any negative views. Therefore, I think this is worthy of publication. Accepting.

/*-: thank you. i would have one thing to add. it was quite late when i originally submitted this and would request the name of the author be the same as all other things ive attempted slash_star_dash. i know, this will most likely happen by default, but just incase. i forgot to change the author nickname. sorry.

Bisqwit: You know, there's a shift key in the keyboard. It can be used to make capital letters. It is useful for capitalizing the first letter of each sentence.
Anyway, processing this movie now.

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