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Submission #6302: Matslo123's Windows Iji "Ultimortal difficulty, no damage" in 41:25.4

Console: Windows
Game name: Iji
Game version: 1.6
ROM filename: iji.exe
Branch: Ultimortal difficulty, no damage
Emulator: Hourglass r81
Movie length: 41:25.4
FrameCount: 74562
Re-record count: 3439
Author's real name: Matevz
Author's nickname: Matslo123
Submitter: Matslo123
Submitted at: 2019-03-17 21:11:02
Text last edited at: 2019-04-10 16:30:37
Text last edited by: Matslo123
Download: Download (14987 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Iji is an action-packed strategic platform shooter with a detailed story, large levels with multiple paths, powerful bosses and lots of secrets. There are alternate gameplay events, dialogues and scenes depending on what you do, a wealth of extras and bonus features, and seven stats to upgrade through a leveling system. Iji herself has superhuman strength and abilities, and can crack Nanotechnology, use her enemies' most devastating weapons against them, and be a pacifist or a killer - the story adapts to how you play.

(Link to video)

Ultimortal is considerably tougher than Extreme, it gives you a time limit for each Sector, the enemies are faster, you cannot increase any stat but Health and there are no health pickups, among other things. This also means you cannot skip Asha's return fight in Sector X. Not being able to level up anything but health (which is useless for this run) makes all of the shortcuts unavalable and adds a large amount of time to the run. Having 1 attack means that your shotgun deals very little damage, leading to long fights with Krotera and Asha.

The aim of this run was to push the limits of what is possible to do in this game. Since this is a 1HP run, meaning that I cannot take damage, I need to avoid getting hit with machineguns and coming in contact with enemies. Since there are no health pickups to repair my armor, it is very limited. The nano pickups only restore 2 bars of armor out of 20. Trying to do this while still getting a good time proved to be one of the biggest challanges. Basically every enemy had to attack with the right weapon and move in the right way. This was done with RNG manipulation by firing weapons on specific frames or by jumping on specific frames for a certaing amount of time. This run took me a long time to do because all of this is just trial and error. Dodging the projectiles was the least of a concern.

Just for fun and entertainment I decided to break the truce in sector 3 in order to fight Krotera and fought Tor in sector X on maximum charge. If you fight Maximum Charge Tor, he starts out with 1200 HP and all weapons at their highest power level, plus he drops less Health pickups and releases two Skysmashers every time he lands. The main thing here is the upgraded weapons which make the fight considearbly more difficult if you play the game normally, but it does also make the TAS more entertaining.

If you want this run to sync, you need to have beaten the game on expert difficulty in order to unlock ultimortal difficulty. You can do this by using the savefile provided in the link. For varification purposes I have made an extremely unoptimized run on expert mode. I fastforwarded most of the time when I played and didn't bother savestating. This TAS is not meant to be watched but instead only serves to prove that the savefile was not edited externally. For those who want to varify, make sure to first delete the savefile and then run UlitimortalSetup.wtf before you run Ultimortal.wtf. Also run them both with multithreading set to 'wrap'. When fastforwading, the game sometime freezes so if that happens, make sure to not fastforward that part of the run. Blame hourglass not me. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_DRRGiERXp5H_KG8vWhLm_yyavwaiYzt Note to feos: use ultimortal1HPCredits for incoding.

feos: Judging...

feos: Replacing the submission move with one that ends at the final boss last hit. The file that reaches the credits and ends there is here.

feos: This movie is of the same technical quality as the regular completion run I accepted. And it starts from a save file that is required to unlock this difficulty, which is the highest playable difficulty in this game.

Gameplay displayed in this run is tougher than in that other run and this submission was received better by the audience. The routes are quite different in a lot of places, which adds to the overall difference. So I'm accepting it as a side branch that's to be watched as more entertaining of the two, while the other is fastest completion.

fsvgm777: Processing.

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