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Submission #632: SprintGod's Genesis Sonic 3 & Knuckles in 45:55.82

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Game version: US
ROM filename: Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 3 (W) [!]
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 45:55.82
FrameCount: 165349
Re-record count: 160027
Author's real name: Gavin Ward
Author's nickname: SprintGod
Submitter: SprintGod
Submitted at: 2005-04-16 05:50:04
Text last edited at: 2005-05-06 15:32:24
Text last edited by: SprintGod
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Finally threw together a decent explanation of everything :)

Most noteworthy improvements

Notes about the game engine


Angel Island 2
[0:05] A bubble bounce from exactly the right spot lets you fall through the crumbling platform before it breaks.
[1:18] Control is regained slightly before the bridge collapses. A bubble bounce speeds up the descent to the next level.

Hydrocity 1
[0:05] Holding down and left at the end of the tunnel causes you to catch the edge of the floor on the way out, so you can jump straight to the conveyors.
[0:24] The ramp doesn't change my direction fast enough, so I end up half in the wall on the way up. I hit the wall, and fall down into another part of it. From there, holding left causes the collision handling to push me to the right at high speed, and straight out of the wall.
[0:43] Delayed killing the boss by about 30 frames. Reason below.

Hydrocity 2
[0:19] The rotating pillar would be in the way if I got there sooner. Finishing the previous act slightly later means I don't have to wait as long here. As a result, I get a slightly faster time for this act.
[0:32] Easily reproducable glitch. You can only land on the floor when falling downwards, which means it's possible to jump up and through blue slides.
[0:56] Another way of falling through slides: Skipping over the collision area.

Marble Garden 1
[0:24] Fear the glitch of screen confusion. It takes a few seconds to activate, but it's worth it.
[0:27] At this point I'm jumping straight through a wall that's supposed to be broken by the spinning top I skipped a moment ago...
[0:28] ...and a set of crushing spikes... and a large mace...
[0:29] ...and a spiked pillar... and a set of spikes attached to the ceiling...
[0:30] ...and the screen finally caught up.

Marble Garden 2
[0:05] Only tails is supposed to go this way :)
[0:33] "You're not supposed to be here!"
[0:45] ...or here.
[0:48] ...or here either. The game reset itself a few times while i was recording this part.
[0:52] Behold! Knuckles' boss!

Ice Cap 1
[0:38] Knuckles' route is faster, so I screen-glitched into (and out of) it.

Launch Base 1
[0:10] The tube things hover slightly. If you land inside them when they're at their lowest point, you glitch back out as soon as they arrive at their destination, meaning you don't have to wait for them to stop spinning.

Mushroom Hill 2
[0:10] It's possible to jump on the very first frame that you regain control. I guess the game takes a moment to notice that you're no longer on the ground. You don't spin during the jump, even after using the shield special, so it'd probably look a bit silly with the Bubble Shield :)

Flying Battery 2
[0:11] Backtracked enough to reset the corkscrew thing, but not enough to reset the door. This means I can skip waiting for the damn thing. This is done repeatedly throughout the level.
[2:11] I guess someone screwed up. They forgot to make this wall solid :)

Sandopolis 2
[0:00] All the messing around after the end of the last act was for here. The moving pillar at the start was in the way, and if I'm going to wait, I might as well do so when the timer isn't running.
[0:07] Normally you'd go round the loop twice and up into a spring to send you downwards. Instead, I used a small jump to get halfway into the slope. Then, similarly to in Hydrocity 1, I ran upwards into the wall and fell downwards.
[0:23] Screen glitch. This time I used it to go up through a door without having to push the switch, using the time waiting for the platform to rise as preparation.
[0:33] Another platform, another door, another screen glitch.
[1:23] Used a ghost to knock me onto the block without breaking it. The extra height, in combination with the two ring boxes, makes it barely possible to reach the platform above at it's lowest point.
[1:38] Shields don't take effect for a moment after collecting them. I used this period to bounce onto the top of the spikes to the right. I lost my rings, retained the shield, and was able to spindash off the spikes to save quite a bit of time.

Lava Reef 1
[0:24] Triggered a switch from above and behind.
[0:31] Got below the drilling machine, then jumped up into it just as the floor collapsed, sending me downwards quickly. Enemies have glitched sprites for a short time afterwards.

Sky Sanctuary
[0:33] Normally when you fall down the hole to the right, the screen stops scrolling, you hit the bottom, and you die. I used the screen glitch to get it to scroll below this point before I jumped down. This makes it possible to skip almost the entire level.

Death Egg 2
[0:34] I think the spikes to the right are graphically the wrong way around or something :)
[2:07] Lost the Lightning Shield so I could beat the next bosses faster.
[2:52] I wait for a moment before finishing off Robotnik. This is because if you get the final hit before he starts moving to the right, he'll just sit there exploding for all eternity.

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