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Submission #6526: kierio04's NES New Mario Bros. "skips" in 10:17.58

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: New Mario Bros.
Game version: JPN/USA PRG0
ROM filename: New Mario Bros. (JU) (PRG0) [!].nes
Branch: skips
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.2
Movie length: 10:17.58
FrameCount: 37116
Re-record count: 6061
Author's real name: Kieran Sinclair-Lomax
Author's nickname: kierio04
Submitter: kierio04
Submitted at: 2019-10-06 23:12:56
Text last edited at: 2019-10-07 02:03:59
Text last edited by: Maru
Download: Download (7522 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
New Mario Bros. is a hack of the original Super Mario Bros. It introduces 20 new levels (5 new worlds) that weren't there in 1985. Along the way, there are new aesthetic features that remind you of later Mario franchise, and some brand new, enemies. I aim to complete these 5 worlds as fast as possible with as much entertainment as I deem necessary. In most of these levels you will see me attempt 100% killing of the enemies.

The IPS patch can be found and downloaded here

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.2
  • Complete the game as fast as possible

Levels to point out


I have to wait for the piranha plant to be low enough for me to pass through it and enter the underground section. In the underground section, as long as I don't hit the right edge of the blocks, as long as I register entering the pipe when I hit the ground, I am not losing any time. For some reason, when you exit the pipe you always appear on the side of it.


I collect a mushroom to get big Mario because I'll be needing the fire flower for the 5 Bowser fights. There is no way to jump high enough to hit the block, otherwise I would accelerate much faster here.


I collect a fire flower for benefit in the 5 upcoming Bowser fights. I use the spring to not only get to the higher part of the stage, but to get above the level, which avoids many slow areas (areas where I need to decelerate and accelerate). I will be doing this many times in this TAS, to save repeating myself I will refer to this as "going above the level". I slow down mid-air when falling back down onto the ground to avoid hitting 343 on the timer (which gives 3 fireworks and loses time).


I clip through the wall to avoid the slow areas and to a grounded fast-acceleration (which involves holding R until you have reached 11-X speed, then holding L+R once you have reached 22-X speed, then holding B+R until you have reached 40 X-speed. I slow down when exiting the wall to avoid falling into the lava.


I slow down mid-air near the end of the level again to avoid 343 on the timer.


I go above the level again. In case you're wondering, clipping the wall twice instead of going above the level twice is actually 2 framerules (42 frames) slower. I hit the top of the flagpole to avoid letting the timer count down to 346 (which gives 6 fireworks and loses a LOT of time), if I was to hit the flagpole 1 frame later, I would get 346, which is why flagpole glitch is not used.


The setup of the level is not correct to clip through (or pass over) the wall, so I am forced to go through the slow area. I wall jump off the pipe instead of revealing a block to jump off as it saves time. The timer hits 341 at the end of the level, so I get 1 firework, which loses no time.


Walljump instead of revealing the block. Again, like 2-2, I hit the top of the flagpole to avoid 256 (6 fireworks).


I go above the level. Timer hits 361, which doesn't lose time.


The player is spawned at just the right state that Mario can face left while accelerating mid-air, which gives an automatic fast acceleration. Another walljump instead of revealing block. This Bowser fight is quite laggy but I was able to reduce the lag to only one frame.

4-1 and 4-2

Entertainment highlights of the run. Almost every single enemy on the screen is killed AT LEAST once. In 4-1 I slow down mid-air to actually hit the block at the right angle to perform flagpole glitch. In 4-2, I perform 2 walljumps to avoid revealing a block AND going through a slow area. I actually manage to clip into the first block I walljump off to save 1 frame over the normal walljump, which only worked here out of the entire run.


Yet another walljump. This was the only occurrence where walljumping was just as fast as taking the slow area option. I chose walljumping instead because I was able to kill an extra enemy.


Fireballs galore. I clip through another wall to avoid another slow area, but when I exit, I perform a walljump instead of slowing down and hitting the ground below, the reason this wasn't used in 1-4 is because you aren't able to reach the closest wall. Then another walljump is performed instead of slowly jumping upwards. I go through the slow area because there is no other way to get through, however I perform a corner clip while accelerating, which saves 1-2 frames (I'm not completely sure about that one).


I perform another walljump, this time with a grounded fast-acceleration. This is famously used in HappyLee's TAS in 8-4. Because I am already at 11 X-speed when I touch the ground, I just hold L+R and I accelerate to 22 X-speed just as fast as backward jumping but I have the benefit of staying on the ground, giving me the ability to do a backward jump and accelerate to 40 X-speed. I then clip above the wall using a duck clip (wall clip while duck-jumping, which has actually been used many times before in this TAS) to avoid another slow area. I then slow down mid-air to reach the block needed to perform flagpole glitch.


I clip into the wall, then jump through the wall when there is no blocks in front of me (this is faster than jumping at the beginning of the clip), which avoids another slow area.


I must duck under a firebar in order to pass it, otherwise I have to wait for it (which is slower).


The final level. There is no way to avoid hitting the revealed block, so I use it to get to the higher part of the stage. Since hitting the axe is the end point of the TAS timing, Bowser doesn't need to be killed. I hold lose 1 frame before Bowser appears on-screen to give me a bowser pattern that I can actually pass through as big Mario.


Other comments

I believe this run lacks a lot this game has to offer, so I think slow area skips and no slow area skips (called "skips" and "no skips" respectively) categories should both exist. This TAS being the "skips" category.


  • Flagpole glitch count: 13
  • Enemy kill count: 132 (+ 5 Bowser kills)
  • Coin count: 181


  • Suggested screenshot: Frame #25885
  • Suggested movie description: Whatever you think is appropriate.

Maru: Judging.

Maru: Both powerup grabs in 1-2 and 1-3 are suboptimal. The 1-2 powerup grab is improvable by ~40 frames, and the 1-3 powerup grab is improvable by around a second. This is the fourth TAS of yours that has been rejected for poor goal choice or optimization reasons. Consider this as a warning, because your submissions privileges may be revoked if you submit another movie that breaks our rules or is not up to optimization standards. You need to familiarize yourself with all of our movie rules, and you should not have obvious mistakes in your movie. Canceling, yet again...

Feedback on this game has yet to be discussed, but the issues are evident.

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