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Submission #795: Maza's GBA Megaman & Bass in 42:34.93

Console: Game Boy Advance
Game name: Megaman & Bass
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Megaman & Bass.gba
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 42:34.93
FrameCount: 153296
Re-record count: 9247
Author's real name: Marlo Ekberg
Author's nickname: Maza
Submitter: Maza
Submitted at: 2005-08-25 16:27:27
Text last edited at: 2012-06-12 17:19:44
Text last edited by: Guga
Download: Download (20054 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
I used VBA-rerecording-10 emulator to record this tool-assisted speedrun of Megaman & Bass. The main goal of this was to make this TAS as fast as possible. I picked M&B because there wasn't any complete run of it yet and hoped that someone(s) would get interested in making TASes of it. Since this is my very first TAS it's most definitely not perfect but that's why I'm hoping that someone will make a faster one of it. I don't abuse any bugs in it (or atleast not to my knowledge) because i didn't do much research when i started it. I did this TAS in GBA because its my first one and I had just gotten aquainted with this GBA emulator.

I guess this game doesn't need much refereeing since Megaman name is quite well known. Well, for those who haven't ever seen this, it hases the same graphics as Megaman 8 and sounds should be similar to Megaman 7. The game hases 8 normal bossstages (like the previous ones), beginning level and three "end stages" where the second one is kinda divided in three parts (3 bosses). One new feature in this game is the shop where you can buy abilities etc. for your character with screws you have found in previous levels.

I played this TAS with Megaman. There isn't really any good reason for this. I just picked one of them. Maybe Megaman because it's easier to "boost" with Megaman in the GBA version (down+A) than Bass (>+>). Although Bass would have been nice choise since this is the first Megaman where you can choose which character to use. The order in which i beat bosses is: Cold Man, Burner Man, Pirate Man, Ground Man, Tengu Man, Magic Man, Astro Man and Dynamo Man. I beat every boss so that i didn't take any damage which leads to that this run can be done atleast a bit faster. During the normal levels I take damage only when it's the fastest possible way to clear that point. In the beginning i didn't remember to turn around just before the hit to "back up" forward, but in the end i rty to use that as much as possible.

Few other minor mistakes which I have noted: -In the beginning i didn't remember to turn around just before the hit to "back up" forward -In the battle with Burner Man I should have used more Ice Wall, like I did in the second fight with him. -In Pirate Man stage i should have used Wave Burner to kill those "floorcrawling" monsters to be able to slide more. -I have shoten few miss (& unneeded) shots for example in the Cold Man stage. -Some jumps ma be imperfect and so reducing the time which sould be used in sliding. I have tried to learn from these mistakes, so there's not so much of these in the latter part of the game.

I didn't went for any shopping since I though it wouldn't pay for the time it takes (atleast not for Megaman). For all of you who haven't played this enough (or not at all), in some places there are these hole in the ground so if I cease slidingfor small jum and continue sliding after that you can be pretty sure i just jump over that kind of hole.

Truncated: Rejected for being clearly suboptimal.

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