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Submission #6766: Monster's Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii in 24:54.8

Console: Wii
Game name: New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Game version: JPN
ROM filename:
Emulator: Dolphin 5.0
Movie length: 24:54.8
FrameCount: 280140
Re-record count: 91404
Author's real name: H.M.
Author's nickname: Monster
Submitter: Monster
Submitted at: 2020-05-30 09:29:39
Text last edited at: 2020-07-18 08:43:41
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Some necessary settings

  • Dual Core: OFF
  • Idle Skipping: OFF
  • DSP emulator engine: DSP LLE Interpreter
  • DSP LLE on thread: OFF
  • Use EURGB60: OFF

438 frames (7.3 seconds) were saved from previous record.

Mainly improvements were from

  • more Enemy Boost on a slope
  • new skill which allowed to cancel the reversed momentum from a conveyor by using a squat jump (can be seen in the offscreen part in 5-4 and the whole of 8-2)
  • having made better use of enemies (specifically a Koopa Troopa in 1-1, 5-3 and two Buzzy Beetles in 8-1)
  • and new faster method of defeating Bowser Jr. in 8-ship

In some parts, I used the same inputs as my previous work.

ThunderAxe31: Judging.

ThunderAxe31: Accepting as improvement over the current publication.

feos: Pub.

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