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Submission #6456: zdoroviy_antony's NES Super Mario Bros. "Warps, No left+right" in 04:57.54

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Super Mario Bros.
Game version: JPN/USA
ROM filename: Super Mario Bros. nes
Branch: Warps, No left+right
Emulator: Fceux 2.2.3
Movie length: 04:57.54
FrameCount: 17882
Re-record count: 18189
Author's real name: Antony Gopciy
Author's nickname: zdoroviy_antony
Submitter: zdoroviy_antony
Submitted at: 2019-07-18 09:04:10
Text last edited at: 2019-08-13 08:59:29
Text last edited by: zdoroviy_antony
Download: Download (3186 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)
In decription to youtube video there is a link to condensed (no cutscenes) version of movie with Harry Potter music. For me it sounds absolutely amazing! Edit: I now delted it from youtube description, but here it is https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NaAZP0atrPfKiX23Hn-qAmjG1Mummw0U

04:57.543 from power-on / 04:54.265 with RTA timing.

(Movie timing is a lot longer, because I'm not liking to stop it on the axe, let the game finish completely with princess scene!)

First reason of no left+right is because left+right banned in RTA leaderboards and not normally possible on most of console controllers.

Second reason of no left+right is because of framerule system, this run doesn't lose any time from normal TAS http://tasvideos.org/1715M.html, until 8-4. However it makes saving this framerules more challenging and overall TAS WR harder.

Third reason is that final improvement was founded not too much time ago, probably, because not a lot of TASers really tried this category.

First time it was done by Maru, but he didn't want to submit it to TASvideos, because it is, most likely, not enough. So, I'm submitting my version, which is little bit more entertaining in my opinion (in some places it looks slower, but this because of entertianment purposes or unusual routes, which are less common), have fastest possible way of doing 4-2 (inside framerule, it is actually that one method of wrong warp, which is 1 frame behind next framerule, if use left+right). Also I founded all actual timesaves myself, icluding final frame, which makes this TAS my best speedrun so far. Even if it is not gonna be accepted, I think it is better then nothing that it will stay as submission, because it is very intresting.

Main advantage of left+right is faster acceleration and deceleration, which makes timelosts in 8-4 unavoidable without left+right.

Final frame over HappyLee's old TAS comes from turnaround room again. As in L+R TAS, it is hardest place from warps TAS.

Most of information below was known for a lot of years, but there was only 1 submission for No left+right TAS and I'm not sure that it was really fast one, so I'm making this commentary:

Fastest acceleration without left+right: Doing backward jump and another backward jump as soon as you can get full speed, but for some reason, we need to delay 1 frame, between pressing left and right+A at the first jump. I don't know why, but it is faster. However, in some unordinary situations, it is faster to not delay this frame, for example at 1-2 and 8-4 turnarounds.

Fastest deceleration without left+right: Doing a jump, stopping press B at the air, landing, holding R until landing. This will reset speed to walk immideately. At the first frame on the ground press L. This setup used for 4-2 turnaround at warp zone. It not works in 8-4 turnaround, because there is no much room and we have to slowdown before landing.

Individual levels commentary:

1-1: not as much room for entertainment as with L+R, so I only did an unusual flagpole glitch, which is slower, but a lot more intresting for me at least.

1-2: another slowdown after second pipe jump. I think, everybody, including me, knows that it possible to do wihtout slowing down, but it so common, that, I think slowing down is better. No classic double win on goomba at the end, because it have little effect to the pipe clip, so I had to change more then only that and decided to leave them alive. The clip using decelerating speed to walk, as I wrote before. Then I manipulated x-position on screen after clip for perfect turnaround by right releases and late B press inside pipe. 1-2 clip and turnaround can be done faster, which I did here (even faster by 1 frame then in Maru's TAS, but he also knew that it is possible) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFRTO8qKrj0, but I wasn't bothering about it after entertainment, because it is not even visible and main idea is kept. The idea is not let Mario pass x-position "124" on the screen, which allows Mario to make a stop on the middle pipe at warp zone, so, I was able to press right for backward jump, while scrolling screen far enough for changelevel to work.

4-1: another entertaining flagpole glitch with slowing down. This one was actually very good at my opinion.

4-2: the clip was know for a lot of time, so the special part is no left+right turnaround, which I did barely more optimized for subpixels then Maru. The main idea is deceleration as I wrote earlier to the completed stop at the last subpixel of the brick without falling down. It requiers a very tight subspeed and subpixel optimization, and I couldn't found this myself, so had to copy some inputs from Maru's TAS. After stopping, I pressed right, so Mario will fall down at the edge and accelerate backwards to the left, which is faster then forwards. Then normal backward jump for final acceleration.

8-1: without left+right there is almost no room for entertainment, but I hope, I did something intresting. This framerule is most recent TAS framerule done in real time so far.

8-2: not really slower then with left+right at start, because of bullet shot manipulation. Different entertainment and bullet pattern comparing to Maru's and HappyLee's TASes. This looks specially great in "Harry Potter" version of the video.

8-3: it is not possible to kick both shells and still save framerule, Maru kicked 2nd, so I kicked first. It looks very slow (slower then 2nd), but I had anyway wait for "242" on timer to avoid fireworks. Comparing to L+R TAS: it is not possible to get "244" without left+right at start acceleration. Anyway I wouldn't use it, because "242" + flagpole glitch giving a lot more room to entertainment.

8-4: similar to L+R TAS, perfect frame at first room is much less obvious then it looks. It is only 1 frame slower then L+R TAS in 1st room and needs very hard and unordinary combination for fast acceleration. Walljump room is vise versa, much more obvious then it looks. Turnaround room combination looks crazy again, I was shocked when I founded this frame myself. Doing additional bacwakrd jump to pipe is not better for subpixels (because it needs slowdown to avoid bumping to pipe), but still can save this frame. I used it in my youtube video, but in submission I left forward jump, because it is more optimized. Backward swimming costs time, but I did backward exit out of water, which didn't cost me a frame, because it was very small. Nothing new at final room. Thanks for watching!

Masterjun: Judging.

Mothrayas: Removed one listed author's name, by their request.

Masterjun: Replaced movie file for proper timing.

Masterjun: This movie goal doesn't offer much difference from the normal run without restrictions. As a result the viewer feedback was bad as well. Rejected.

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