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Submission #6697: Xander's Wii Super Mario Galaxy "Fastest Crash" in 21:41.48

Console: Wii
Game name: Super Mario Galaxy
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Super_Mario_Galaxy-wiist.iso
Branch: Fastest Crash
Emulator: Dolphin 5.0-0000
Movie length: 21:41.48
FrameCount: 487794
Re-record count: 21723
Author's real name: Michael Carvalho
Author's nickname: Xander
Submitter: Xander
Submitted at: 2020-04-01 05:20:55
Text last edited at: 2020-04-04 11:55:48
Text last edited by: Mothrayas
Download: Download (171544 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)
Super Mario Galaxy is a classic, 2007 3D platformer in which Princess Peach is captured yet again and Mario is forced to go on a journey, collecting power stars, so he can travel to the centre of the universe and save his special one. In this TAS, Mario instead decides to terrify the local surfing instructor by breaking the game.


  • Crash the game
  • Do it as fast as possible
  • Use death to save time

Sync Settings:

  • Dolphin 5.0 (5.0-0000)
  • 2 Emulated wiimotes, first has a nunchuck extension, second has no extension (Controllers)
  • Dual Core Off (Config > General)
  • Cheats Off (Config > General)
  • DSP LLE interpreter (slow) (Config > Audio)
  • Backend: OpenGL (Graphics > General)
  • Internal Resolution: 3x Native for 1080p (Graphics > Enhancements)


In Loopdeeloop Galaxy there's a 3 frame window where you control Mario while the screen transitions to the tutorial. Jumping in this window lets us get off of the manta ray and out of bounds.

The tutorial counts as complete when the “Yep! That’s how you turn right!” textbox is closed. There are normally 2 more textboxes after this before you gain control of the manta ray so I run off the edge and die. This skips those 2 textboxes to get control of the manta ray immediately.

Now that we have control of the manta ray I buffer a spin by shaking the controller and the game crashes. This is the only known crash in Super Mario Galaxy.

Normally, when you shake the controller while ray surfing you do a jump, but because Mario is off of the manta ray he is supposed to do his spin animation. You never encounter this scenario during regular gameplay so I suspect the game wasn’t programmed to handle this.

Known Improvements

  • Bloopiero discovered that changing the angles leading up to Peach's castle in the intro can save time. I later optimized this for a total of 8 frames saved
  • Collecting no starbits at all in this run would save time by removing the post-level notifications. Specifically: 91f after Gateway (it was cancelled suboptimally), 29f after GE1, and 30f after HH1 for a total of 150 frames

Special Thanks

In no particular order:
  • April
  • Bloopiero
  • PurpleSun
  • Toogs
  • nim

Suggested Frame: 77514 (or if you want a more friendly frame use 77469). Some other good ones were 77505, 77509, and 77515 (pretty much any frame where Mario is on top of the camera is cool)

Mothrayas: Claiming for judgment.

Mothrayas: This is definitely among the upper echelon of Fastest Crash TASes, at least in terms of interesting content or tricks being displayed. However, it is still a Fastest Crash TAS, so rejecting.

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