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Submission #669: Highness's Genesis Sunset Riders in 10:27.15

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Sunset Riders
Game version: (U) [!]
ROM filename:
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 10:27.15
FrameCount: 37629
Re-record count: 1073
Author's real name: Jonas Fredriksson
Author's nickname: Highness
Submitter: highness
Submitted at: 2005-05-10 12:00:50
Text last edited at: 2006-03-21 18:09:29
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

This submission is something I whipped up in a couple of days because I got tired of waiting for Phil and Genisto's SNES version of the game.

Used gens_movie_test9c.exe to create this run. If the run desyncs with your favorit settings, try switching both controllers to 6 buttons since that was used to create this run.

First of all, this game is NOT an auto scroller game. It just scrolls slowley when the characters walk forward. I've tried to make it as interesting as possible, as fast as possible.

Now.. For the real stuff. This is a very pruned version from the original arcade version. This game contains name swaps on some bosses, such as Poco Loco (which in this game appears as level 2 boss). It also contains some other dialog boxes when the bosses talk. Also, the Genesis version only has the two characters Cormano and Billy.

The game features great music and graphics. Awesome guns blazing, dynamite exploding, falling rocks and dangerous arrows.

Some more details then?

Damage can be avoided by sliding or jump and grab a ledge or balcony. If you press down and jump at the same time, the command for jump down from a building will be executed, even when there is nothing to jump down from. This allows me to avoid getting hurt.

I don't grab the second gun with Billy since I think it won't look good due to all those missed shots.

I don't grab the stars because I don't wanna end up in bonus levels which will only give me more useless points. I only go for extra points in special occations to make more things happend during the run. More like a show off and not a practical thing.

Level 1 - Nothing much to say really. Shooting bandits, getting the necessary upgrades to complete the game a bit more stylish and perhaps faster?

First boss - Simon Greedwell There is some problems with the collision check on those barrels which allows my bullets to go straight thru them and hurt Simon instead. This was taken into play of course. :)

Level 2 - Just one thing to get annoyed over really, which I found no way of completing faster. There are those logs that comes rushing towards you as you travel on the train. You can either jump over them or slide under them. Problem here is that it appears at a very bad situation since I'm between two of the wagons. No way around as I see it.

Second boss - Poco Loco Well.. He get's his share of bullets through his body. Rather fast as well I must say.

Level 3 - Filled with annoying indians, or native americans if you will, shooting fire arrows and dropping large boulders at you. They also have a very cool cableway which leads to the chief! :D

Third boss - Cheif Scalpen DOES HE REALLY HAVE TO BOUNCE AROUND LIKE THAT? Highly irritating. And just as I'm about to put a bullet through his head and paint the ground with a lovley red touch, his bloody sister comes and hinder me! He'll better watch his back. I don't like people throwing knives at me like that. Bah!

Level 4 - Very action packed level with alot of bandits and a couple of irritating dogs with bad sound fx. Most probable this level will be the most fun to watch due to alot of shooting.

Fourth boss - Sir Richard Rose He got his name 10 years ago when I leashed his sorry butt, made it all rosy. BWAHAHA! He get's badly burned this time as well. He shoulden't play around with dynamite like that. Someone could get hurt.

After this you'll get to witness one of the top 10 worst endings ever.

The making of this run was surprisingly easy. As you notice I haven't used that many re-records. Sure.. I bumped into alot of desyncs during the road, so I had to redo alot of stuff. But well solved in the final GMV. ;)

Thats all from me.

Hope you enjoyed this run. Cheers!

Truncated: Due to good votes and feedback, accepting and enqueueing for encoding.

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