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Submission #6381: Sniq's SNES Super Metroid "100%" in 1:01:47.03

Console: Super NES
Game name: Super Metroid
Game version: JPN/USA
ROM filename: Super Metroid (Japan, USA) (En,Ja).sfc
Branch: 100%
Emulator: lsnes-rr2-beta23
Movie length: 1:01:47.03
FrameCount: 222788
Re-record count: 701819
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Sniq
Submitter: Sniq
Submitted at: 2019-05-01 19:49:17
Text last edited at: 2019-05-24 20:52:03
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (93510 bytes)
Status: judging underway
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

(Link to video)


  • Collects all items
  • Aims for lowest real time / frame count
  • Forgoes major game breaking glitches
  • Forgoes out of bounds
  • Forgoes memory corruption
  • Abuses minor glitches and exploits
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Manipulates luck


  • Energy Tank = E-Tank
  • Super Missile = Super
  • X-Ray Scope = X-Ray
  • Speed Booster = Speed
  • Charge Beam = Charge
  • Plasma Beam = Plasma
  • Mother Brain = MB
  • Continuous Wall Jump = CWJ

The list of rooms and names/nicknames for those rooms can be found here.

Tools Used


The ultimate TAS of the 2D realm has finally crossed the finish line, incinerating Cpadolf's previous iteration into ashes. The total improvement is 23360 frames, or approximately 6 minutes and 28 seconds in real time, and 3 minutes and 22 seconds in game time. Of those 23360 frames, 4118 were from lag reduction.

With an extremely unconventional route, even more new techniques than before, tons of updated room strategies, and a healthy amount of lag reduction, this TAS aims to outdo my previous works in terms of optimization and entertainment.

A secondary encode is being provided with fixed graphics, thanks to the creation of a LUA script for Bizhawk by PJBoy that alters the VRAM. All Super Metroid TASes created with Bizhawk and Lsnes are compatible with each other.

More specifically, this LUA script automatically:

  • Centers misaligned doors (to prevent permanent graphical issues)

  • Allows graphics to scroll & update while using X-Ray

  • Prevents graphical errors that would occur if Samus moved faster than 16px per frame

  • Follows Samus while she is off-screen (doesn't work yet, but will soon)

Fortunately, VRAM doesn't impact a Super Metroid TAS's ability to sync.

Route Outline

Perhaps only somewhat surprising in the context of 100%, Kraid -> Ridley -> Phantoon -> Draygon was determined to be optimal, with a 'one-trip Norfair' being possible through the assistance of various X-Ray exploits, and Phantoon being handled before Draygon to acquire Gravity Suit, of course.

The route itself was produced in cooperation with EternisedDragon, and as the saying goes, "well begun is half done".

Thanks to moonfall, almost all of the items from Green/Pink Brinstar can be acquired in one pass - the one unfortunate exception being the E-Tank behind Charge (commonly referred to as the "water tank") as it's shielded by many layers of Speed blocks.

All other areas, such as Kraid's Lair, Norfair, Wrecked Ship, and Maridia are completed in one visit, with a brand-new exploit performed to access Maridia immediately after reentry into Red Brinstar.

After Maridia, the aforementioned water tank is collected before sweeping the rest of (blue) Brinstar and Crateria. MB is then promptly dethroned in a lag-free duel to the death.

New Techniques

Grapple Speedkeep

Normally, all dash (run speed) is lost whenever Grapple makes contact with a Grapple block or Grapple-able enemy. However, if you do so on the same frame when the knockback period ends, all dash will be maintained.

With careful maneuvering, it's also possible to land and continue forward movement with this prior dash maintained. (see Post Crocomire Farming Room)

Grapple Supersink

If Samus releases from a grapple swing in a manner that the starting vertical speed exceeds 6 pixels per frame, it becomes uncapped and is allowed to increase forever, similar to moonfall.

If this specific release is combined with a pixel-perfect soft unmorph ("slopekiller"), this speed can be stored while in a crouch pose. From there, turning with either or both angle buttons held will increase the speed further, eventually allowing Samus to sink through objects (16+ speed required). (see Bowling Alley & Aqueduct first visit)

Unused Doors

There are a few rooms in the game which contain unused doors / areas within their boundaries. The Plasma beach is one such area, where a door - which has the same ID as the bottom right door of that room - exists behind the door leading to the Plasma area, effectively serving as a shortcut.

Pausing to release inputs

When the game pauses, it considers all inputs to be released, making it possible to, for example, morph without needing to wait a frame before being able to press down a second time to morph. This was crucial in being able to properly soft morph during the Bowling Grapple supersink. (That's why there's a seemingly unnecessary pause there, but it was definitely necessary!)

Midair-stuck Moonfall

Certain conditions can make Samus seemingly stuck in midair, in one of her midair poses. One method for this is to freeze two enemies with the correct distance between each other, and then jump between them. Now, what happens if you moonfall between those two enemies? Well, it allows a massive amount of vertical speed to be built up without needing any falling distance beneath you.

This was originally going to be applied as part of the means to access Maridia through Red Brinstar, but a faster strategy was found, thus limiting application of this technique to the Green Pirates Shaft before Tourian, using both of the Beetoms.

Phantoon Double Super

If Phantoon is struck with a Super on the same frame he initiates movement after the first Missile volley, he won't enrage.

This trick saved nearly a second compared to the typical single Super fight - albeit still slower than an X-Plasma fight, but this obviously wasn't an option in this run.

Soft Crumbling

Performing a soft unmorph atop a crumble block (to maintain vertical speed) and then performing a frame-perfect morph when the block vanishes can save time in very specific situations. (see West Sand Hole & Blue Brinstar E-Tank Room)


Yards (snails) can consume the same blocks of sand that Shaktool plows through, so a Yard can be directed to tear through part of the sand before Shaktool is able to reach it, allowing a quicker escape.

Continuous CWJs

Normally, all dash is lost as soon as the jump button is released, but if Screw Attack or Space Jump are active, it's possible to perform multiple CWJs in a row without losing dash.

Sand moonturns

By initiating a moonfall right before entering a room filled with sand, Samus will sink at about double the speed during turnaround animations, which makes this much faster than the traditional morph-unmorph-ing.

And finally, all techniques and glitches applied in the Any% TAS from 2018 were also applied in this project. You can read more about those on the submission page of that run.

Improvement Breakdown

Yes, very much improved...


Special Thanks

  • EternisedDragon a.k.a. Aran;Jaeger for helping create this route and for reviewing my progress
  • Cakemaphoneige a.k.a. Cake5 for finding a 3 frame improvement to MB's head manipulation during the stand-up glitch
  • PJBoy for his amazing LUA script
  • Dan for various disassemblies
  • Cpadolf's previous TAS for comparison material
  • Overfiend for being my editor

feos: Judging...

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