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Submission #689: flagitious & VIPer7's SNES Super Mario World in 10:35.98

Console: Super NES
Game name: Super Mario World
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Super Mario World (U) [!].smc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 10:35.98
FrameCount: 38159
Re-record count: 24253
Author's real name: Darren Smith & Tim Offermann
Author's nickname: flagitious & VIPer7
Submitter: flagitious
Submitted at: 2005-05-27 07:02:06
Text last edited at: 2005-05-28 09:59:49
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

This movie attempts to kill Bowser as fast as possible. Compared to the previous best version by Alexis Neuhaus it:

Last input: 38159
Last hit on Bowser: 38182
Last input if aiming for shortest last input: 38118

Making this movie was very fun and challenging. When I first started I thought it wouldn't be very interesting because it was already so optimal and all I would be doing was copying it but adding in a few improvements discovered by VIPer7 while working on his 96 exit video, namely the fast flying and the Bowser fight. Luckily the game has many quirks and turned out to have lots of places where minor details could be exploited to save many frames where not expected.

I would like to thank VIPer7 for his work on this project and his 96 exit video with many improvements. Also for his strictness in style as well as frames. Truncated, even though in the end he did not directly work on this video, he did choose for it to be the game done, and provided good feedback and advice. Mazzic for his good 11 exit run that he never finished, this provided a very fast reference to compete with in the earlier levels. BoltR for providing useful new tricks and general screwing around with stuff. And all of the previous authors of Super Mario World videos. And all the people who provided encouragement and feedback from the forum and IRC.


Here is a short summary of improvements by level:

Yoshi's Island 3

  • 4 frames were saved by running longer on the swinging platforms

Yoshi's Island 4

  • 13 frames saved by bouncing off a shell to avoid landing in the water

Iggy's Castle

  • 54 frames saved by jumping off of a falling pswitch (this is a bug, you must jump at the exact frame). Pswitch horizontal and vertical speed most be controlled for proper placement to be able to make the this jump without hitting fireball and still getting far enough to land safely.
  • 12 frames saved by not getting firepower (cost 32, saves 20)
  • Cool survive stompers trick discovered by BoltR

Donut Plains 1

  • 16 frames saved by executing putting key in hole smoother

Donut Secret 1

  • A few frames saved entering first pipe as soon as possible
  • A few more frames saved by grabbing shell as fast as possible
  • A good amount of frames saved by executing the drop shell regrab faster
  • Some more saved by getting Mario's speed up before grabbing the key
(Total 32 frames saved)

Donut Secret House

  • 75 frames saved by flying through the stairs. This glitch is possible so long as you are moving upwards as you pass through the stairs (it actually can be done better without the cape, but it would take too long to switch to fire power and back even if we had it).
  • 69 frames saved getting to the last door. This was done by turning around flying, and by using a glitch that lets you gain altitude very quickly, to do this press forward every other frame for 10 frames and then hold backwards to lift off. The pswitch is hit at the end because when you hit it you lose your speed and flying.
  • BoltR demonstrated that it is possible to survive with no blocks left (this is supposed to be impossible because the victory waits for you to 'land' on something.

Star World 1

  • 85 frames saved by better executing the 'smashola' glitch. Pretty good for a level that is only 5 seconds long to start with.

Star World 2

  • 12 frames saved by not hitting the ground and grabbing the key better

Star World 3

  • 15 frames saved through precision

Star World 4

  • 40 frames by 'fast flying', see VIPer7's 96 exit entry for explanation.
  • About 15 frames saved by using a shell to hit the question block to get key sooner.
  • Lost about 35 frames by getting an extra feather (this is the fastest place to do it)

Bowser's Castle

  • 6 frames by flying towards first door
  • 11 frames by making the middle jump as short as possible in the fence room.
  • Lost 23 frames in room with spikes falling (but still has cape equipped). After experimenting with a number of options this was the fastest, taking door #7 is close behind though.
  • 17 frames by flying some in the dark room
  • 456 frames saved by having a cape and flying high to hit koopa's as soon as possible in the Bowser fight.

  • Usually a couple of frames were saved for each level by more precise level selection.
  • At the end of every level there is time that it takes the game to fade-out is seemingly random, this is usually only a few frames in variance but sometimes it is over 10. This was manipulated as much as possible to save time.

Bisqwit: Great work, surpassing everyone's expectations!

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