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Submission #743: nifboy's Genesis Cadash in 21:55.23

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Cadash
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Cadash (U) [c][!].smd
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 21:55.23
FrameCount: 78914
Re-record count: 7546
Author's real name: Stephen Kalb
Author's nickname: nifboy
Submitter: nifboy
Submitted at: 2005-07-07 21:48:15
Text last edited at: 2006-02-21 06:56:12
Text last edited by: Phil
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Used Gens version 9c. Takes lotsa hits, dies twice.

So, after months of slacking off, I finally have another run to submit. Cadash is a fairly generic side-scrolling hack-and-slash game. I gain levels and buy new weapons, but that's about it.

The main improvements over my last submission are the boss fights, as well as just general better-ness, because frame advance is my friend.

I use the warrior, partially because he walks faster, does more damage with his regular attack, and partially because the mage wouldn't be getting any of his decent spells at such low levels.

I skip the item that prevents underwater damage, as well as most of the second dungeon and the Kraken boss. As a result I gain four levels in the following area (including the boss) because I'm so pitifully weak then.

My gold total was a bit of a fluke in the final dungeon; I didn't plan for it to turn out the way it did, it just happened that way (you'll see it once you get there).

Both places that I die are beneficial to me: For the first, I gain an extra-long invincibility after I die, so I don't have to take two hits going through that area. At the final boss, I die between the boss's forms so I don't waste time in the middle of the fight.

Unfortunately, there aren't many glitches to be abused. I'm in "standing" mode for a few frames after walking off a ledge, and after dying (if I died in the air), so I can attack during either time. I can "double jump" if I die in the middle of my first jump, but I generally hit my head on the top of the screen, so I can't use it that much.

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