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Submission #6465: SpeedyTheHedgehog's NES Super Mario Bros. 2 "Luigi only" in 08:50.26

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Super Mario Bros. 2
Game version: USA PRG0
ROM filename: Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)
Branch: Luigi only
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.3
Movie length: 08:50.26
FrameCount: 31868
Re-record count: 1170
Author's real name: Gary
Author's nickname: SpeedyTheHedgehog
Submitter: SpeedyTheHedgehog
Submitted at: 2019-07-23 21:20:20
Text last edited at: 2019-12-29 11:12:39
Text last edited by: ThunderAxe31
Download: Download (5610 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
This is the second luigi Super Mario bros 2 (USA) TAS Since 2004. I improved Bisqwit's published [1280] NES Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA PRG0) "warps, luigi only" by bisqwit in 11:36.25 by 9907 frames.

Super Mario Bros. 2 is a platform game That has 4 characters. (Mario is normal in this game.) (Luigi can jump high to get to high places.) (Toad can run faster Especially when you carry enemies.) (Peach can float to get to a wide distance.)


  * Emulator FCEUX 2.2.3
  * Aims for the fastest time

(Link to video)

Maru: Judging.

Maru: Hello SpeedyTheHedgehog, and welcome to TASVideos. Unfortunately, your submission must be rejected due to issues with the goal choice and optimization.

Goal choice: You submitted this with the intention of obsoleting an old Luigi only TAS from 2004. However, a branch of this game that only uses Luigi does not offer any significant differences compared to the published warps TAS. There is a princess only branch of this game, which is unique because the princess character is the only one that is not used in the published warps or warpless runs. Luigi, however, is used in three of the eight levels that are played in the current SMB2USA warps TAS.

Optimization: I as well as some users in the submission thread noticed a handful of optimization issues. This TAS did not beat the published warps TAS in levels that did use Luigi. In addition, it did not incorporate known faster strategies, especially in level 1-1. For the record, this TAS is about 30 seconds slower than the fastest princess only run for this game, and the princess is inferior to Luigi in this game mostly due to slower item grabbing. Many places, such as the character selection screen, boss fights, movement around obstacles, and sand digging sections can be polished.

Please keep in mind the movie rules in the future: Movie must be good, Movie Goals In addition, please read this for future reference: TASing Guide


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