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Submission #806: JXQ's SNES Super Demo World in 19:38.48

Console: Super NES
Game name: Super Demo World
Game version: v 1.1
ROM filename: Super Demo World - The Legend Continues.smc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 19:38.48
FrameCount: 70709
Re-record count: 5541
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: JXQ
Submitter: JXQ
Submitted at: 2005-09-04 22:40:18
Text last edited at: 2005-11-12 23:20:21
Text last edited by: JXQ
Download: Download (7770 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Here we are again in Super Demo World! This time almost a minute faster than before!

Emulator used: SNES9X-144 Improvement 7

Many Rom sites have this ROM specifically, but if you can't find it, you can apply the patch found at http://fusoya.panicus.org/lm/dw.html to the "Super Mario World (U).smc" ROM.

Last time I sacrified something entertaining for lag, but then I realized the things I thought were entertaining really were very skippable. Thus, some of the improvement came from reducing lag. There is a large amount of lag in this game because of the large number of objects in most of the levels.

Several flying techniques are not possible in real time, including frame-precise diving to gain maximum altitude.

Jumping at maximum speed into the bottom of a mid-level pipe allows you to begin flying after exiting the top.

Hopping along the ground at perfectly timed frames will keep your speed after falling out of flight. This is handy to keep speed when flying is no longer possible.

During flight, pressing X or Y will result in spinning and then flying in a random direction. I manipulate luck to make sure that I face the way I want to be facing. Also, fast flying requries that the direction of flight is released on a specific frame.

I grab stars on the levels I do in an effort to reduce fadeout time.

I got 99 stars this time. Had I not, I could have saved a total of five frames.

I also improved other intangibles of the run, including hitting more enemies, getting more total coins, one more extra life, and a higher score.

Comparison to the first run:

I saved one frame on the title screen.

  • Misty Isle 1

As fast as the first run.

  • Misty Isle 2

6 frames gained due to optimizations when getting the shell and jumping the pipe. More entertaining use of the shell, thanks to Fabian's 120-exit WIP.

2 frames lost from fadeout lag.

  • Misty Isle 3

As fast as the first run, but 4 frames lost in fadeout lag.

  • Misty Isle 4

4 frames gained from optimizing flying, and 3 more gained during the fadeout.

  • Iggy's Castle

6 frames gained by cutting corners closer during flight. 2 more frames gained during fadeout.

  • Misty Star Road

7 frames gained by eliminating even more lag, but 2 of these frames are lost in the fadeout.

  • Desert Star Road

I flew over the top of this level to greatly reduce the lag during the brick area. Although I don't hit as many enemies, I still manage to get a 1-up, and saved 165 frames!

  • Water Star Road

Most of this level was hex-edited from the previous run, simply because it's a pain to get the P-switch tosses to go where I want them, and it's an autoscroller. Getting the stars cost me 3 frames, and I lost four more due to fadeout.

  • Crystal Star Road

Another level where I altered my strategy to battle lag, avoiding most of the enemies early on instead of hitting them with my cape. This level ended up 94 frames faster, and I gained 2 more during fadeout.

  • Sky Star Road

The flying on this level was improved, since I now understood fast flying. I also hit more enemies than before, without slowing down. This level was finished 135 frames faster than the last run, and I gained 3 more during fadeout.

  • Ice Star Road

I tried for a long time to reduce the lag here, and the strange solution was to fly above the level, so that even though the Chucks were visible, Mario was not. Because of this and flying faster, I gained 156 frames, 2 of which were lost getting stars.

  • Pipe Star Road

Little optimizations here and there improved this level by 41 frames, and 1 more frame was gained from fadeout. Also, to those who may not have noticed the first time, turn on controller input (default key is comma for SNES9x) for a fun little extra.

  • Bowser's Star Road

Well, I didn't get to fly through the whole level like I hoped, but I was able to fly from much earlier. Altogether this level is 1891 frames (~31.5 seconds!) faster.

  • BackDoor Star Road

I'm very happy with the improvements done to this level - 721 frames (~12 seconds) gained altogether. 3 more frames were gained during fadeout.

  • Bowser's Back Door

A slightly different run, combined with different enemy behavior, allowed me to get to Bowser 75 frames quicker. The battle with Boswer went much better - the earliest frame I could end the run also hit Boswer at the earliest frame possible, saving 22 final frames.

  • Final Statistics

Frames gained: 3323 (55.38 seconds) Difference in fadeout: 2 frames less

Thanks to everyone who helped in the SDW forum, specifically: Fabian, Gwing_02 and VIPer7.


I would encourage everyone to vote by the guidelines, as we are supposed to. That means that even if you don't agree with the fact that this game as a hack is given special exception, that doesn't change the guidelines. If you don't agree with a hacked game being submitted, then don't watch the run. Also please consider this run as its own game, not as a comparison to runs of other games on the site. I also appreciate any feedback, positive or negative.

Enjoy the run!

I would vote the new screenshot to be from BackDoor Star World, when flying under everything close to the lava while holding the key.

New description if published:

This is the second run of Super Demo World, the site's first accepted hack, done as fast as possible, by warping through the star world.

This game is a very well done and thorough hack of Super Mario World, adding an entire new set of levels, a new world map, and even ASM-coded several other interesting features into the game's engine, such as a blue block that can only be broken with firepower. The layout of the game takes full advantage of both the mechanics of Super Mario World and the additions of Super Demo World, and the levels can get extremely complicated.

This second version improves the last run by nearly a minute, adding many optimizations, small and large.

More details can be found in the author's comments.

DeHackEd: Processing.

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