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Submission #6266: EZGames69's Genesis The Lion King II in 08:02.29

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: The Lion King II
Game version: unknown
ROM filename: Lion King II, The (Unl) [!].md
Emulator: BizHawk 2.3.1
Movie length: 08:02.29
FrameCount: 28900
Re-record count: 14016
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: EZGames69
Submitter: EZGames69
Submitted at: 2019-02-13 17:07:59
Text last edited at: 2019-02-16 17:49:01
Text last edited by: EZGames69
Download: Download (15166 bytes)
Status: new
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Author's comments and explanations:
The Lion King II is a bootleg mega drive game from china. I first learned about this bootleg from jontron: https://youtu.be/0ghGWWfzq-o?t=332

after finally finding a working rom for this game, I started to tas it. I didn’t expect to find some neat glitches with it (though I should have, considering it’s a bootleg)

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 2.3.1

Stage by stage comments


I have not much to say about this really, everything is pretty straight forward. though here are some level comments anyway

Stage 1

a pretty straight forward level. one trick I do at the end is a swipe hover. if you continuously swipe in the air, you can delay your y movement, making your jumps longer. I can do this to jump over walls.

Stage 2

I halt in a few places to do a standing jump instead of a running jump as it gives me enough height to jump on ledges, if you swipe when you do a standing jump you can get back up to speed.

if you hold left and right when near a wall, you can clip into it. this only works if you are clipping into a wall from the right side. it skips a few areas where you have to climb up.

near the end I was able to clip into a ceiling of the china wall which saved 500 frames from going the normal way.

Stage 3

straight forward as well, some areas where I clip into walls and the like. not much to explain.

Stage 4

you cant enter any doors unless you kill all the enemies in the section you're in. I take the closest path to the exit so I can clip into a wall and reach the exit

Stage 5

a nearly 4 minute auto-scroller with not much going on. there are some blimps in this stage that are interesting to say the least.

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